10 tips ( opinion )for a good social interaction

A simple line of thoughts, my personal opinion on the subject.

Be Polite!

Make it as a standard no matter the situation. Politeness is never old-fashioned!

Don't feed the trolls!

That's right. If you happen to feel offended or face an inappropriate comment from a fellow member here, don't bother with mindless endless ping pong: report, block and move on!

Engage in Positive Blogs, Threads!

Yes, they exist! Just be selective and always ask yourself: will my post to this thread be constructive enough to me and others? There you go.

You'll get what you give!

Like-minded people tend to attract each other forming certain pattern for small groups and subjects. Whatever you seek, you will get. Good or bad.

Ignore things that doesn't interest you!

If you think that a thread, a blog, a comment is not your piece of cake, ignore it and move on. Silence in this case will bring you a better revenue than a negative comment that won't bring anything positive to it.

Don't force your ideas, opinions into others!

Opinions are opinions, everyone is entitled to them. Learn, observe but don't let yourself get involved with feelings that you must be right and others wrong. It's a multi-cultural, multi-class site after all where you'll find several degrees of minds and thoughts. Take everything as an Opinion and nothing more.

Find your trend!

That's right, don't complain about how the general overview is presented to you. If you're unsatisfied with 99% of the community, seek that 1% that will match your expectations and points of view. You'll eventually find what you are looking for, if you have the patience to not jump into the wrong wagon.

Be yourself!

Trust your feelings. Don't let the general opinion swing you back and forth. There is no rights or wrongs and if you want to socialize with people that will bring you pleasing experiences here, you have to be honest about yourself at first place. Will only benefit you at the end.

Enjoy your time here!

We all have reasons to be here. Be that just curiosity, a pass time, a break in between work, a learning experience about people or any other reason. No matter really as long as you feel well being here! No reason to come back to feel upset, stressed, hurt, or any sort of negative feelings. Select, browse, find your interest and go from there!

Remember: Every time is a new time!

Keep a positive approach. If the site had nothing to offer you today, maybe it will tomorrow. Don't judge, don't seek to be judged. Think that every day is a new day and new people are joining, leaving, closing and opening doors to new perspectives!

As said, this is based on my personal opinion after a few days here. It's not a rule, not a guide but I hope that it can bring something of positive use if not, a good mind set.
Thanks for reading!

Comments (4)

Nice, who needs fun and banter anyway.
Nice guide, I like it!! wine handshake bouquet grin cool
Thanks, I really like this articles,daisy
HeY stephanie,
well analyzed and framed. I totally agree with the 3,6,8 and 9.Actually, yeah, it's so true. I was wondering if we would becum too philosophical too soon on planet earth and you are helping me a gist of it in your top 10. cool spirit. cheering cheers
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