how it feels to have a gun to the head

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You are so beautiful...love how you change your style...depending on your mood....gothic chic to elegant....big, big respect.....
thank you Calypso, that is a high compliment.
I feel like those judges on the Voice who after awhile start saying the same things over and over. You are amazing.
you seem like a nice gal. you feel a need to worry about that?theres a whole lotta good stuff out here for us all to stay clear of the things that put us in harms way.it causes me concern when i hear someone,esp a gal,having those thoughts of doom.there are so many who can and will protect you from harm
just get a vest,,,all u be coolapplause
Yeah, we all gonna die anyway someday.

What was it the girl asked Conan?

What, you want to live forever?

It'd be different if you lived in NYC or CA or something like that, but you don't. Just get a Glock or a 1911 and since we all accept everyone dies anyway, learn to use them well, then let the other party start worrying about YOUR bullet. Be the wolf, not the sheep.

roll eyes
One hot chick I reckon.
The_Tara: "Rain #70"(meet us in the puzzles)

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