How to Tell She Wants You to Ask Her Out

How to Tell She Wants You to Ask Her Out

It's an all-too-common scenario: you want to ask a woman out, but you're not sure if she wants to go on a date with you. Some are brave enough to go for it, crossing their fingers for the best. Others need a bit more encouragement. Fortunately for those of you in the latter group, women send out signals all the time that they'd love to date you! Here are some of the most common signs that she is interested and waiting for you to ask her out.

She makes repeated eye contact.

It's not too common that a woman will boldly stare you down. They will, however, rest their eyes on your gaze for a few seconds, and then look away. A few seconds later, they'll look at you again, perhaps flashing you a smile this time. If you notice a woman's gaze crossing yours multiple times, especially when it comes with a smile, there is a good chance she would be open to getting to know you better.

She fishes for information about your love life.

Does the woman you're interested in ask about your current relationship status? If she seems to be trying to figure out how single you are, or if she seems curious to know what type of women you usually date, her interest in you is probably more than platonic. This is especially true if you describe your type of woman as someone with personality traits close to hers and her face lights up.

She doesn't talk about other romantic interests.

One way to determine if she views you as only a friend is if she begins to confide in you like she would a completely platonic friend. The second she starts complaining about a hot guy that mistreats her, or gushing about a new crush, assume she doesn't see you in a romantic light. There are exceptions, of course, but most the time this is a sign you'll get shot down. However, if you never hear about her current crush, or if the crush she coyly mentions seems suspiciously like she's talking about you, she'd probably love for you to make a move.

She hints at future events.

Sometimes women try to hint that they want to meet up later by mentioning things they'd like to do. For example, if a woman keeps telling you that there is a movie coming out over the weekend that she'd love to see, chances are she isn't really dedicated to letting you know about film release dates. She's saying it because she wants you to suggest that you two should go. Next time she talks about an upcoming event a few times, especially if she is also complaining that she has no one to go with, ask her out! Most likely, that's what she's waiting for.

If a woman wants you to ask her out, most of the time, she will make it known. Her message will just tend to be indirect. Learn to pick up the signals, and, next time, you can confidently ask out your crush knowing that she's more than happy to say yes.

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