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El Condor Pasa...Andean Music...Andean Peruana... melodic,simple and beautiful...

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thanks, i like word music too :-)

.....Yes,the Folk Music of Latin America,is very beautiful...People tend to think only of the "carnival" Music...I will be posting some others later,you may also like them....Thanks for comment..Glad you enjoyed!.... wine wave
The Andes are rich in their culture it's beautiful, painting, sculpture and music, but it's difficult to find a good recording of traditional pieces.

......Yes,The culture is very rich...and the history is most interesting.The old languages are being lost,and modern Latin Music has replaced the traditional,as happens world-wide,but there are some musicians/singers who try for their part to keep the old languages alive....Check back my posts.Alborada is one such group.....Thanks again for your wave

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