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Top 10 ways for a man to score BIG points with a woman

here is a top 10 list of small concious things that are a BIG hit with any woman, and are often overlooked
Be affectionate
listen with interest
be romantic
compliment her
give her flowers
carry heavy things for her
help her if she needs it
offer help without her asking
leave her romantic notes occasionally
encourage to have her own time

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Most of these things are just part of being polite... A real woman needs much, much more from a man!

someone said they didnt think you could improve on that list. But for me, none of that stuff is all that important. Just be a friend..I dont need alot...just be a freakin kind person and a friend...and you will score big points w/ me.

Excellent! and ofcourse, both of you are in your 30's. doh
i think no one woman ll come with u if u r the perfect one,they speak a lot about this but those things r not what they really wants and what,i think the only right good points are carism and respect.
I had a man who did all of that for me. WOW! I mean why not? I worked longer hours??
He wouldn't let me do a thing in the house, even cooked bless him.
He scored big points alright to hide the fact he was a liar and a cheat. Used me for his own gain. My money, my time and most importantly my self worth.
that is a WONDERFUL list. I don't think anyone can improve on it! Good for you!applause
This is a nice list...looks like you are on the right path. lips A woman loves these things. I also think that it goes both ways. When a woman is treated right; she treats her man right and likewise. Men really need to be treated well as I see women have gotten to be horrible themselves at this. I will now be motivated to think on the top 10 ways to treat a man. Thanks for sharing your list and inspiration. thumbs up
dont be frightend to listen and talk.
dont be shame be game..head banger
WOW! You stole my Christmas gift list! You know all the right buttons to push. Why do so many men seem oblivious to these wee things that make a woman feel special & cared for? If I'm too old for you, maybe I could hang out w/ your dog. He looks like a well mannered gentleman & we mayt be the same age in doggie years!
The three magic words.... "then what happened?" You say those three words to a woman while she's telling you what happened today at the mall, she's yours forever.
ur experince is wrong...
pretty good guys! I think these are all valuble points! I'd add:

- give her a fullbody wonderful massage and not expecting anyhing in return

-flowers....that smell really nice

-brings food over to the house when he comes to visit

-being patient

-takes off his shoes when he comes in

-when he is really considerate of her wishes
#8 is very important but probably many men don't bother with that at all in my opinion. That is the breaking point I get to when I say "I'm done with this relationship." Especially after I've given the man several chances to show he can do better when he promises to try. It shows a major lack of consideration and ability to understand a woman's needs and feelings.frustrated
wow; in my book half of that stuff is what I do for every woman, young or old.

Add these to the list;

Dont be a wimp or a pushover;

don't be needy

Be a man and stand up for what you think is right and dont' cave

Be responsible

Have character

Be fun

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