moose in the garden!!

Ohhhhhh... I'm so jealous! My favourite animals are boxer dogs, but my 2nd favourite are moose! ... I'm feeling all broody! heart wings heart wings heart wings Wish I had a family of moose in my garden! ... all I have are 2 sparrows and a blackbird ... which are fine, and I like them...but I'd rather have moose! laugh

The beautiful song being sung here is "When you say nothing at all" by Alison Krauss

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rolling on the floor laughing a moose garden laugh oh they are beautiful animals
aw, that is the sweetest thing i've seen today. a nice break from the last 3 days, the microwave blew up, the next day the water in the kitchen sink backed up and flooded my kitchen,then today my dishwasher is messed up..very mad but i loved this, it brightened my day. thanks. teddybear
wave Hi Jan, aren't they just delicious creatures ....grinburger devil laugh

Can I suggest this alternative sound track ......

It is so cute. You can almost see the Mom going this makes bath time so much easier.

Thanks for sharing.
hug hug hug hug

Hope things get better for you!!! That's dreadful!! Glad that these gorgeous, cute moose gave you a smile!


Hoots Mun! There's juice loose aboot this hoose! rolling on the floor laughing I love that advert. Haven't seen it for ages. You'll have to put it on the Scotland forum!! peace

PS. And there will be no moose-burgers on my video post!! professor

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