Rambo, First Blood: Part II" - The Explosive Arrow Scene

Published on Dec 1, 2015
If killing bad guys is a business, then Rambo's business is *sunglasses* booming.

Comments (2)

.... really? wow... first nice video good detail whole nine yards etc etc


no just no

first that was the worst shooting in existance i have ever seen any one alive would realise how bad of a marks man those people are and i personally would have just let the man go with an angry stare if he is that bad of a shot that he has to waste every bit of his ammo and still miss entirely we get it you want rambo to look awesome but in this scene he doesn't look awesome it just feels forced and yes i get it he's supposed to be a bad a** in this but still not a good portrayal in my opinion probably why i don't like the idea of watching a rambo movie In general

second So This Man Is able to stand On top Of A Wide Open Area And Slowly Draw HIs Lethal Bow With what Appears To Be An Explosive Attached To the Arrow? How DOes the arrow Go off? Like Seriously that Makes No Sense to Me

Also Hes Standing IN The Open In A Wide Open Area ANd Standing Still... Yes Not One Of those So called Bullets From Any of the weapons Available Even Decide to graze Him?

Excuse me?

well son!! handguns are affective range of only 50m ....and your boy look to me like he's holding a little hand gun from across the pond fare ....fare away !! maybe you need glasses ...or you don't know shit!!!

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