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DMT, Pineal Gland & The Piezoelectric Effect


Speaker: Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza provides us with a detailed explanation on how to contract the muscles of our body in unison with our breath, in order to accelerate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, apply pressure to the pineal gland and create some very profound metabolites including benzodiazepine and DMT.

00:10 - Psychoneuroimmunology
01:40 - Anatomy of Supernatural Breathing
02:43 - Cerebrospinal Fluid & The Inductance Field
04:00 - The Pineal Gland
05:10 - The Pituitary Gland (Oxytocin + Vasopressin)
07:00 - Piezoelectric Effect
09:00 - Melatonin & Inner Visions (DMT)
10:40 - Joes Personal Experiences
11:28 - Moving Into The Unknown
12:30 - Biological Upgrade
13:25 - How To Breathe Supernaturally

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