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RE: Dan Brown: DaVinci Code

There's a book like no other. I hope you read it.

Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

thank you so much, i am glad you like that to, much apreciated sad flower teddybear

RE: Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

Forgot to mention the cover of both your books i have are lovely thumbs up

Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

thank you so much, i am glad that you like it, and i hope that other people will to. Thank you so much again my dear friend, you are a sweet lady teddybear sad flower bouquet

RE: Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

Read book and lovely book well done my cs friend teddybear

RE: Evangelist John Walsh: Unraveling Piltdown: The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution

Nicelly and thoroughly written presentation of the book. Thanks, postneoludite!

RE: Himani Vashishta: I Still Crave For Him

Would love to read this, outline sounds great


I love this book, read it more than once...This book is the bomb,

RE: king james version: Holy Bible

The owners manual for human life
His Story = History. 66 Books worth of instruction, that tells us how to live, and why we die. Old Testament = Law and story of Israels disobedience , which shows that humans are all sinners. New Testament = God's method of payment for our disobedience. Jesus Christ paid the price so that we could be reunited with God the Father.
The best selling book of all time. Innumerable changed lives prove it's True!

RE: Ionel Movila: The brick wall imprinted in the rock

Oh wow thats all i can say. Many strange things happen in this world yonik that we by pass as we do not understand but yet sometimes something sticks.

Enjoyed the reading. and more to come. applause

Marion davies: The times we had

If love movie star and chaplain and the 1920s and hearst castle u will love this

RE: Clive Barker: The Books of Abarat

Any young adult novel filled with strange creatures and set in a strange land lends itself to comparison with both Alice in Wonderland and The Phantom Tollbooth. Some other adolescent fiction contains only fairies and talking animals, such as the Chronicles of Narnia, but books like Alice and Tollbooth contain not only talking animals and physics-defying occurrences, but also beasts that do not exist in the world with which we are familiar. Abarat by Cive Barker is rife with such creatures: one man, John Mischief, has one normal head and seven “brothers,” which consist of seven other heads at the ends of antler prongs growing out from his “normal” head. In Abarat, squids become binoculars and sea-skippers offer means of aquatic transportation where none is otherwise available. Abarat, like the Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, realizes that its magic must have a pure source in order to be good magic, and plays respectfully with the idea of deity . As in L’Engle’s classic, there are three mysterious and powerful wise women that make a brief appearance in Abarat, and somewhat similar to the game layout in Catching Fire, the world of the Abarat islands is sectioned into hours like an enormous clock face. But unlike L’Engle, Carroll, Lewis, and Juster, Barker seems to be far more fascinated with the macabre and grotesque.

RE: Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre

Yes, almost brought me to tears too.
So I quit reading it halfway through, still got a "B" on the test.

Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter: Rich ad and Poor Dad

i encourage every one of you to introduce the book to kids aand family

RE: king james version: Holy Bible

It is just a story it has evolved over time with aditions added to help the male on the whole church itself and kings/Queens. In the earliest bibles Jesus never did rise from the dead, the book has been altered over time mainly to surprress the masses

RE: Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznik, Peter Berkrot: Untold History of the United States

Reading it right now. So far I've noticed he has left a whole lot of info off the table..
Namely the IKE years..he takes the Establishment line about McCarthy..
And in NAM, a subject you would think right up his alley, he just skips over Kissinger & Ford leaving all those men behind in Hanoi-- by re Negging on the agreement to pay for infrastructure...on account of all that illegal saturation bombing.

RE: John Kennedy Toole: A Confederacy of Dunces

I read this book and was delighted by it after hearing the author's story. Toole committed suicide in his early 30s, suffering from depression, in part from the failure to get this book published. From Wikipedia:

After Toole's death, Thelma Toole [his mother] became mired in depression for two years and the manuscript for Dunces remained atop an armoire in his former room. She then became determined to have it published, believing it would be an opportunity to prove her son's talent. Over a five-year period, she sent it out to seven publishers and they each rejected it. "Each time it came back I died a little," she said. However, in 1976 she became aware that author Walker Percy was becoming a faculty member at Loyola University New Orleans. Thelma began a campaign of phone calls and letters to Percy to get him to read the manuscript. He even began complaining to his wife about a peculiar old woman's attempts to contact him. With time running out on his term as professor, Thelma pushed her way into his office and demanded he read the manuscript. Initially hesitant, Percy agreed to read the book to stop her badgering. He admitted to hoping it would be so bad that he could discard it after reading a few pages. Ultimately, he loved the book, commenting in disbelief:

In this case I read on. And on. First with the sinking feeling that it was not bad enough to quit, then with a prickle of interest, then a growing excitement, and finally an incredulity; surely it was not possible that it was so good.

Despite Percy's great admiration for the book, the road to publication was still difficult. It took more than three years, as he attempted to get several parties interested in it. A Confederacy of Dunces was published by Louisiana State University Press in 1980, and Percy provided the foreword. At his recommendation, Toole's first draft of the book was published with minimal copy-editing, and no significant revisions. The first printing was only 2,500 copies, and a number of these were sent to Scott Kramer, an executive at 20th Century Fox, to pitch around Hollywood, but the book initially generated little interest. However, the novel attracted much attention in the literary world. A year later, in 1981, Toole was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The book has sold more than 1.5 million copies, in 18 languages.

RE: dan brown: da vinci code

The ideas in The Da Vinci Code are copied over from This Book: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which, though based on a true mystery about a priest, basically involves The Authors being pulled into a scam; The Priory of Sion, and is, also, full of unfounded speculation.

There is plenty of real dirt about The Church, and how Christianity was invented, which is Genuine History. You can find out about the true story of the creation of Christianity, from the original History of a dead claimant to The Israeli Throne, in Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan and Bart D. Ehrman's books especially in How Jesus Became God.

RE: hyemeyohsts storm: Seven Arrows

Agreed - beautiful book. Read it from a more Spiritual viewpoint of you can as it's not a 'Documentary'.
He has another book that is VERY unique. As far as I can tell was awritten 'autobiographically' maybe durring the Korean War(?) or maybe VietNam. The book is called "Lightningbolt"..Tried to find him but he seems to have disappeared.

Ionel Movila & Lacramiara Simici: The Wandering Souls

yes i think you are right, thank you glad that you like it sad flower

RE: Ionel Movila & Lacramiara Simici: The Wandering Souls

It is not the usual type of book i read, the format was so different but once past that enjoyed. It is a book good for adults or kids applause

RE: Jonas Jonasson: The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window

A wonderful book, something so different to what i usually read and loved it

Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut


The first Book was good. The second was a dismay, the third was trash and I never even opened the fourth.

Sadly, it was made into an ultra-violent TV-series, too. :-( Pure poison for the soul.

RE: David Duke: Jewish supremacism

From Wikipedia: "David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American neo-Nazi, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician, convicted felon, and former grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan."


RE: Diana Gabaldon: Outlander

The first Book was okay, quite liked it; the second was a waste of paper, money, and time, which proves that writing sequels upon sequels is, in most cases, a HUGE mistake (see: "Andrews, Virginia C." LOL).

Haven't watched the series, as I don't like most of recently-made TV stuff (most of which is just gruesome violence, which I cannot bare to watch).

David Bercuson and Holger Herwig.: Deadly Seas.

Great book for History Lovers!!! Many of us have had RELATIVES in W.W.II/1939-1945; so we KNOW where our FREEDOMS came from!!! No one is PERFECT-including myself; and NOT being a BRAGGARD-though if you have a TALENT-USE IT!!!

I assisted with MATERIALS for this book-Re-Acknowledgements; and also DEADLY SEAS-the DOCUMENTARY on Canadian History Channel.dancing

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