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No Wars

No Wars"If women ruled the world, there'd be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other." Sorry Jarred, this is way too funn...

lindsyjones1511810 hrs ago39 mins ago

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(131)I Am Writing This With Other People In Mind...Along With The Way It All Seems To Be To Me.......................This Is Not... In Any Way.... About An...

namaron2811 hrs ago56 mins ago
How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery

How does getting paid WAY too much for playing a game somehow equate to slavery?How can a sports figure make $500,000 (A GAME) and be considered a slave. Real slaves are turning in there graves...enraged about that word being used...

lookn2share2512 hrs ago1 hrs ago
What is going on Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the world

What is going on? Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the worldMany fires have been started by people throwing cigarette buds out the car windows. Some delibratly set. So much of North California is destroyed t...

britishcolumbian89185 hrs ago1 hrs ago

Shirt on or shirt off ?What you girls really think of a guy that post bare chested picture as profile picture in the social media... you know the all muscle adonis belt type...

Kasih86285Oct 141 hrs ago
Sex robots

Sex robotsWhen do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...

Freedomofspeech9708102Oct 122 hrs ago
Breakthrough in medical technology re vegetative patients

Breakthrough in medical technology re vegetative patientsVegetative-state patient responds to therapy By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online A man in France has regained some degree of...

lindsyjones1139Sep 272 hrs ago
Perpetual Victims

Perpetual VictimsMany people feel victimized somehow, since the day they were born, and believe that things always happen TO them and are victims of life’s ill fortune...

daniela7771762612 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Educated Isnt Synonymous With Intelligent

Educated Isn't Synonymous With Intelligent!!!?????????????....Experience taught me!...

lookn2share986Oct 172 hrs ago

"IS THIS THE SAME PERSON?"At First?...I Didnt Even Give it ....A Second Thought...............I Mean...Did This Really Happen?....Could This Had Happened?.............Did One o...

namaron31940Oct 162 hrs ago
In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

In The Wrong Place At The Wrong TimeSo I found out today that my favorite night club to hang out with friends got raided last Friday. My friends and I agreed to meet there at 11 PM la...

Crazyheart382905410 hrs ago4 hrs ago
countdown to the company

countdown to the companytwo more days until my company arrives. i have done no cleaning. it's easier to tell them how horribly messy the house is. that way, they will be p...

freehand11010Oct 174 hrs ago
stringman4636 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Maybe Im worrying over nothing

Maybe I'm worrying over nothing....but what would you do if my story was yours? its a bit of a long one but i will try, keep it short. Coming up to the end of 2014 my poor mum died...

itchywitch1,34995Oct 165 hrs ago


Track162305 hrs ago

Menu.For those who eat meat . Buss up shut roti , curry goat , curry chicken, curry mango and curry chick peas and potato. .finally finished lunch ....

Annleerose26210 hrs ago6 hrs ago

"A DIFFERENT BREED""Someone Writes A Blog About Killing Themselves...........And Its All A Big Joke To Some Of You.........It Just Goes To Show To The World...What Some...

namaron1,02773Oct 126 hrs ago

SinnersI have often wondered. Why the ritious pursue the downfall of so called - sinners. If they really and truly are convinced that we are going to hell, i...

andipandy38519Apr 20097 hrs ago
All The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought Out

All The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought OutAll The Wickedness of The Devil Will Be Brought Out...

NewYorkcitylove12-8 hrs ago
My walk between the humans

My walk between the humansI live in a small village. I need 5 minutes of walk to work. I even do not have my own car here. I use the company car only when I need, mostly for wo...

Swami22021Oct 178 hrs ago
Country music our choice

Country music our choiceYep post videos of any country song and any country artist you like......

Freedomofspeech91,292130Aug 269 hrs ago
There Would Be No Wars

There Would Be No WarsThere Would Be No Wars...

jarred128-10 hrs ago

CareerA mother had three children. Three sons. She wanted to motivate them. She said. “ I had a dream. In this dream I saw your future. The eldest from you...

Swami38112 hrs ago10 hrs ago

HE ANSWERS,I`m having a coffee ... what is it that makes us post a blog with a shitload of blah blah blah ? Is it a new trend ,lack of pets who`d listen...

Dedovix39724Oct 1511 hrs ago
Latest on Weinstein

Latest on Weinstein"Harvey Weinstein's former intern claims he exposed himself to her ...

lindsyjones20127Oct 1712 hrs ago

sadit is so sad how humans judge us by our skin colours... Some people believe that most black humans on here are after scumming or visas to different...

hatelies110721 hrs ago12 hrs ago
Festival of lights

Festival of lights.Today is a religious holiday for the Hindu community in my country . No meat for them or alcohol. Only vegetarian food and Indian delicacies . Dival...

Annleerose38214 hrs ago14 hrs ago
stringman1238Oct 1615 hrs ago
Foolish idea

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose1331924 hrs ago17 hrs ago
George Bush is a saint

George Bush is a saintGeorge Bush Is A Saint All Things Being Relative President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit the Methodist Church outside Washington as par...

britishcolumbian11713Oct 1619 hrs ago
Whats Wrong with People

What's Wrong with People?Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of...

Geline_1337736Oct 1721 hrs ago


Track1641021 hrs ago

Nooooooo .I cannot take this . I am wide awake . I try to count the sheep but there are asleep as well ,and tomorrow is a holiday . I have to cook early a lot o...

Annleerose6210Oct 1724 hrs ago
A journey

A journeyThere was a woman who won a contest to a an exotic island and she was so excited as she told all her friends and family and in her excitement she won...

Akeldama4018228Oct 16Oct 17

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(69)Is it Of Reality?...Or Might It Be .... Within The Realm Of......... "Nothing Of The Sort?"...........Each One Of Us... Could... If...... They Really...

namaron330Oct 17

WHAT IS UP WITH THISlately I have been getting a lot of views and likes from deleted or hidden profiles. Never have I had this in the last 5 years I have been here. H...

wenever15318Oct 17Oct 17
stringman310Oct 17
Jehovahs Witnesses Watch Tower Exposed

Jehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower ExposedJehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower Exposed...

NewYorkcitylove41-Oct 17
It Is Better To Look Back

It Is Better To Look BackIt Is Better To Look Back...

jarred127-Oct 17

Patience....not exactly a love fest of it on these introduction sites. The whole format both speeds things up enormously compared to the alternatives, and allows...

Aaltarboy300Oct 17

stupidityTrump is going to cut medical aid to the elderly - wants to save money. It is okay to spend 1 million to fly him and whomever on Air Force One t...

studecar33026Oct 13Oct 17
Dinner after birthday

Dinner after birthdayI don't know how to attach my favorite dinner image to this blog, it's the first time I post something public here, for a lonely day - after my birthd...

Little_sun976Oct 17Oct 17

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