More SCAM Girls WARNING NUDITY. One Nude is Hawa, but the REAL BURN is the 1st girl MY FIANCEE

YEAH SHIT IT HURTS LIKE HELL...I have broken up and got back together 3 times in maybe 10 days. This always gets me suspicious. However she does not get a cent (1% of a US Dollar) from Rick Shirley. he was he boyfriend and convinced her to do light xxx phots and videos. Blintly the "c*m" was an off camera bottle of skin cream or such. He told her he would buy a nice home with the money and marry her. Then his REAL wife kicked her out on the street. He uncle fle her to South Africa to stay with himand that is where she was when I met her. Now I found 3 Rick Shirley names on Google. The one that sounded really perverted lis now living in Southeast Asia. However there is no picture for my woman to ID.

LISTEN, the Texas Mafia offered me a job collecting gmbling debts when I was younger. I have not sweat in talking or dealing with "MUSCLE" be it Mafia or Secret Service. I am 70 and the stress, poor diet and other things leave me little care that i loose the last 5 or 10 years of my life. I want to take thes epeople down. My agent friend, who I knwo is at least high enough to protect the Vice President tld me that the Secret Service also handles scams. He arrested a man at Heathrow airport, London who is nwo doing Life for a million dollars worth of scams. I am very heavily involved in politics and am working on oining all 990+ Patriotic State militia and figuring how to link then into one huge force without a conspiracy charge (nto against the govrnment but just to get things done with or without permission, Total Prsidential deniabilty.

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