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TaxTax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table, At which he's fed. Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule. Tax his work, Tax h...

Willy3411902May 2May 2
repaying reparations slavery and such

repaying reparations slavery and suchi only visited the states in a matter of hours. I don't like the spirit of this. same witht he native american refunding. I firstly would find it...

Len052149Apr 13May 2
stringman812May 1May 2

CNNSaw this on Twitter: Dear CNN viewers: Everything they told you is a lie. Trump will not go to prison. Trump will not be impeached. Tru...

Willy341126321Apr 26May 2
Two Minutes Hate

Two Minutes HateBrought to you daily by Jersey Jim. It must really suck having so much hate everyday....

MiguelUknow70331Oct 2018May 2

"CREATION"..("WITHIN THE SOUL")..(138)There They Were..................................... Occupying A Room.............................That Was All Full Of Nothing Or Was It?.......For E...

namaron712May 1May 2

Shoes by the door...I used to think it was only a cultural thing, then I found more and more people (from all walks of life) doing it. Shoes stored by the door, especiall...

chatillion17910Apr 27May 2
The last time Art and I were together was a year ago sob sob

The last time Art and I were together was a year ago....*sob sob*I love holidaying in Thailand very much. Love their food especially. I personally think their women and girls are very pretty and I'm straight...

MiMiArt262-Apr 26May 1

FatburgerI went to the Fatburger next to the AT&T store because I was hungry and AT&T was down and out and with no internet. Lord help us if there's a blackout...

BadlyDrawn13510Apr 30May 1
My New Place

My New PlaceIs such a dream. My landlord worked hard on it so I could move in January. I actually got to move in mid December. Every time I walk into it, it still...

Deeluv4coffee1938Apr 29May 1
Bearwoman1207Apr 27May 1

Majine thisA third of the calendar gone already !...

manuman71247Apr 30May 1
So yes the mustache is returning

So yes, the mustache is returningI mean why not. True the women say it tickles too much, but until I find one to play with, why worry about that? Today is a gorgeous day. Too nic...

Ken_1924222Apr 22May 1
Track161124Apr 30May 1
Hans47111432Apr 30May 1

The Silent Coup To Oust TrumpWas An Thinly Veiled Attempt To Overturn The '16 Election. It is well for the Office Of The Presidency (not merely th...

miclee1506Apr 30May 1

LIFE HAS CHANGED, new updateHello everyone, it has been 4 months since I have been going through with my illness. I have had 3 radiation treatments on my brain, and have had 33...

wenever34823Mar 15May 1

6 Questions for Congress to ask Barr during testimony (from Washington Post)6 questions Congress should ask Attorney General Barr about the Mueller report Attorney General William P. Barr is set to testify before Congress t...

JimNastics592May 1May 1

They call these dating sites.......but aren't they more like search/introduction/vetting platforms? On CS, it's easy to cast an enormous worldwide (with wise exceptions) net, and to...

Vierkaesehoch3052May 1May 1

Christina ApplegateI just saw her on Colbert tonight. She has a terrific sense of humor. You might remember her in her role as the airhead, Kelly Bundy, on that old TV...

JimNastics1011Apr 30May 1

FOX News legal expert states that evidence of both conspiracy and obstruction in full reportIn The Huffington Post; Fox News' Andrew Napolitano: 'Of Course' Mueller Found 'Some Evidence Of A Conspiracy' Rebecca Shapiro ,HuffPost•Ma...

JimNastics39123Mar 28May 1
Job seeking

Job seekingsomeone can help me to find a job overseas across boarderlines????? Please i need your help...

Tanskin222597Apr 30Apr 30

Senators from BOTH sides of the aisle blast Trump for his "insane" cut to humanitarian & foreign aidFrom Reuters; Senators blast 'insane' Trump plan for aid cuts, seek Venezuela plan Reuters•April 30, 2019 By Patricia Zengerle WASHI...

JimNastics14813Apr 30Apr 30
Used for sex

Used for sexOn dating sites like CS, many women have voiced an opinion that they think men only join in the hope of finding a casual s*xual relationship. This...

Solamente1,92687Jun 2016Apr 30

This board meeting is insane. Is this politics or a circus?Watch and enjoy this fiasco. Most Outrageous Government Board Meeting EVER!!! Village of Carpentersville President Bill Sarto demands that his ch...

Willy34112116Apr 30Apr 30

travelA story I wrote today. A molosce was clinging to a rock at low tide when a seagull came down. "oh don,t eat me seagull i,m alone but if your hung...

flyme17737Sep 2016Apr 30
Experience of Iran visit lovely

Experience of Iran visit lovelyI recently visited to Iran. It is really beautiful country on earth. When I was there I was feeling it is my dream because I never ever see beautiful...

only1life1945Apr 26Apr 30

MysteryI am very surprise that women write in their profile i am down to earth, Simple, easy going, i am sure they get the messages from people (men). they d...

Heart4sale7723214Apr 29Apr 30

MA AND THE OUTHOUSEMa was in the kitchen fiddling around when she hollers out, "Pa! You need to go out and fix the outhouse!" Pa replies, "There ain't nuthin wrong wit...

sweetladydi1938Apr 3Apr 30

Was Aussie Woman Murdered By Gay Somali Mpls Cop?!UPDATE 4/30/19 - Mohamed Noor convicted of 3rd deg. murder & manslaughter... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Search: YouTube STOP...

miclee65312Jul 2017Apr 30

Trump tries second lawsuit aimed at hiding financial records from Deutsche Bank & Capitol OneHot off the press from USA Today; Donald Trump sues Deutsche Bank, Capital One in 'long-shot' attempt to block congressional subpoenas USA...

JimNastics631Apr 30Apr 30
I want to learn to whine

I want to learn to whineI want to learn to whine and I don't mean give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.I mean whine dance After being in Trinidad and...

lshtar41939Apr 26Apr 30
Tribute to a great showman song writer

Tribute to a great showman/song-writer....In January 2019 he had to cancel his 50th anniversary tour after being struck down with Parkinson's, he hasn't given up music all together but we wil...

Hans4711922Apr 30Apr 30
stringman1546Apr 29Apr 30
Lonliness and Depression

"Lonliness and Depression"I wonder if the two go hand-in-hand...or does one feeling cause the other to appear..or are they both one and the same?......

Unknown8815Mar 2007Apr 30
Finding true love on Connecting Singles who knew

Finding true love on Connecting Singles..who knew?Keep Hope Alive...M.L.K. Just when I believed that being single was O.K. and had given up hope that a man of Integrity,sincerity.honesty and loyalty...

Unknown1,6724Mar 2007Apr 30

Here's something BOTH sides of the aisle can agree on.Satire from The Borowitz Report Americans Favor Fifteen Dollars an Hour for Congress By Andy Borowitz WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Amer...

JimNastics761Apr 29Apr 29
Track161574Apr 29Apr 29
Day 3 on the floor

Day 3 on the floorGot nice feedback from the higher uppers. Was told they heard "great things" about me. I'm fearless at talking to people and will chat up people unti...

Palmfrond20024Apr 29Apr 29

THINGS OMITTED FROM THE BIBLEWhen the bible was assembled, why was the Book of Enoch omitted? After all, it was discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps the church leaders...

CROWNAFFAIR1919Apr 24Apr 29

The Lesson Of A PencilMilton Friedman uses a pencil to illustrate how the free market price system promotes cooperation and harmony among those with no common interest....

Willy3411871Apr 29Apr 29
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce SpringsteenBorn down in a dead man's town The first kick I took was when I hit the ground End up like a dog that's been beat too much 'Til you spend half your...

Crazyheart381629Apr 26Apr 29
"PLAY NOW: Peg Solitaire"(meet us in the games)

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