I was a victim of this. Starting with just a girl it supposedly grew to $20,000,000 at stake.

$7,000,000 bank account inherited by "my fiancee". Then lawyers find title to $11,000,000 cocoa plantation and the rest was in gold bar and aluvial gold dust.

The voice first heard on the phone sound like who I exchanged death threats with via phone. I won in spite of him having Mafia contacts in the USA.

In a month I should have money to fly there and get a weapon smuggled in. I know how to add faces to the voices and emails. Western Union was worried about entrappment and a foreign scammer's civil rights and refused my plan. I call it a police sting, not entrappment. So it wil take 1 or 2 years with so many checks to sign but I will get most of my money back. Western Union settled for $585,000,000.

However after 6 years of silence they tried to restart the scam as if it had never stopped. Even if my money will be returned I want blood due to other struggled. Because I was scammed the Veterans Administration rated me "incompetent which is an insult. It requires a payee for the disability portion of my income and removes my Second Amendment gun Rights.

You cannot be sure you are talng to a cop, lawyer, banker or air cargo agent on the phone. Then once in Ghana i can see the uniform, but I may have to pay for gas for the police to drive to the scene and bribe him to do his job.

I wish I could post photos with this video. Fake high court documents such as transfer of ownership for 50 kilo of gold, fake United Nations clearance to move large quantities of wealth worldwide, anti-terrorist clearance, drug and money laundering clearance, air cargo -insurance manifest for six "trunks" with ove r$8,000 due for shipping, fake photoof ECOWAS Anti-Fraud agent with what I estimated 1 million in gold bars in a "trunk". My intelligence did a photo analysis and I will not say what or how but the "agent" of ECOWAS Task Force which is supposed to help was fake. I think I printed 17 documents to prove how complex the scam was plus fake passports from people my contact info was shared with( more than one scam at the same time). I sent these papers to the VA but they still judged me incompetent. Even my ability to count out $1.38 was tested. I plead the 5th Amendment concerning the VA.

So you see why I am a hard a** sometimes.

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