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RE: Dan Brown: DaVinci Code

Great book. I didn't like the movie.

RE: Robert Fisk: The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East

I agree, the book could have done with some editing, it is very long. However Fisk did have the edge over many of his colleagues in having a great interest in and knowledge of history. He gives background to the French involvement in Syria and the British in Palestine and Jordan. How Europe and lately the United States (and to a lesser extent Russia) have attempted to divide the Middle East for their own interests. lots of information. Sadly in light of what is happening in Gaza it is an apt if not very hopeful read.. The end to this long conflict is not even in sight.

RE: Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

This author is a notorious Transhumanist which propagades the downgrading of human beings by transforming to a complete machine controlled thing

He leads the philosophical questions of Mr Schwabs WEF army.

Watch yourself what their dreams is about:

In my opinion: just sick.

Michael Deerfield: Dream Of The Unborn Butterfly

The above is the first three paragraphs of a collection of short stories I have written. . I would value comments on my style of writing.

The first line should read soul not soil blushing

RE: J.K Rowling: The Harry Potter Series

Rowling ripped off Gaiman amongst others. But Gaiman got his payoff so he doesn't bad mouth her.
Brit wit is best read than filmed.

RE: Brian Lumley: The Necroscope

Sensual and, umm more than sensual.
Unique take on Vampires. I do believe the author evolved them rather organically with a very range of locations and activities.
The final books are d9ifferent from the first two.
His others never really caught on.

RE: Brian Lumley: The Necroscope

That takes me back decades.
Very cool series, kind of strange in the middle, but hey it happens.

RE: Brian Lumley: The Necroscope

Yes, but is this series as sensual as Anne Rice’s vampire series?

RE: Stiegg Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

All three Swedish films were excellent.
US remakes rip the soul out of them.
Noomi Rapace, the woman from the films, did this comedy about a couple planning to kill each other but were interrupted by escaped criminals.
At the end their story was turned into a US film and the portrayal regarding how much reality was remade was amazing.
We ruin everything we tough that has a soul.

RE: Dan Brown: DaVinci Code

It ripped off Holy Blood Holy Grail.
Brown is dead to me.

RE: Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged

The Fountainhead was more concise.
Atlas shrugged had something like a fifty page rant near the end.
BUT, Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey best captures a similar philosophy.
It seems like most people ONLY read AS.

RE: Dan Brown: DaVinci Code

It's just fiction , and fables

RE: I searching man who keep me like as a wife with him.: I Need Man

kiss hi.salamalekum
I hope see u soon then decide
God bless you lips

Chapman: love languages

It is really wonderful and beautiful. I advise everyone to read itgift

RE: Thomas Pynchon: Gravity's Rainbow

Check out ARCHAIX channel on youtube... his conclusions are made historical nonfiction, ...he gets his info from very old books and ancient texts that have been very well hidden, from the 1800's and beyond....fascinating!

RE: Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged

People should read the book before judging it or the author. Dont criticize her for thinking only she is right when you too have the same belief about yourself.

RE: Stiegg Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I read this series years ago and loved it. As far as the movies, Michael Nyqvist the original (Mikael Blomkvist), and Noomi Rapace the original (Lisbeth Salander) were the best. They should have never changed the cast.

RE: Dan Brown: DaVinci Code

There's a book like no other. I hope you read it.

Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

thank you so much, i am glad you like that to, much apreciated sad flower teddybear

RE: Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

Forgot to mention the cover of both your books i have are lovely thumbs up

Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

thank you so much, i am glad that you like it, and i hope that other people will to. Thank you so much again my dear friend, you are a sweet lady teddybear sad flower bouquet

RE: Ionel Movila: A Renegade Angel

Read book and lovely book well done my cs friend teddybear

RE: Evangelist John Walsh: Unraveling Piltdown: The Science Fraud of the Century and Its Solution

Nicelly and thoroughly written presentation of the book. Thanks, postneoludite!


I love this book, read it more than once...This book is the bomb,

RE: king james version: Holy Bible

The owners manual for human life
His Story = History. 66 Books worth of instruction, that tells us how to live, and why we die. Old Testament = Law and story of Israels disobedience , which shows that humans are all sinners. New Testament = God's method of payment for our disobedience. Jesus Christ paid the price so that we could be reunited with God the Father.
The best selling book of all time. Innumerable changed lives prove it's True!

RE: Ionel Movila: The brick wall imprinted in the rock

Oh wow thats all i can say. Many strange things happen in this world yonik that we by pass as we do not understand but yet sometimes something sticks.

Enjoyed the reading. and more to come. applause

Marion davies: The times we had

If love movie star and chaplain and the 1920s and hearst castle u will love this

RE: Clive Barker: The Books of Abarat

Any young adult novel filled with strange creatures and set in a strange land lends itself to comparison with both Alice in Wonderland and The Phantom Tollbooth. Some other adolescent fiction contains only fairies and talking animals, such as the Chronicles of Narnia, but books like Alice and Tollbooth contain not only talking animals and physics-defying occurrences, but also beasts that do not exist in the world with which we are familiar. Abarat by Cive Barker is rife with such creatures: one man, John Mischief, has one normal head and seven “brothers,” which consist of seven other heads at the ends of antler prongs growing out from his “normal” head. In Abarat, squids become binoculars and sea-skippers offer means of aquatic transportation where none is otherwise available. Abarat, like the Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, realizes that its magic must have a pure source in order to be good magic, and plays respectfully with the idea of deity . As in L’Engle’s classic, there are three mysterious and powerful wise women that make a brief appearance in Abarat, and somewhat similar to the game layout in Catching Fire, the world of the Abarat islands is sectioned into hours like an enormous clock face. But unlike L’Engle, Carroll, Lewis, and Juster, Barker seems to be far more fascinated with the macabre and grotesque.

RE: king james version: Holy Bible

It is just a story it has evolved over time with aditions added to help the male on the whole church itself and kings/Queens. In the earliest bibles Jesus never did rise from the dead, the book has been altered over time mainly to surprress the masses

RE: Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznik, Peter Berkrot: Untold History of the United States

Reading it right now. So far I've noticed he has left a whole lot of info off the table..
Namely the IKE years..he takes the Establishment line about McCarthy..
And in NAM, a subject you would think right up his alley, he just skips over Kissinger & Ford leaving all those men behind in Hanoi-- by re Negging on the agreement to pay for infrastructure...on account of all that illegal saturation bombing.

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