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Still got the blues for Gary

This is an instrumental improvisation of the late Garys famous song played by me....its one of my favourites......he had to be the most passionate bluesman ever.. head banger wave

Comments (14)

wow very great sounds really good what a buried treaure you are
Thats really good !!!!
Thanks for your kind words Leah!
Much obliged Loneman!
Magic just magic. We have a talent on cspeace

Many thanks Redex for your kind comments handshake
Hello Ravensgold,

I really enjoyed watching and feeling your video and music. The song is one of the most beautiful songs, and you played it with so much passion, I could feel it though the screen.

Thank you very much for sharing the talent that God gave you.

A hug and so much Blessings

Stellangel purple heart

Stell, Thank you very much for your lovely comments on my video
it is really very much appreciated wine bouquet
Fantastic, goosebumps

Many thanks for your kind Comments Alliawine handshake
Bravo Ravensgold, it is so, so nice. U is realy showman, thank u, beautiful :)

Thank you very much Ceca, Your comments are much bouquet
tino rawa atu

'the best'applause
I am much obliged, Thank youhandshake

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