First try (actually, about the 6th. First posted)

Me, really. EJ Lamprey. Joanna Lamprey. Clarissa Rodgers-Briskley. dunno all Elegsabiff

Comments (15)

Your voice is elegant,as is your up
Love your voice Biff... kiss
Oooohhhhhhh-La La!!! love

Very nice, Biff bouquet

At least you combed your hair! laugh
Warm voice...very natural....talented, attractive and sassy....
Classy lady applause
Bravo! have to look you up
Haha thanks for comments! Isn't it unnerving to see yourself on video, though! Wow!
It sure is...laugh
I agree!, Its not me on my vids, looks like a stranger.
Cool voice and accent Biff! Wonderful seeing you.. smile
I´m totally in love with your voice and you also look as I imagine you were: a real lady smitten
Hahaa thanks Baig and Cach, I'm off to check your profiles, hope you have vlogs up too!
Such a pleasure to listen to and easy on the eyes too. cheers
EJ.. I had a few up but took them down.. you might see a fresh one soon.. just might.. uh oh
Subject to Non's vlog of course.. devil
sweetlovingbbw: "are you right for me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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