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First of all . . .I am NOT Christian.

I'm the lass that appreciates Art and Music. Why of course, my Venus is in Sagittarius in the 5th house.
( here we have the planet of love and affection, beauty and happiness, values and principles - sitting in the zodiac sign of the curious, openhearted, cheerful, adventurous, free spirited archer located within the wellspring of children and creativity )

Summarized, for me that means: painting, print making, jewelry crafting, and writing (poetry, songs, and stories) are ways that I have found to add texture to the depths of my reality. I very much love to sing (it literally gets me high sometimes).

***Side note***: music is my vice.

\\ Keep in mind - my chart indicates an excess of Fire (this is my Dominant element - which explains why every relationship with a fire sign ARIES, LEO, & SAGITTARIUS - has failed horrifically) // my second Dominant element is Air - and the outcome of relationships with AQUARIUS & GEMINI have been no different. Earth is pretty high up there, but TAURUS has a more favorable placement than that of VIRGO and CAPRICORN (which those 2 didn't harmonize with me either). ----- So, from a perspective of long term "harmony", because my chart is more deficient in Water, this makes me better matched to CANCER, PISCES, SCORPIO . . .again, TAURUS also has favorable placement, so any TAURUS that has a LOT of water in their chart . . . or any water sign with loads of TAURUS would create amazing chemistry --- Innerstand, this does not mean I can't be with a fire sign, air sign, or virgo/capricorn (I have dated them before) what it means is due to the conflicting energies with each element, harmony will be short lived, which was the outcome every time over a period of more than 20 years). I am not looking for short term; I'm looking for the rest of my life. So my preference is WATER or TAURUS //

More about my Match

*** No Christians ***
Prayerfully he lives in the desert, or close proximity to the desert. I've been having dreams of living IN the desert since 2012; or perhaps he's open to relocating to a desert community to live. Either way, my eyes are on the desert, to settle down.

I'm looking for honesty, compassion, patience, intelligence, and creativity. A man who loves nature. He knows who he is, and his behavior is a constant reflection of his awareness to represent himself and his kin honorably. Prayerfully he is physically fit, respectful, protective, and a good listener.

I am seeking communication with DEPTH. I get more excitement from what's going on between your ears, than what's in your pants. Gee majority of men have a p3nis (eunuch's are not part of majority) - imagine that. If you want something meaningful, you'll need to bring a lot more to the table than a d*ck. I'm really attracted to spiritually active men that are capable of intelligent conversation. I dare you to stimulate my frontal lobe. Teach me something I don't know.


This is also important:
The most difficult thing about trying to find someone for relationship . . .for me, at least; It's hard to find someone that is balanced in being able to adult, when the need calls for it, but otherwise just be their innerchild.

I want somebody I can PLAY with - I ain't talkin bedroom either - No. I mean, climb a tree with me. Pick dandelions, blow the seeds off and make a wish, color, draw, blow bubbles, chase me, let's hold each other and spin around until we're dizzy, watch cartoons in our jammies, and things of that nature.

It's like I keep running into ALL of one. Too serious. It's all about work, that car note, and bills. Or that one that can't keep a job to save his life and all he wants do is obsess over reaching that next level on his X-Box game.

Life should be fun, but balance is important to me.




My Major is Art Psychology I also study Anthropology Currently delving into Etymology




I paint, sculpt, craft jewelry, and write stories, poems, songs, etc.

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