Turning tables Adele ( Live at Largo)

I may be wrong but I believe she was the biggest selling artist last year!! here,s why!!!!

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So she is one of your faves?....
we would just say she,s "Big Boned",or she like,s "Cow Pie"...but its her voice,,quite good do,nt you think!!!
She’s one of my ‘faves’, absolutely gorgeous…. I like big girls!

Both her albums are excellent.
heart beating
she´s beautiful the way she is and has a good voice. Even though she´s not of my musical taste. dunno I would recommend Linda Perhacs and Joanna Newsom instead. And a girl from Australia but I forgot her name... frustrated
I bought Ys by Joanna Newsom, but I still haven't got into it yet... perhaps I need to listen to it a lot more.
I have heard Linda Perhacs is good.

You don't mean Orianthi do you?

yes, Newsom and Perhacs are awesome. No, it´s not Orianthi. I´ll try to find her name and then return to you. wave

Ring Dings??rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Doughnuts?laugh

I was thinking about our little Musical chat....It's not that either is no good.....Just that we are different generations and are not tuned in to the others taste....What about Rock n' Roll?Not just original....but modern too?...Maybe that is level ground....I also have Musical Library Brain...
Mysti probably dislikes my Music too...But we find common ground with the Native American Music..
Lipsee...sometimes...plays some good Classic hits....hint!hint!

Let the Music play on!!!!yay wine

So we should get off the treadmills....and sell the exercise bikes??....grin

I dont know her from Adam...heard one song ~~~~~I liked...Her big hitdoh

Sorry,I cant help you Mysti..I'm on a different planet....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

you forgot the Rockabilly stuff tongue

Yeah...Your right I did...Heres one for all of you....ENJOY!!banana applause
"I dont know her from Adam...heard one song ~~~~~I liked...Her big hit"

I think there's three really well known numbers - 'Chasing Pavements'

one of the best ever covers of Dylan's 'To Make You Feel My Love' far better than the original and a little better than Bryan Ferry's.... everyone seems to have 'done' this song!

and 'Rolling In The Deep' from the current album '21'


Yes the one I quite liked was Rolling In The Deep....Do you know I liked Rebbecca Ferguson...from the talent show's version better

See what you think?...wine
I,m really pleased with all the reponse this vid has had!!!!Regarding my tastes """Lipsee...sometimes...plays some good Classic hits....hint!hint!""" I just like what I like,,all sorts of things,,some things in the past I did not listen to, but now I really enjoy,I,m thinking "Classical" in the 70s I would have had to be dead to listen to any classial,but now I listen to classic fm more then any other!!!But I,m no expert,I usally just like the hits!! indoreman and I seem to have the same tastes,, but where as my fav would be Slade,his would be much more interesting like Roxy M,and some of his stuff he puts on MUSIC I would like to get on my IPOD...Adele came to my attention because of that voice,who can not like that voice,,(side issue rereading my earlier post,I wrote in haste and regret,)Another British female singer I like but cannot remember her name ,she sang in Yazoo,she was a real belter!!!Going on Hols tomorrow for 5days ,,happy posting
You mean Alison 'Alf' Moyet, saw her at the Lyceum, Sheffield 4th.Sept.1981 in Yazoo.... brilliant vocalist, still around but I don't find her as attractive now she's lost weight!

Do like Slade too, saw them at the same venue 6th. Dec.1981.... great live act!

And I like Cat Stevens too and I bought his album ( not the one you reviewed) with the idea of seducing a certain girl,,,another failure!!!

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