10 things why i seek God

Without God, I wonder who could have i tried letting my deepest emotions in all the stages so far......

God lets me differentiate between the right and the not so right moves in me......... conscience....

God lets me differentiate between the right and the not so right moves in me......... conscience....

God makes me feel like i can cry out about all the things that's troubled me so far......


God makes me feel his presence and his protective bondage for me though he had physically not said hi or met me yet................


When my parents dumped me, i was wandering about helping myself through the career that he had planned for me but always kept me safe...I felt it when i had to hear millions of stories around


God's much a mystery these days 'cuz he took care of me from 17 or even b4 though i didn't realize but he's far off from me when i am still praying that i need him............


God's my comfort and a genie who's worked miracles at times, though people tried convincing me to believe that it's jus' a coincidence.


So believing that God's real.... i had a companion that i ran to; though i never heard his voice yet.......


God confuses me so much than i can handle that i am only trying to become a human for ......'ts still a mystery thats unfolded for a layman.....


God at times consoles me in to believing that he hasn't forgotten me totally.....


God's made me what 'am today but if I am wrong in my opinion; i ask of Him to set me free so that i step out to face the world and try my way to prosper than to wait upon him to run miracles for me...

Waiting for God to lead me to my Silver Line. Still.....

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there is only one god
Yeah. different point of views. yet, we believe or somehow seek Him.
Good thinking
loved it most folks do foxhole prayers give god glory everyday!
"Just remember - When you talk to God you're said to be praying, but when God talks to you you're schizophrenic. Good luck in your imaginary world - ruled by imaginary beings and fairy tales"

Well, THAT's not in the Bible. And the Bible is all I believe.

Having God in your heart is great. I am in Him, with Him, and love Him.
thank you GOD!
God is good taste and see. Funny how we only try god when all else fails learnt the hard way ask god before the struggle not in the middle of it saves a lot of grief.
the highest nature of pleasure is that aspect of pleasure which causes you to create Who You Really Are in your experience right here, right now and to re-create, and re-create and re-create again Who You Are at the highest level of magnificence. That is the highest pleasure of God.

The lower nature of all pleasure is that part of pleasure which causes you to forget Who You Are. Do not condemn the lower nature, for without it, you could not experience the higher.

We are all one. we are all divine individuated parts of God, experiencing through the physical body.

God Bless hug
real truth of life
100 % agree with u.Do the god best and he will do the rest.
Just remember - When you talk to God you're said to be praying, but when God talks to you you're schizophrenic.

Good luck in your imaginary world - ruled by imaginary beings and fairy talesapplause
Well i must say wonderful thoughts and i must also commend you on the fact that you're such a God fearing person congrates in full... you should check out my Quizz on being God fearing ok...handshake
God has done all he is going to do for you and everyone else in this world. He said so in His Word. Christ died for our sins ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES. And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES.

The price for sin was paid for, a free gift, no strings attached.
God is not interested in your good works or your philosophies about life or your attempts to please him. Belive him at His Word, he places it above his name. The King James Authorized Version released in 1611 is almost 400 yaers old, it's time you gget your act together and start dealing with it. We are a people of a book, that is our knowledge of God. Rightly divide the word of truth. Discerning the times publishings' website provides instruction and direction in this area.
Hello nice to meet you!
God has given you wisdom and you have accepted it well. HE does that for all of us and some of us don't listen to Him! I didn't for 55 years but I finally got it. HE exists and for that I am a better man because HIS Son chose me. AMEN!

Keep writing! You do it very well!
If God is our Father in Heaven. You would not think asking him a
question would be a problem....If my son asked me one, I would do
my best to answer....We are all Gods childrenapplause I just
happen to be the one who wants to knowtongue GOD, I NEED
and LOVE YOU...Richard
Godconfused What language does he speak conversing
What book does she or he read dunno DO YOU ??
His number one opponent devil What is his purpose?
And God's best angel angel Can they think for themselves?
Dear "GOD" I'm only asking these things cheers not to make you
very mad very mad very mad Just wonderingdunno dunno dunno
It is like frustrated frustrated frustrated thinking what is
the truth......The Bible says that g(oops) GOD knows our thoughts
before we know themconfused and we are freeconversing........... professor With all
the people in the worlddoh He must never get any peace sigh
Hunger, death, crippled people, poor, rich, evil, goodheart wings
Different Religions, Can you Image he can keep it all straight..
and being able to text message 10 billion people at once
AND even know what they are going to say before they do....His
software has to be better than windows 7 rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Here's to Ya big (GUY..Gal) laugh just in case.. cheers and
before you start hating~!!! I spent three years in Bible school,
Thats when I started to wonder!!??!!but is it really just one
as the bible refers to that handles all this??????? help
Islam fighting Christians, Hindu, Chinese,all these cultures,
Jungle tribes, and god forbid we break down all the Christian
religions....And everyones right......Maybe God will tell us!
handshake Thanks God for your answer.
(((Just Sharing Mt Deepest Thoughts))))
Thank you Brother.cheering cheering cheering
Wonderful...GOD bless you, sister
yeah thats right he is God i remember in school when my C.R.E teacher pulled my ears for writting God with a small (g)ill never forget that laugh
Best4ubabe commented right.
Its God(Almighty).
Not god.
god is for man made gods, like idols etc.
Just a correction friends "God' not "god"!
great its true
Thank you for your lovely note to remind me that i should hope.

For everything begins with a hope and sustains with a hope and ends hoping it to be not so bad.

Lets hope God to save us.
Absolutely beautifulangel

I can relate with the coincident one, on more than 7occasions in my life, I believe God had been merciful, saving my life 3times, and others when I really totally needed someone, needed help, and someone came into my life, it couldn't have been a coincident, I feel so greatful. And it absolutely touches my heart that someone would care enough to help someone like me, it just bring me to tears to think of that, Im so greatful. And Im also greatful that Im not the only one who feels the same as I do towards Godangel

I pray to God that you be safe, and find your vocation, and live a happy&healthy life. You are a beautiful person, and I hope you stay that way and morehug

God is my strength purple heart and yours tooangel



There is no right or wrong. Everyone is doing what they believe is right depending on their model of the world. Perspective is all.

God is always by your side, there is no way he cannot be. We are all one.

Please go and borrow or buy "Happier than God" by Neale Donald Walsch and enjoy it like i did. You'll probably end up buying his other 16 books as well.

With love, truth and joy

Johnsad flower
me too. moi aussi.
PLEASE god take me from here

PLEASE god take me from here

I like your message.teddybear teddybear teddybear
Very beautifully written. Altho we don't have all the answers about God, all we need to know is that HE has the answers. Your unanswered questions about Him proves that you have a beautiful, child-like faith. "For without faith, it is impossible to please Him."

Keep on believing! No matter what mistakes I've made in my life, He never judged me. He has ALWAYS been with me, even when I felt like He did care or hear. "For He will never leave you nor forsake you." "He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother."

He has NEVER failed me, even when I have failed Him. He is more precious than any amount of money can buy; & His love for you is incomprehensible! He will ALWAYS be there for you!!!
I feel better and good to hear all that you r sayin' and lookin' through my window to experience beautiful days. Wishin' you good luck and 'am sure that God will alwez be there 4 u.Hold on to the spirits and keep rocking.kiss teddybear gift cheers
teddybear your welcome god will help you through it all you should feel better now that you are understanding god and his works. keep your head high and stay strong i believe in you. teddybear applause
Hey.Thanx 4 dat. I feel better these days and 've began 2 move ahead to straighten up things and to do well in allthe aspects.

For i am beginning 2 realize that we are all what our thoughts are, no matter what it is, for thoughts take control and make us that.

Trying to think right 4 now and will wait to experience it.

your profile gives me a gist of you. Remember, you are just 19 and you will soon get all that you want & the way how you want.

For now, chill around and focus on your career and let things unravel your choiciest and a good-hearted sweety pie 2 reach u.
your on the right track by talking to god and notice the stuff in you life that god could help you with your top 10 is great and i say write more top 10s poetry anything i want to read or hear thank you for sharing you top 10 teddybear your a beautiful girl and god will bless you and give you everything that you need.teddybear good luck with you journey in life but no matter what god will guide you.teddybear
Thank you. After all, We run to God....... wonder. Should i admit that u inspired me to come up with my top10. Honestly, yeah.
great top 10 i agree with youteddybear
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