Biodigester - Methane as fuel

Makes me think if this fuel was available in rural towns I think people would buy it due to prices of normal fuels are expensive, if they could just DIY means were easy and make possible...I think plastic salesman and rubber guy would make whopping profit but that just me thinking this...

You don't see huge barrels at stores or customized store with means to do this...Only UK or someplace that has access to that sort things. America there too many EPA restrictions. Taxation I think anyone want to live someplace you have move Montana, Wyoming, Utah these state put out red carpet while California says we are full they bunch a**hole note that people, My state sucks, they should reorganize in ghost towns USA and come terms those places can utilized as thriving communities. Some places I think you can utilize as possible town to city? But no one wants to try it or just bad idea. wave

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