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RE: A sane approach to dating

Wow, aging is not forgiving on women especially with kids!
Well, I would like to make a counter comment on that: I’m becoming 50 years of age this year and I am a proud mother of six boys!
So, even if women like men are aging naturally, we can still be attractive for the right person :)

RE: How To Quit Tobacco, Cold Turkey

I quit abouth 5 years ago. It was easy and no proplems. 10 month ago end alkohol and beer. No proplems.

It have terrible high pizes here. Abouth 10 euros. I use before also that snuff and end that also. That is also expensive. I perhaps use that snuff if it was cheap. Also i have proplems my teeth. That snuf burn you mouth. I do not visit bars because only one here in willage and damn expensive. Easy 100 e one night and i have not that kind of moneys and i know this place so there are nothing. Only waist of moneys.

I been there so i know. I do not find girls there. Some i find but willage warn those girls abouth me. They says those girls that i am dangerous madman who rape and kill ladys. I am now 55 years old and never do that kind. They only squuse my moneys beat me. No ladys never there.

RE: The Misgiving

The easy-wayout is:: join politics haahaa, i mean "haaObaazi" korte parbelaugh

RE: Setting Life’s Priorities

Hmm, that's a pretty interesting topic. What are your life priorities? I think that first of all I want to make a career, and then devote time to my family, because living well is what I dream of.

RE: Knight Rider 2 the game trailer

This looks cool! I wish I played it

RE: China Travel

I love China! And I love to travel. I have already visited many countries, but so far America has remained a favorite for me. I've been here for a long time and the only thing that worries me is a visa, which is very difficult to get. In addition, recently I was faced with a situation that I had run out of it and I needed to do something urgently. A friend advised me to go to the site where I was able to quickly apply for a visa and continue traveling in America.

2 Ghost Of 2 Man

thank you, glad that you like it :)sad flower

RE: Easy Chocolate Cake

The quality of a good chocolate cake is made up of the ingredients, that's for sure.

RE: michael ruppert on energy and economy

Very intelligent man and very interesting topic!
( I am going to listen to this more times, as the video is not subtitled, and English is not my native language.)

RE: Covers

Good song nicely song. wow
angel peace bouquet

RE: More generic 80s style rock

You are a badass! You are verrrry good!


RE: Wave.

Impressive! You have own style playing Wave thumbs up thumbs up

RE: Tears in heaven. Sound chek

I like this [ Tears in Heaven ] most.


RE: A lovely song :))))

what a really beautiful song......heart beating

RE: ufo?

Did you look on YouTube to see if there are similar sightings in your area? It kinda looks like maybe a drone to me.


wellshire farm bacon so u can't blame her. ijs

RE: Me and mom

Personally i really like your explanation about your match in your profile. That is straight forward. I try to arrange my one too because I have met scammer a lot here.
Have a nice day

RE: Me and mom

How nice to see you interact with your mom like this , and to see her so happy with you!
Please contact me [email protected] so we can talk

RE: ME!...

I love this song by Lady Antebellum! Looks like you are having fun with it. Contact me at [email protected] and let's sing a duet , haha. Maybe we can do some Garth Brooks and Trishai Yearwood together!

Musica Cubana

This is in the park cespedes of Santiago de Cuba

RE: Don't let no body still your dreams

think the word your looking for is steal.cheers

RE: Don't let no body still your dreams

True. It's never too late to try. applause

RE: A lovely song :))))

Awsome sing.....goid picjteddybear

RE: Wave.

Beautifull Bossa Nova

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