Scam Baiting.

Scam Baiting
Oh, what a delightful pastime it is. It’s like fishing, but from the other end of the line. Just playing with the scammer’s bait on the hook.  Like taking his bait off and replace it with an old car tyre. Making him believe that you have swallowed his story; line, hook and sinker and when he reels in, he gets nothing at all. This after I kept him busy for a week or more.

At first I thought it was a large syndicate at work, but it is not coordinated at all. At times I played four or five of them simultaneously. That was when I really got hooked onto scam baiting.  

I specialize in the “419 Scams”. I don’t know why I find it interesting, because they’re all so stereotyped.  Yet I smile every time a new one makes contact. The technique is always the same. It preys on the greed of mankind.

 There are four ways to deal with a scam:

  1. You can fall for it. I don’t know how people get this right but they still do. I suppose fools and their money are easily parted.
  2. You can ignore them, in which case his attention will shift to somebody else who might well be the fool we just spoke about.
  3. You can report him and try to get him barred from the site and he will just open another profile to shift his attention to somebody else who, once again may be that very foolish guy we mentioned earlier.
  4. You can bait him and tie up some of his resources for a week or more. And if enough people do this, we’ll put them out of business.

One such a scam involves a “girl” who pretends to be in love with you, living in appalling conditions and in need of a foreign partner to get her hands onto her inheritance. She wants to transfer a few million US$ into your banking account and join you. Ah, you will have to put up some money for her papers and fare etc.

Another scam involves a corrupt government official who wants to transfer several millions into an offshore bank account (yours).  In exchange he offers to give you a substantial slice of the loot. Then just before the money arrives, something happens that threatens to sabotage the transfer and you need to advance some amount of money.

 At this stage you can:

  1. Pay and keep on paying to protect your non-existent cut of the loot. The money will never come.
  2. Just ignore them so they can look for another victim who might just be the fool we spoke about earlier.
  3. You can play them

This is where the challenge start! How long can you keep them busy without them realising that you are playing them. Remember, this starts after the first direct request for money. How many emails can you elicit from them.

1 eMail. – Go home. Everybody can get one. Even if you just ignored them.

2 eMails – A good novice. You only had to ask for banking details.

3 eMails – Hey, you’re getting good. Hope you did not pay for this email.

4 eMails – Great show man. You are a master like me.

5 eMails – Once only. It was a masterpiece, but I will get it again.

So when I finally lose them I send the last mail to inform them that I have played them once again! And I tell them how stupid they are! Then finally I report him to the site where we found each other and I cut another notch in my desk!

I think my photos and mail addresses are blacklisted with most these scammers now. The only time I get them lately is when I have a profile without a picture and they won’t reply to my mailbox anymore. So I have effectively gotten rid of most. Now that I have them on the run, I go hunting for them where previously I sat waiting for them. Only thing is I have to get a new operations mail address from time to time.

And they are easy to hunt. After a few weeks you can try them again; with another profile and a new email address. They don’t keep track of who they contact. When your email arrives the first time they assume that you are responding to their initial contact!

Try it if you want. It’s quite satisfying, but never let them know who or where you are. These people are dangerous! Never try to meet them. It won’t be a girl waiting for you. It will be a few thugs and they will know what you look like.

Use a profile without a picture or use a very old photo, but never use a picture of somebody else. You may cause his death

What do I hope to achieve? I told you, I keep them busy. I waste their time. I annoy them. I frustrate them. I deprive them.


Comments (4)

Aye, you’re doing the right thing SweetP; ask them questions and make them go away. They are pretending to be in my country now too and I have also encountered them lately in Sweden, Germany, USA, UK and Thailand. But if you are alert, you will pick them up.

They make plenty of errors. For instance, the other day I responded to a contact in Cape Town and another in Sweden. The both responded as persons living in the US of A. That was because they didn’t know to which ad I’m had responded. So, if you do respond, don’t respond to a name. That leaves them in the dark.

They may be using your country too. Read their profiles for details. Look at the grammar; normally very poor. Also look at their whereabouts. They don’t know your country. They get mixed up with the regions and the cities.

Yes, the FBI is working actively on their cases and have posted rewards on a few of them. This is a crime that is very hard to fight. This is especially so if the government of the host country sees it as a possible source of foreign currency.
i think i have had a couple of scammers, being a total sceptic i asked too many questions n they didnt bother to reply, a couple of others had no profile pic and their english was very bad for where/who they were mean't to be & they kept asking for my email or phone number, i just told them i was going to report them & they went away. I must say I wouldn't be brave enough to bait a scammer or to have fake profiles just to catch the either, but i do think we should have ppl on here who are like under cover cops to uncover these ruthless ppl, waste their time or even catch them out, maybe you should conact sites like this & become an undercover scammer cop & keep our sites parasite clean...fair play to yousuper cheers
No, that's unfair. Everything on my profile is true and the pictures are mine. If you don't believe it you can arrange a webcam session. 95% of my scam baiting happens at one site which I believe I may not mention here. Do you really believe that I would post this article if I was hunting scammers here? I truly believe my pictures are blacklisted with these guys. They have not approached anything where any of these pictures are displayed for months now. Believe me, I enjoy using this site!
So are you telling us that your profile is a fake and that you are just here to bait scammers and not at all interested in meeting someone? I wonder how that will sit with the site management?

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