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RE: "Don't Tell Me" Lyrics and Voice by Linda Valensi ft. H_Joker - May 2019

When we live in a country that we can sit and enjoy life, we are blessed. For those who struggle with poverty, wars and other disasters, my heart is saddened. It makes me to be more grateful in what I have and have nothing to complain about.

I look at a person as a person, not the colour of their skin or what they believe in.

RE: "Act like I'm not here" - Freestyle moves

Amazing moves with such a beautiful song. dancing

RE: The start of my PHD research project vlog

I'm passionate about science.
i need you in my life
wowowow i hope speak to you


RE: James Taylor "Fire and Rain"

nice job sound james too

RE: Soft spot - Compilation

She's amazing this woman ..I lov'it ??

RE: "Act like I'm not here" - Freestyle moves

Oki..she's amazing..big love from Algeria ??

RE: Fake A smile (I wrote it)

For your first it's not so bad banana

RE: A sane approach to dating

Wow, aging is not forgiving on women especially with kids!
Well, I would like to make a counter comment on that: I’m becoming 50 years of age this year and I am a proud mother of six boys!
So, even if women like men are aging naturally, we can still be attractive for the right person :)

RE: How To Quit Tobacco, Cold Turkey

I quit abouth 5 years ago. It was easy and no proplems. 10 month ago end alkohol and beer. No proplems.

It have terrible high pizes here. Abouth 10 euros. I use before also that snuff and end that also. That is also expensive. I perhaps use that snuff if it was cheap. Also i have proplems my teeth. That snuf burn you mouth. I do not visit bars because only one here in willage and damn expensive. Easy 100 e one night and i have not that kind of moneys and i know this place so there are nothing. Only waist of moneys.

I been there so i know. I do not find girls there. Some i find but willage warn those girls abouth me. They says those girls that i am dangerous madman who rape and kill ladys. I am now 55 years old and never do that kind. They only squuse my moneys beat me. No ladys never there.

RE: The Misgiving

The easy-wayout is:: join politics haahaa, i mean "haaObaazi" korte parbelaugh

RE: Setting Life’s Priorities

Hmm, that's a pretty interesting topic. What are your life priorities? I think that first of all I want to make a career, and then devote time to my family, because living well is what I dream of.

RE: Knight Rider 2 the game trailer

This looks cool! I wish I played it

RE: China Travel

I love China! And I love to travel. I have already visited many countries, but so far America has remained a favorite for me. I've been here for a long time and the only thing that worries me is a visa, which is very difficult to get. In addition, recently I was faced with a situation that I had run out of it and I needed to do something urgently. A friend advised me to go to the site where I was able to quickly apply for a visa and continue traveling in America.

2 Ghost Of 2 Man

thank you, glad that you like it :)sad flower

RE: Easy Chocolate Cake

The quality of a good chocolate cake is made up of the ingredients, that's for sure.

RE: michael ruppert on energy and economy

Very intelligent man and very interesting topic!
( I am going to listen to this more times, as the video is not subtitled, and English is not my native language.)

RE: Covers

Good song nicely song. wow
angel peace bouquet

RE: More generic 80s style rock

You are a badass! You are verrrry good!


RE: Wave.

Impressive! You have own style playing Wave thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Tears in heaven. Sound chek

I like this [ Tears in Heaven ] most.


RE: A lovely song :))))

what a really beautiful song......heart beating

RE: ufo?

Did you look on YouTube to see if there are similar sightings in your area? It kinda looks like maybe a drone to me.

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