X Y Z & Beyond (p1)

Began working on a new project. Trying to find the way to connect the generations. This is the beginning of bringing us together and bridging the gen gap. You can find part 2 and the rest on my youtube channel. thanks. hope y'all enjoy...
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Your words "self help" has specific meanings for me.I deal in used goods and in a non profit setting,daily we have people steal,beg,EXPECT free or STEAL from us.As employees,are jobs are at risk for mediating their " needs".
We rarely support local projects,as we provide many " services" for vets and education/ labor training.
Young persons are essentially children of the state or street. And our elders,"right to die" sums up the attitude about aging.Sad,alienating and misguided.teddybear
Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. And your words are right on...thanks bunches. Kudos
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