A few Thoughts

A few thoughts notions in a voyage of exploration through the medium of paint! blushing at the thoughts

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Very ...Irish??...I think...
That's not me in the green cardi this time......Is it??...laugh

Happy New Year to you Ahwell....wine gift
Epic stuff as always from you Ah_Well our resident artist..music is perfect.

thumbs up
you´re very talented. I liked the one at 2:02 mainly. thumbs up

Thanks Freebyrd and I hope you have a great Year, the New one I pssed on.
The beautiful lady with the cardi,confused eyes and twinned to the moon, was one of those very,very special people, ask any Irish Mammy.hug

Thanks Jim, perhaps one day when I know what I want to say, lolcheers

Thanks Mysti,'In praise of Nicotine' and how I saw myself at different junctures. All with a vivid imagination, Thanks again, B
Prometheus1: "Beloved of my soul"(meet us in the poems)

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