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RacismI always thought a racist was someone who disparages another because of the color of their skin. Today it seems the definition of racism means anythin...

Willy34118394 hrs ago3 mins ago

TSA, questions, food and other stuff as well!I had a look at some travel videos, particularly videos about flying into the US. Someone said in one video, that you had to fill out a TSA form, that...

Philipsen757Jul 1624 mins ago

JokeBack on January 9th, a group of HELL'S ANGELS, South Carolina bikers were riding east on 378 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River...

Gentlejim2321 hrs ago24 mins ago

Crazy internet people.Since 2017 I have been posting some ‘written things that rhyme’ onto a UK based poetry website, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous but with the int...

fiorenza114521 hrs ago29 mins ago

Articles of Impeachment of Trump presented to Congress - 3rd time the charmYesterday from CNN; Democratic lawmaker introduces articles of impeachment against Trump By Jeremy Herb and Ashley Killough, CNN Updated...

JimNastics5855 hrs ago3 hrs ago

Code of Hammurabi-In this Blog I will reveal some of the best hidden-top-top secret Historical facts Hammurabi was a party dude famous for his crazy ,wild ``social...

Dedovix3514 hrs ago4 hrs ago

Biscotti...I can (usually) resist cookies and donuts, but the other night in the grocery store they had Biscotti on sale... 2fer1. This style is heavy double bak...

chatillion75817 hrs ago4 hrs ago

The devil and his minion have a good laugh at America's expenseYesterday from the Associated Press; Like old pals, Trump & Putin make light of election meddling JONATHAN LEMIRE and ZEKE MILLER Associa...

JimNastics69364Jun 295 hrs ago

How see so many on CS complain about their beliefs that responders are so unstable. Don't have to be a Carl Jung or a Prof. Dr. Freud to chuckle at...

Vierkaesehoch9205 hrs ago

"Stupid is, as stupid does"....every day out of the White HouseI know some people are truly tired of seeing blogs about Trump. I can understand that. I really can. But it seems almost every day he does or say...

JimNastics27026Jul 155 hrs ago

"DOING HER THING""Theyre Really Isnt Much ...........................One Can Do About Helping........................... "Ole Mother Earth" Not Saying That One Cant D...

namaron44318 hrs ago5 hrs ago

The Condo...Seven years ago, I started working for a company that was 40 miles from my home. Nearly all highway miles, I've tolerated bad drivers and never ending...

chatillion1,204100Dec 215 hrs ago
Willy34111128Jul 165 hrs ago

Joke of the night via James CordenIt was a take off on a news story. Apparently, there is a mayor in a small town in France. He is worried, as the population there is dwindling. S...

JimNastics53613 hrs ago7 hrs ago

What do you do when your doctor tells you you have 2 maybe 3 days to live.I've been a member of CS for over 7 years now. Been blogging on & off most of that time, have made some good friends on here, but seems even some of t...

zmountainman61953Jul 1513 hrs ago

Just for LaughsObligatory translation: Author released a book "How to change your wife in 30 days", sold 2 million copies in a week. Later found out there was a typ...

MiMiArt1,738-Feb 2814 hrs ago

Hey.Tonight when the site goes Nighters Some of you should use that time To check your pulse...and determine if you are alive. Then maybe find ano...

Agentbob1078Jul 1515 hrs ago

"SOME THINGS THAT ARE OLD"..("MICLEE'S 21ST CENTURY")Some Things.......................... In This World................... Are So Old .............................."When We Were Kids?".....................

namaron37,7902,445Aug 201415 hrs ago

"IN SEARCH OF WENNY""It Has Been A While Now..................................... Since Ive Lastly Heard From Wenever..................Usually? We Would Have Heard From...

namaron92554Jun 2317 hrs ago

Children - Guaranteed to Break Your HeartI've been away from blogging for quite some time due to just having too many other things taking up my attention and time. Deciding to deactivate...

LadyImp24415Jun 2619 hrs ago
What an average person can do to slow down out of control Global Warming

What an average person can do to slow down out of control Global Warming1, Use Less Electricity. Most of the electricity that is sent to your house is produced by burning fossil fuels like Coal, Oil and Natural gas. The...

ooby_dooby18718Jul 1420 hrs ago

Mar a Lago crisis.This afternoon in The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Furious That Mar-a-Lago Is Left with No Employees After ICE Raid...

JimNastics26525Jul 1320 hrs ago

GardeningAn expensive lesson has taught me that I'm an awful gardener. Two seasons of failures makes me want to throw the towel in and say bugs and disease be...

UnFayzed18618Jul 1421 hrs ago
Site will down for maintenance tonite at 11pm cdt

Site will down for maintenance tonite at 11pm cdtJust to let you know that the site will be down for maintenance tonight from 11pm to 12:30am Central Daylight time. Sorry for the inconvenience....

Staff3257Jul 1522 hrs ago

Tapping fingers...People are online... and it looks like all systems are up!...

chatillion806Jul 1624 hrs ago

How weak can a guy's shit be?.....Julian Assange. Ungrateful, alleged woman abuser, whiny snow flake, soon to be jail bate....

Vierkaesehoch31822Apr 12Jul 16

WELL WATCHED 5 MINS OF DEBATE FOR OUR NEW PMwhat a shambles, neither wonder Boris would never do blue on blue before. Hunt showed his true colours too. I turned it off it was embarrasing Que...

EXRED21522Jul 10Jul 16

Just wait until your father gets home...As long as I remember, both my mother and father had to work full time jobs. For the most part, mom was self-employed and operated a business within w...

chatillion12810Jul 11Jul 16

I boiled three eggsSince ``someone `` told me yesterday that Im a fat bastard - My mirror doesn’t work and I am a conspiracy theorist ,therefore I know that my bathroom...

Dedovix20916Jul 15Jul 16

How Wolves Change Rivers and LandscapeWhen wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic casca...

Willy3411965Jul 15Jul 16

Remember when....................Tlaib infamously stated of Trump on her first night as a member of Congress, “We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother*...

Willy341118017Jul 15Jul 16

TRAVEL TO TUNISIAHAVE YOU BEEN TO TUNISIA? WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT NORTH AFRICA? Tunisia is little less explored that some other parts of North Africa – especially Tu...

seiftn431Jul 16Jul 16

what is loneliness?i read recently that there is only one real cure for loneliness and that is solitude . . and i tend to agree with that . . everything else (anoth...

huhanna1,10341May 2012Jul 15

Italian police seizes a MISSILE?Up in Gallarate, North of Milan, close to the Swiss border, the police raided a home, and they found nine assault weapons, nearly 30 hunting rifles, p...

Philipsen592Jul 15Jul 15

Point Blank - a review!I was told about a movie called Point Blank, and it was hyped up to be a fun action movie, so I decided to see if it was worth the hype. The movie,...

Philipsen492Jul 14Jul 15

THATS IT NOW SHED BUILT, WHAT DO I DO NOWFill it full of beer and books of course yep and some garden tools and tool box paint etc. No radio or telly just the birds singing and me too a...

EXRED16314Jul 13Jul 15

Jersey Jim...There's an old superstition that if someone is talking about you that your left ear will burn. Sometimes it's the right ear that burns and sometimes...

hpylady_1747Jul 14Jul 15

The original SinIt was a sunny day in the garden of Eden... (every day was a sunny day in the garden of Eden) Adam was having a short power nap recharge his ba...

Dedovix48650Jul 14Jul 15
stringman250Jul 15
The Winning Team

The Winning Team..That was taken on the day we gave a presentation before the "Grand Jury" that mostly consisted of university professors. A few months ago our proje...

Kalpataru16311Jul 13Jul 15

GreedThis world is driven by greed. People are greedy creatures and the only way to keep them happy is to give them what they want. Failing that, you get a...

Catfoot50050Jul 9Jul 15

Until the 'newness' wears off...I logged on this morning to see a new feature on CS. All the new profiles are marked with a red 'New' banner on the top left corner! Wondering how l...

chatillion18317Jul 14Jul 14
pedro27: "PSYCHOSIS"(meet us in the forums)

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