O Teatro Mágico - Amanhã...Será?

one of my favorite bands from my country. Amazing video and song... purple heart

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Artistic and Interesting video.....OH,You see where they were playing...wow on the edge of that high cliff....I liked it...wine thumbs up

They´re amazing.
They mix elements of circus, theater, poetry, literature, politics and popular songs. And their lyrics are full of puns.

Check out my next video.

Liked both of them.....
Re. The Jacaranda Trees.....Seemingly they are to be found all over Australia.......In Victoria the Main Street is lined with them called....Jacaranda Avenue..How Beautiful is that!...Check your puzzle .."Chicky Babe"grin...Enjoy your thunder and lightning storm......Speak soon..... wine applause

you´re a "Chicky babe" too. tongue

and they say Jacaranda has Brazilian origins...Native tree that I barely see in my land. My country is a joke. It can´t even preserve its own flora. mumbling

Hi Mysti....Did'nt I read somewhere that the Jacaranda is native to S.Africa??...dunno....Glad you enjoyed your storm.....Did'nt see S.J. on you tube ...did you?....grin wow
espectacular grin

on that link they mention Brazil:

but I think Jacaranda can be found in South Africa too.

about SL I think he prefers the boards now. laugh

Exactly, polo.

in Brazil we say that what they do is an "espetáculo". applause

from your country I like Myslovitz. Great band in my opinion. thumbs up

check out the other video I posted:
"Art & Artists Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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