travlers been moved from there own land,is this right??

some one on here said that travelers should buy there own land and houses if they are looking for a safe place to on this video you will see that they have payed for there own land but they are now been tolled to move off it!!so where do they go from here??
dunno dunno dunno dunno confused confused

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None of us, in ANY country are strong enough to own anything. A Government can always take it away and give it to someone else. In some places they call in Eminent Domain and there are fancy legal processes they use with lots of paper and lawyers and courts and there isn't diddly you can do. They will take it, but if they are really feeling nice they will pay you 10% of what it is worth. In other countries, one day some people will just come by and kill you for the land (or what is under it).

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