Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond {{Best Sound Quality}}

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1975) Full Song (µe e????????? ?p?t?t????)

??a af????µa st?? Syd Barrett ?d??t??? ?a? ?ata??t??? µ???? t?? Pink Floyd.....??a? ?a??sµat???? ?????p?? ......µ??s???? , st???????? , ?????f?? .......a??? ? µa???????? ?a? ??t??? ???s? Lsd t?? ?d???se st?? pa?????a....
?ta? p??? d?s???? ?a µe??e? st?? p?a?µat???t?ta µe s???pe?a ? ?ap?????se? ap? t? s?????t?µa......t??a ?????a p??? ?????af??e? t? Wish you were here .....d?s??? af?e??µ???? st?? Syd ap?t???ta? f??? t?µ?? st?? p??sf??? t?? ??a t? ?f?? t?? µp??ta? ....a??? ?a? ??sta???a? t?? pa???? ?a??? ?µe???......

?f?e??µ??? se ?s??? ??????? t? ?d?aµ??t?? st??? a????p??? p?? p??asa? ap ?t?? ??? t??? ....?a? ??asa? t?? ??µ?? t??? st? p??a? t?? ?????? .....

?? ß??te? ? epe?e??as?a t?? ???? ?a? ? µ??? e??a? ft?a?µ??? ap? t?? ???st? "Stabosavros"
?a? a?eßasµ??? se a?t? t? ?a????

? µet?f?as? t?? st???? ?a? t? ?e?µe?? e??a? pa?µ??a ap? t?? pa?a??t? ?st?se??da
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