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Having shrimp & a beer at the beach! (Redondo Beach, Ca.
Having shrimp & a beer at the beach! (Redondo Beach, Ca.
  • Having shrimp & a beer at the beach! (Redondo Beach, Ca.
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Let Us

Come, My friend

Let us try our luck at life! And at living!

Let us journey unknown highways!

Let us explore unmapped byways that beckon from the shadows, with the promises and possibilities of days yet unborn!

Let us discover unseen sights and new horizons! The majesty and the mysteries of life!

Come My friend

Let us share our days! The burdens we bear will be halved! And the joys that we find will be doubled!

Come My friend

Let us


The sun comes up The sun goes down I sit and watch The world go 'round
And as I sit I wonder why My mind goes back To days gone by
To growing boys To apple trees To flying kites On summer's breeze
To carefree days Spent in my youth Before I learned Life's awful truth
The days seemed long To me back then When summer seemed To never end
I laughed and played And gave no thought To what would come To what time wrought
I thought life was Unquenchable I walked the world Invincible
But now I know That's not my fate And now, sometimes I hesitate
And think about Where this might lead What's down the road What do I need
Now that I have No time to waste I beg of life One little taste
Of something good Before I go Some little thing That I might know
That's worth the time And trouble spent In growing old And I'll repent
I'll make my peace And end my strife No longer will I scoff at life
If only life Might give to me Some moments of Serenity

A Tear

But what is a tear
If not the essence of life
Distilled from Man’s mind

That's ALL, for now! Spatter, gator! J

More about my Match

ATTENTION Girls! If you HAVEN'T uploaded a picture, I CAN'T access your profile! So there's NO POINT in "like" me, as I can't see/read your profile, or contact you!

My "Ideal" match? Hum? Let's see, now. Whada I WANT in A/THE person? Well, if their heart was beatin', and their blood was flowin' SOMEWHERE BESIDES on the floor - THAT would be a pretty GOOD start! If they have AT LEAST half a mind, we could probably talk. (Nonsense IS okay! But a little "sense", every once in a while, helps out, too. NOT as a STEADY diet, mind you! But I DO like to get reminded that my mind's still working, every ONCE in a while!) If'n they kin right, thada B a GOOD thin too! I'm PRETTY flexible! I kin werk wid jes abut ANYTHING! (You READ my "work" history!) N if'n they kin read, THAT'D be a big +! (I'd HATE to think I'm writing all this crap, and NOBODY'S READING IT!) (OH! By the by! Don't WORRY about all those NON-entries in my profile! They NEVER put MY "entries" in THEIR lists! As an example, they want ya to enter how many kids ya got! There ain't "None that I've ever been told about." ANYWHERE on that list! And ma hairs USED to be a REAL copper/gold kinda color. But NOW it's kinda "brown-ish", going ta gray! But I STILL GOT alla it!) But BACK ta my "IDEAL" match! Let's see. "I" like to SMILE (I gotta poem about THAT, TOO! Maybe I'll toss it in here, one day. So keep checkin' back, folks.), 'n I like ta LAUGH, and jes GENERALLY, have a lil' fun, now n agin. Sos, if'n YOU kin make ME giggle out loud - YOU - my friend, are JUST THE ONE I'M LOOKING FOR! 'nuff said? (OPPS! The BUREAUCRATS HAVE STRUCK, AGAIN!!! I just was NOT so "nicely" informed that "I" HAVE to chose SOMETHING in each one of those UNanswered categories! So DON'T believe ANYTHING you read! And that "Artist" SHOULD read "R - TEEEST"! (-; )


I'm an All-American mutt. To my knowledge, I'm Welch, English, French, German. I've even been told that there's some Blackfoot Indian lurking in there, somewhere. But I have no foundation for this RUMOR. The family name is Welch.


I'm a graduate - with HONORS - from the University of Life! School of Hard Knocks! (As well as a few OTHER schools.)


I ALWAYS tell everybody I'm a Taoist (PROPERLY pronounced "Dow-est") because I REALLY DON'T like to get into the topic of religion with people. My feelings being that EVERYBODY has the right, NO - the OBLIGATION - to believe what they WANT to believe


MY job? My "job" is living/life! I cook, drive, buy, sell, pay, create, wash, sew, build ..... It would be easier to tell you what I DON'T do! I've never killed anyone that I know of! (Well? MAYBE - in the Army!) I've never flown a plane, for money.


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