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A Midsummer Nights Dream William Shakespeare Book

A Midsummer Night's Dream

lipsee I am not picky. There is a big difference between novel and play, especially when you talk about some one like Shakespeare. Nice...

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Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Book

Alice in Wonderland

I studied Carroll in drama school and Alice has remained my favourite children's book of all time....

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Pillars of the Earth

The project of building a church in the twelfth century in England....

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Porqu No Soy Cristiano Sir Bertrand Russell Book

Porqué No Soy Cristiano

En esta obra lord Bertrand Russell, uno de los pensadores mas lucidos e influyentes que ha dado el siglo XX, reune catorce ensayos escritos entre 1899...

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Perelandra CS Lewis Book


Big picture stuff. I've found this book impactful on my view of "life, the universe, and everything" (which is another fun book but not quite as impac...

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Art of the Hot Rod Peter Harholdt Photographer of Calendar Book

Art of the Hot Rod

Mmmmm V8 love...its the 2012 calendar with no naked girlies, just hard out V8s....

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Next Level Basic The Definitive Basic b*tch Stassi Schroeder Book

Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic b*tch

What I love most about the book, though, is how uplifting it is. Stassi expresses a surprising amount of support for other women. I love her thoughts...

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color of sex Lynn Champion Judy Scott Kemmis Book

color of sex

The Color of Sex is a significant tool that has the ability to bring love in an individual's life as well as offer higher levels of self-confidence f...

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Understanding Iraq William R Polk Book

Understanding Iraq

A very resourceful book that highlights the connection of the British and Americans to the Iraqi history...

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Exuding My Belief Vision and Passion Isaiah Wafula Book

Exuding My Belief, Vision and Passion

Imagine the possibilities with a feeling of exultion, a feeling of being liberated from space and time! Better than hearing is writing, better than a...

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Buddenbrooks is the first work of one of the most important German writers, Thomas Mann, masterfully initiating his literary career. The story is b...

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THE LORD IS YOUR SHEPHERD Prophet Young david Book


The book explains some of the most vital benefits of having Christ Jesus as your Shepherd....

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Ancient Law

Lectures delivered by Maine for the Inns of Court were the groundwork for Ancient Law. Its object, as stated in the preface, was "to indicate some of...

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Ancient Law

Lectures delivered by Maine for the Inns of Court were the groundwork for Ancient Law. Its object, as stated in the preface, was "to indicate some of...

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the holly bible god Book

the holly bible

Ok you make a statement about best book every written. What about Dante @The divine comedy. Dickens, chaucher. I was a catholic until a so called p...

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The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Book

The Grapes of Wrath

«E gli occhi dei poveri riflettono, con la tristezza della sconfitta, un crescente furore. Nei cuori degli umili maturano i frutti del furore e s'avvi...

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I Malavoglia Giovanni Verga Book

I Malavoglia

Forse il capolavoro della letteratura verista......

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The Tell Tales Of Tails AnnyBee1 Book

The Tell Tales Of Tails

She cried for a Mother who had long forsaken her.Whom she had remained a stranger to even in death. Strength failed Gracy and her heart fainted in her...

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Me Before You

Lou Clark is an Average Jane from a small town in England. She worked at café until its owner abruptly announced that he was shutting the place down,...

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I love this book for it rejuvanates me when am a bit at the crossroads. It is my book. This book is good for any person trying to find meaning in life...

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Peak Inequality Danny Dorling Book

Peak Inequality

On my desk now: Britain's ticking time bomb....

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The Hopi Survival Kit Thomas E Mails Book

The Hopi Survival Kit

A book on my desk now: The Prophecies, Instructions and Warnings revealed by the last Elders. A message from the the creator to enable the planet and...

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The New Life

Being a classic work of the famous Florentine poet, La vita nuova is one of the great innovations of the Renaissance Age, a kind of "milestone"...

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The Island of the Day Before

In this story, the Italian intellectual Umberto Eco narrates the adventures of a castaway in the seventeenth century, when a nobleman reaches "the lim...

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The Iliad

After the Christian Bible, Homer's Iliad was the second most read work in the world, being part of the universal tradition. The aoidói - a kin...

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The Silmarillion

This is a book primarily for those who like the works of J. R. R. Tolkien about The Middle-Earth: it offers a detailed context that precedes th...

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Hannibal is a historical (and also biographical) novel of the great general, by the important Austrian writer Mirko Jelusich. The writer chronicles...

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The Roman

This one is a classic work of Mika Waltari, a renowed Finnish writer: The Roman is about the life of a character who describes detailed its typical [i...

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The Cubs and Other Stories

This is the first book of the renowned Peruvian writer. Treating various tragic conditions of men in their formation, the protagonist boys face situa...

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The Trial

This impressive book seems at first, a literature based on juridical approach with a rich style of Kafka, but goes beyond in fact: we could speculate...

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The Golden Bough Sir James Frazer Book

The Golden Bough

A study in magic and religion...

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Imagining the Tenth Dimension Rob Bryanton Book

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

A book on my desk now: A theory of reality. A new way of thinking about time and space...

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From Ritual to Romance Jessie L Wilson Book

From Ritual to Romance

A book open on my desk now. A study of Grail Legend and ancient folk lore...

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The Tell Tales of Tails AnnyBee1 Book

The Tell Tales of Tails

This book is a mixture of fiction and reality for all ages to enjoy.If you open your heart and mind to this book you will fall in love with each line....

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"He Works Through People"

My Autobiography Going through the war as a little child Did things not suitable for my age Moved to Canada, married at 20 years of age My experie...

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"He Works Through People"

Technically it is my autobiography. My Childhood, in Holland, the war started I was 6 years old My war stories no child should have to tell Moving...

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Se questo e un uomo Primo Levi Book

Se questo e un uomo

"La persuasione che la vita ha uno scopo è radicata in ogni fibra di uomo, è una proprietà della sostanza umana."...

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Il gattopardo Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Book

Il gattopardo

uno squarcio disincantato e vivido di una Sicilia che fu...

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Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf Book

Mrs Dalloway

"Che cos'è che mi riempie di una tale straordinaria emozione?"...

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Men Dont Love Women Like You G L Lambert Book

Men Don't Love Women Like You

Men Don't Love Women Like You: The Brutal Truth About Dating, Relationships, and How to Go from Placeholder to Game Changer I highly recommend this...

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Hidden Prey

Prestigious extravagant display of power the best book writer I read the book in 2 days loved it I believe john has become a master...

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Alex7: "Thoughts Of You ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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