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Resurrecting Old Blogs

Resurrecting Old BlogsTake this lightly please... I just don't see the point of resurrecting very old blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love reading old blogs and almost tem...

TheOne121021918Jul 26Jul 27
I Thought a Wheelchair Would be Restricting but Instead It Set Me Free

I Thought a Wheelchair Would be Restricting, but Instead It Set Me Free"There is no shame in getting some help, making your life easier and trying to get out and enjoy something you can’t otherwise do." There’s no need t...

wheelchairguy381093Jul 27Jul 27
Reading Comprehension

Reading ComprehensionWhat's the sense in you commenting on a persons blog if you don't fully comprehend it ? At the end of the day you twist and turn a blog to somethin...

Unika_4123913Jul 22Jul 27
Imperial Dreams Review

Imperial Dreams ReviewJust finished watching a surreal film called Imperial Dreams. It reflects the plight of our people/Israelites in this land of captivity while trying...

NewYorkcitylove67-Jul 27
Life and how we make it

Life...and how we make it.Every now and then we're reminded of our humble fragility, like when we feel that falling down the abyss to nothingness is the only choice we have....

lindsyjones24425Jul 26Jul 26

"WONDERING MAN"...("WHAT WAS THAT?")..(3)Remember?....When You Thought You Almost Saw Something?....... Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye?........... Well...The Way I "See" It.....(Pardon The Pu...

namaron293-Jul 26Jul 26
The Haircut

The Haircut(Blessed are those who can give without remembering.....and take without forgetting.) One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the...

Gentlejim1723Jul 26Jul 26
Today in Hip Hop History Eric B and Rakim

Today in Hip Hop History: Eric B. and RakimToday in Hip Hop History:Eric B. and Rakim released their second album Follow The Leader July 26, 1988.Classic album from Hip-Hop's Golden Era! They n...

NewYorkcitylove69-Jul 26
Boycott the NFL

Boycott the NFL?Black Lives Matter activist wants you to boycott the NFL? The same group that it's funded by George Soros and He has appointed three lesbians as being...

NewYorkcitylove73-Jul 26
Who Woulda Thought Free Was a Pain in the Neck

Who Woulda Thought Free Was a Pain in the Neck?Since I've moved to my new home I have not been able to find a job. So I have had to depend on a food bank. No big deal. God supplied me with food and...

Ed194159623Mar 2016Jul 26
i cant remember my first kiss

i can't remember my first kissi can't remember my first kiss , but i know the sweetest woman i ever kissed was another man's wife my mother ....

jarred169-Jul 26
Jihad against American government

Jihad, against American governmentLINDA SARSOUR CALLS FOR 'JIHAD' AGAINST AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ARIANE MANDELL Linda Sarsour speaks onstage during the Women's March on Washingto...

lindsyjones37527Jul 12Jul 26

Cream PieWould you eat this?...

Track161967Jul 26Jul 26

THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI Part 1THE TRIBE OF NAPHTALI Part 1 (The people from the South Pacific Islands along with Argentina and Chile are from the Tribe of Naphtali. One of the los...

NewYorkcitylove77-Jul 26

todayI hauled a** to get to the bus stop, on the way to Easton. I wore what I thought were comfortable shoes, but I could feel them rubbing under my ankle...

freehand1635Jul 25Jul 26
i feel time is going by way too fast

i feel time is going by way too fasti am 53 and i feel time is going by way too fast and i wont have enough time left to do everything i hoped for in my life?...

jarred1106-Jul 26
Track16932Jul 26Jul 26
I Think Im Past My Sell By Date

I Think I'm Past My Sell-By-DateWhat about you? Joining this site just proved that I'm way past my sell-by-date I was looking for someone worth my time and effort, the right one w...

TheOne121075288Jul 25Jul 26
imbackagain56571Jul 25Jul 26
Free handed

Free-handedAs a young artist in New York City, what is this obsession with work being "free-handed". Honestly, most people don't get a chance to see the process...

NewYorkcitylove88-Jul 25

chattinghello, i would like some advice. i get a lot or mails for chatting but i don't know what to chat about. i'm not religious or political so, other th...

freehand61648Jul 9Jul 25

"LOVE STINKS"..("TELL ME LIES")Aint It The Truth...All Of The Beginnings Are Always Filled With Excitement Of The Possibilities Of Things That Could Be..The Mind Conjures Up Scenari...

namaron211-Jul 25Jul 25

"GETTING ALONG"Since The Beginning Of Humanity...It Has Always Been The Same...Fighting And Killing...Hatred And Anger....... It Probably Would Be A Good Idea.... I...

namaron28130Jul 24Jul 25
Today in Hip Hop History Bone Thugs N Harmony

Today in Hip Hop History: Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyToday in Hip Hop History: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released their second album E. 1999 Eternal July 25, 1995.They have always been a unique group. The mus...

NewYorkcitylove65-Jul 25
Their True agenda

Their True agendaThe police department is here to protect central bankers, politicians and to serve the so call blacks, Hispanics and native Americans (The true childr...

NewYorkcitylove67-Jul 25
True Love

True LoveTHE E-MAIL M Dearest Dad, I'm coming home to get married soon, so get your check book out. I'm in love with a man who is far away from me....

Gentlejim17410Jul 24Jul 25

North Korean Submarine Prepares to Nuke Hawaii is the media hiding something or are they to busy with the Russia bs. going on in Washington....

stringman1505Jul 25Jul 25

Building A Strong Immune SystemWhen our immune system is working efficiently, it deals with the problem before it gets out of hand. However, the immune system is weakened and att...

daniela77761373Jun 29Jul 25

our BiffThis is my portrait of Biff. Biff, if you like it, i'll seal it. if you don't like it, i'll do another one. my feelings won't get hurt....

freehand44734Jul 24Jul 25
His Eminence and his Excellency the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump

His Eminence and his Excellency, the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump.Getting a tree top man crush here after watching his one hour spell binding addresss to the mostly Republican US Congress. Can you say inducing of a l...

Aaltarboy24516Mar 1Jul 25
To all CS members who are still single like me

To all CS members who are still single like meThe song kind of pull a certain string.......

tatami1965Jul 24Jul 25
Where are all the long legged from MD DE PA

Where are all the long legged from MD/DE/PA ?????????????Are there no long legged women from the Tri-state area, on this site ???Seems like none have been on here in the last couple of years ??????????????...

Seekinglastone1892Jul 25Jul 25
stringman1548Jul 20Jul 25
Just posting to remind you that I know you are

Just posting to remind you, that I know you arereal in Real life. However you present as many, your not fooling no one, but that's okay, everyone does what they need to do, but how does one say,...

123butterflies67210May 2016Jul 25
What would you do

What would you do????You met someone and have gone out a few times. You enjoy seeing this person and have fun when you go out, however, that person is 12 years younger th...

luvontherocks98177Jan 12Jul 25
Viewing a Profile by Accident

Viewing a Profile by Accident..I hated it when that happened. And it happened quite often. Sometimes when reading blog comments. I tried to scroll down the screen to read more, bu...

Kalpataru287-Jul 21Jul 25
Finding your Ex on the same dating site

Finding your Ex on the same dating site!Well this is awkward! Finding my ex on the same dating site! Has this ever happened to you! How would you react! Would you block her from seeing you...

cgotwater32930Jul 24Jul 25
It is very true that you never forget your first love

It is very true that you never forget your first love.It is very true that you never forget your first love....

jarred176-Jul 25

Fractal PatternsSometimes referred to as “sacred geometry”. A Fractal pattern is a never ending pattern. They are referred to as patterns of “chaos” and are all a...

daniela77752570Jul 24Jul 25
ali11050322Jul 9Jul 25
THE 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL The Exodus To The Americas Part 3

THE 10 LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL (The Exodus To The Americas) Part 342 >>>THAT THEY MIGHT THERE KEEP THEIR STATUTES,<<< which they never kept in their own land. 43 >>>AND THEY ENTERED INTO EUPHRATES<<< by the narrow...

NewYorkcitylove90-Jul 24
Should a woman make the first move

Should a woman make the first move?I have been doing some reading about online dating and have noticed that women are encouraged to make the initial contact with members as long as they...

camesha62950Jul 22Jul 24

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