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50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding AnniversaryWould like to take this opportunity to put it out into the universe that today me and my siblings etc are going to celebrate my Mam and Dads 50th Wedd...

Deedee123x4995616 hrs ago1 mins ago
Youre invited to a Wedding

You're invited to a WeddingA couple of my dog's friends, Princess and Chewbacca, are getting married next month, and you're all invited, your dogs and cats too, to come out to t...

robrt7871462721 hrs ago6 mins ago
History repeating itself

History repeating itselfThere was a time when you'd come on the blogs and every 2nd blog was about bloody cats, gosh but this place and them all sharing stories and their lov...

itchywitch48346Feb 126 mins ago
Where to go to meet a prospective lover soul mate

Where to go to meet a prospective lover/soul mate ?So guy any suggestions? A friend once told me that whenever he tried to go hunting so to speak, he would always meet the wrong candidate or none at...

Kiterunner11731517 hrs ago13 mins ago

"TYPICAL LIBERAL RESPONSE"So...Our Esteemed Member.......................... Of Connecting Singles...From Switzerland.................Has Made An About Face.............This Is...

namaron36532Feb 2234 mins ago
Stranded U S sailors help out at Montreal Canada mission that is the spirit guys

Stranded U.S. sailors help out at Montreal Canada mission, that is the spirit guys !..............A crew of American sailors who found themselves stranded in Montreal because of ice in the St. Lawrence River decided to make the best of their unexpe...

britishcolumbian3722 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Inspired by Palmy

Inspired by Palmy...This is a call to my long-lost friends... invinciblemuse plainlyjune happy369 NotMissTaken ...who I...

evilfugly45328Feb 71 hrs ago
Kalpataru10986 hrs ago2 hrs ago
A quick question to the Americans

A quick question to the AmericansI've had such a mad crazy day and running round all evening like a headless chicken .. Haven't had time to drop in till now, but I'm not sure if I'm t...

itchywitch32927Feb 232 hrs ago
stringman472Feb 233 hrs ago

"NEW SHERIFF'S IN TOWN"Now.........Heres a Guy................Who Doesnt Play Around..........................He Has Acted On His Promises To The People..................To...

namaron1406Feb 233 hrs ago
Reflections Of My life

Reflections Of My lifeI have done a lot of thinking of late. Thinking about what might have been, what could have been, what has been and what has not been. For some things...

Catfoot56688Feb 223 hrs ago

South Africa...I didn't want to intrude into Cats blog, but while he's away at the off-licence right now... some sad news from S.A. that maybe he hasn't seen or rea...

AlanStagg28940Feb 234 hrs ago
America is great but not the greatest and can still be better

America is great but not the greatest and can still be betterRight off the beginning, I would clarify this statement to be not absolutely true. It depends upon so many things and many reasons, to some that thi...

lindsyjones4115014 hrs ago4 hrs ago

"ITS THE CATFOOTS BIRTHDAY TOO"I See That Miss Itchy Witch Has A Blog Up For My Birthday ...............But Theres Another....Whos Birthday Is Today...................................

namaron27514Feb 234 hrs ago
How Do We Define Poverty

How Do We Define Poverty?I have recently read a description of indigenous people as living in “poverty”. So.... what is that poverty that we´re talking about? Do they ha...

daniela7774236512 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Some people are such snowflakes

Some people are such snowflakesIndeed I come across many of these snowflakes and it's very sad to witness The facts scare them, the facts hit home, the facts make them run away from...

LeeCharming56-5 hrs ago
Lets do it for fun pleeeeeeease

Let´s do it for fun pleeeeeeease!Give me your best shot Is it a rock or what?...

Crunia276438 hrs ago5 hrs ago
The World Is Bound to the US

The World Is Bound to the USFunny how the world talks down to the US, when the real truth of it is, without the US and its wealth and technology, you would all still be living in...

LoveRanger524614318 hrs ago6 hrs ago
Jealousy what is it good for

Jealousy - what is it good for?Even animals get jealous - for attention, or competing for the same thing - and Nature doesn't build in pointless emotions, so what is jealousy good f...

Elegsabiff943120Feb 236 hrs ago
America the Great haha NOT

America the Great.........haha.........NOTAmerica was pretty great once.... .....the Indians roaming the plains..(now in settlements, addicted to drugs and alcohol...)....the glamour of Hollyw...

Jazz532,693181Feb 227 hrs ago
Statements From Democrats

Statements From DemocratsGreat Orators of the Democrat Party - PAST: "One man with courage makes a majority." ~Andrew Jackson "The only thing we have to fear is fear...

Gentlejim23325Jan 147 hrs ago

JUST ONE MORE DANCEI remember talking to this lady, she had such a gentle spirit loving heart and was one of the most caring woman I have ever met. After talking to her...

wenever15026Feb 238 hrs ago

BritneyI met her on a dating site (connecting singles). We instantly fell in love. Soon I used to Whatsapp her with sweet nothings. She said that she has bee...

psiberite69211 hrs ago8 hrs ago
KFC says FCK it runs genius apology ad for running out of chckn

KFC says FCK it, runs genius apology ad for running out of chcknKFC says FCK it, runs genius apology ad for running out of chckn...

jarred124-10 hrs ago

Why do the rich flaunt their riches?Is it a need to compensate for something missing in their life? For example, we have hundreds of beautiful homes in the Myrtle Beach, SC. area, well o...

liveasyluvhard84913 hrs ago13 hrs ago
The Jewish ELBOW

The Jewish ELBOWA Jewish grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is coming to visit with his wife. "You come to the front door of the apartment. I...

Gentlejim20426Feb 2113 hrs ago

Now Get Your BumOut of your bed! Maybe because I often had to spend my weekend at work.. too often I guess, I feel like I am missing something at the moment. I am b...

Kalpataru14418Feb 2313 hrs ago
Photo Caption Contest Hey Let me in

Photo Caption Contest - Hey ! Let me in !!"Hey ! What the hell is this cold wet stuff ?" or suggest your own photo caption for.........................

JimNastics1281623 hrs ago14 hrs ago
Celebrating Donald Trump

Celebrating Donald TrumpYes he did it? Got elected as president of the United States and how proud Americans must be A true patriot and not afraid to stand up to the Democrat...

LeeCharming27021Feb 2215 hrs ago
because nice is not real

because nice is not real....80% of nice guys will become serial killers the rest of 20% they are already dead?. because nice is not real.... like ultimately genuine. the worl...

jarred121-16 hrs ago

Obama, Greatest Pres Ever and had class.We should really piss then off, put Obama on Rushmore....

liveasyluvhard22117Feb 2317 hrs ago

LincolnscausinWell. I thought about your message. Typical mophia type intimidation. Almost classy, but you tards can't even do that right. So bring it, I guarantee...

liveasyluvhard36020 hrs ago

ThePatriotic sarcastic circle jerking on the blogs today. I’m not sure this projectile vomit has made any difference. I’d say everyone is pretty set...

Palmfrond30943Feb 2321 hrs ago
Track1621022 hrs ago
My bf still open his dating site profile

My bf still open his dating site profile..Lets just say i met a guy on a dating site, hes good hes great we click, all rainbows Communication is intense, we got into a dates, he shows his rou...

Kasih32430Feb 2322 hrs ago

"OBUMMER..WORST PRESIDENT EVER""If You Live In America............And Youre Not Happy................................................ With The Way Things Are All You Have To Do Is....

namaron98-Feb 23Feb 23
Any members

Any members ........among our selective & distinguished concurrency? Let´s intoduce ourselves, I´ll go first Hi, my name is Crunia I do also believe The Earth...

Crunia62669Feb 22Feb 23
tatami895Feb 22Feb 23
Dig deeper

Dig deeperAt first glance, CS is a dating site. I’ve not seen much in the manner of flirting, hooking up or romantic passions. Sure there’s this political p...

Palmfrond57668Feb 23Feb 23
Dialogue The Forgive Me Session

Dialogue: The Forgive Me SessionMister: "Missy, I bring you these flowers to say I'm sorry for messing up. Will you forgive me?" Missy: "Mister, we met on the internet, dated tw...

robrt78717722Feb 21Feb 23
Track16220Feb 23
Let_Us: "For WOMEN only"(meet us in the forums)

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