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ConnectingSingles – quality site for quality singles. 100% free to use with loads of quality features. Have you been surfing the web because you’re single now and at a loss looking for a safe and comfortable place to connect with others? We understand what you’re going through, as we’ve all gone through this. It’s hard because there are so many sites out there and you can waste a lot of time signing up and finding your way around only to find it isn’t right for you, or that you have been misled about costs and features. Well, we’re glad you’re here and, after we tell you a little about ConnectingSingles, we hope you will decide to Join the Group and feel at home here.

First off, the site is exactly as advertised, totally 100% free to use, with loads of free features and high quality, easy to use design. Our goal is to make our members look their best and give them all the features they need and all the opportunities possible to get acquainted and connect. We all have the dream of joining up, immediately finding 'The One', and living happily ever after. But realistically it takes time and patience to find that someone who is perfect for you. In the meantime, we would also like to help you meet new friends and enjoy your search. Besides searching for that special person, there are lots of things to do here and lots of ways to get to know others.

YOUR OWN SITE PAGE. As a member you will have your own site page here. From your CS site page you can post photos, polls, your favorite videos, blog, or create eCards. Your friends can be added and your fans displayed. And you will have your own admin page to manage it.

Your site on CS is your place where friends and members can come to view all these items, to contact you, send you flowers, rate your photos and leave you comments, shouts, and testimonials.

Your profile will also be listed on the community’s site pages available for a variety of searches. All CS features have been designed to help connect members here. Every time you use these features, post in the forum, write in your blog, create an eCard or a poll, comment on a video, rate someone’s photo, view a profile, or add a Friend, you will bring attention to your profile and bring mail to your inbox. The more features you use, the more exposure you will have to members searching for someone just like you.

Each one of us is a package... not just a photo, and so much more than the personal ad we write to make ourselves look good to browsing members. The more you get to know about a member, the more help you’ll have in making a decision of whether to take a new friendship further, to meet up, and to spend more time with them.

The FORUMS are a great place to get to know members, make friends from all over the world, and to debate issues from sex and dating to politics and current events. If you don’t find a thread that interests you, start one that does. Diversity brings us together here, but it also provides cause for lively often very heated debate. So enter the forums with tolerance and an open mind.

BLOGS are a great place to express yourself, impart words of wisdom from lessons you've learned, try out a poem you wrote, or just write about your day. It allows members to get to know another side of you that may not show in your profile or forum posts.

RATE PHOTOS is a fun, interesting way to view a lot of members and find someone who attracts you. The goal of Rate Photos is to connect members who might not otherwise find each other through other search methods. You can leave comments for the photos and add members to your Favorites List to go back and send mail, flowers or a card to later. You can simply rate random members’ photos, or you can specify a certain age group and whether you want to rate men or women. You can also rate the photos of a particular member by visiting their CS site page and rate and leave comments for them there. You will have many options regarding rating of your own photos.

ECARDS Once you get to know some members better, you may want to send them a CS eCard. You can also use the Birthday List to send cards to members celebrating their special day. Many singles are alone on birthdays and holidays and receiving a card from another member can be a bright spot on an otherwise lonely day. You can either choose a card and customize it for your occasion, or you can create a card of your own and add one of hundreds of great music choices that Connecting Singles provides. If you’re creative at all, you’ll love this feature!

FLOWERS Everyone loves to receive flowers. Visit the ConnectingSingles Flower Shop and ‘pick’ a flower and either choose a greeting from the list or write one of your own. Flowers are a quick, easy way to show interest and invite response if the feeling turns out to be mutual.

CHAT and IM ConnectingSingles has both public chat and IM (instant messenger). Chat with up to 25 members at a time in an existing room, create your own chat room, meet new friends, or invite a group to meet at a given time. You can also IM one-on-one with members. To find members to chat with, click Online Now in the top menu bar for members who are online now who may be available for chatting, then click the green IM link on their profile.

POLLS are an interesting way to survey for the opinions of others on a topic of your choice, and also to get acquainted with other members through discussion of their opinions and poll results. Vote on a wide variety of poll topics or post a poll question of your own. Two poll options are available: create a poll that will appear in a forum thread for discussion and comments by forum members, or create a poll in the Polls area where members can vote and leave comments there.

VIDEOS ConnectingSingles members have posted some great videos for you to view and comment on. Do you have a favorite video or have you posted one of your own on YouTube? Videos you post will appear on your profile site page and members can watch and comment on them there.

GET-TOGETHERS Attend a get-together or help plan one. This is a great way to get better acquainted with members you’ve met on ConnectingSingles and it’s also a great excuse to travel to a place you may not have had the chance to visit alone. Check out Get-Together threads in the forum and join the discussion by members planning to attend.

OTHER FEATURES In addition to the features listed above, ConnectingSingles also has Who’s Viewed Me Lists, Friends Lists, Fans Lists, Shouts, Testimonials, Photo Commenting, onsite Mailbox, and a large variety of Search options.

SAFETY We are very concerned about the quality and safety of this site. We encourage and attend to member reports quickly. We warn members not to share their personal info early-on and we provide caution info and lots of tools to get to know members here so you don’t need to share your email or IM address with an online stranger or to leave the site until you’re ready. Onsite MAILBOX, CHAT and IM are provided to protect your privacy and anonymity.

Heard enough?? What have you got to lose? Come on in.
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Connecting Singles has everything you need to connect with new friends, people to talk to, things to do, and maybe... the absolute, love-of-your-life, perfect person for you.

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All features are free at Connecting Singles. We're not going to sneak up on you after you join and surprise you with fees, credits, premium memberships, gold stars, or coupons, or make you recruit members from other sites just to get in. There are no costs and no credit cards needed here. NO catches, NO fees, NO gimmicks, NO kidding!

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