Bruce Parry - Arctic

What an amazing series this has been! Bruce Parry's boundless enthusiasm for everything he does and his unassuming presence whilst staying with the native peoples of this area made for engaging tv. The sheer beauty of the Arctic was breathtaking, the lives of these people fascinating, and yet at the same time the damage we are doing to such a fragile environment is so troubling.

"The Arctic is on the point of enormous change. The sea ice is melting, fresh boundaries are being drawn in this the most disputed territory on Earth. For the people who live here, the inescapable advance of modern life presents both opportunity, and challenge.

In 2010, over the course of a bright Arctic summer, Bruce immersed himself in the pattern of existence for the people living in the Far North. From the Inuit of Greenland to Alaskan whalers and treasure-hunters, Canadian oil-men and scientists on Svalbard, and bands of reindeer herders in the remote valleys of Siberia and the hills of northern Norway, Bruce encountered first-hand the threats to culture, landscape and wildlife that are being felt there. Using his personal diaries that he kept throughout this epic journey, Bruce tells his story in Arctic".

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