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What are you seeking on here ?That has to be the most popular question I get from women who initially contact me on here. It's in their first email to me and yet, I go to great ef...

JimNastics67666Jul 22Jul 24

You're So Vain...."You logged into blogland like you were walking on to a yacht Your words strategically placed along the lines Your pic, it was fairly dark You had...

LadyImp79346Jul 1Jul 24

this is not fake news very interesting stuff in this article and is 1hr i...

stringman2012Jul 23Jul 24

"CREATION"..("STAYED ITS PLACE")..(113)Is This Gonna Do The Job ...................................Of Filling In The Spaces ....................That Need To Be Filled In? Seems As if.........

namaron130-Jul 23Jul 24
The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd

The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowdThe one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ev...

jarred176-Jul 24

The First of the SeasonMmm mmmmm! I don't know about anywhere else, but corn on the cob is a 'thing' here. Every year, we wait impatiently for those first ears of corn to ri...

LadyImp16515Jul 23Jul 24

Riding into the SunsetThis coming Thursday, it'll be a year since I moved into this house. woohoo! Happy anniversary, me! When I first moved here, I couldn't get any of the...

LadyImp17910Jul 22Jul 24

Doing crazy things as a child...I'm saying I had a normal childhood. Well, except for the time I caught my mothers rocking chair on fire! We were living in New York at the time so I...

chatillion1385Jul 24Jul 24

SUGAR...When I was young, sugar was my friend. Cane sugar to be exact. I could eat sugar all I wanted. As I got older, I found my favorite drink no longer had...

chatillion1546Jul 23Jul 24

HASH AND CANEHASH AND CANE....................... There once lived a poor woodsman named Parihuana. He had a very bossy woman, Marijuana. They had two chil...

jarred176-Jul 24
What is the difference between the Belgian American and Australian police

What is the difference between the Belgian, American and Australian police?What is the difference between the Belgian, American and Australian police? .................. Case: You are a police officer. You walk in a seclu...

jarred192-Jul 24

How to Overcome Depression! Based on My Own Experiences!"WARNINGS SIGNS" ITs All Depend, At What Stage You Are At The Moment! If you Already are seen Visions, If you Are Feeling Violent!, Toward Other P...

falicia2072Jul 23Jul 24

OlivesSo, we all have experienced that situation, where you're lying in bed thinking about this and that. World politics, pretty girls, our workplaces... An...

pat8lanips42024May 17Jul 23

If Humanity Is Ever Going To Find Any Peace On This PlanetWe are just plain and simply going to have to learn to get along. If your a nationalist, you know that the world is a lot smaller place than it was at...

Track161396Jul 23Jul 23

It's a case of up or down lowNew timely satire from Borowitz This is subsequent to Dirty Don's very recent ALL UPPER CASE TWEET to Iran. Satire from The Borowitz Report...

JimNastics1282Jul 23Jul 23
I have a problem My heart goes out to two girls at the same time

I have a problem. My heart goes out to two girls at the same time.I have a problem. My heart goes out to two girls at the same time. Not to say that it is not possible, because I am the current proof. I have already...

jarred195-Jul 23

Making Cheese the first timeThanks to a great suggestion from Molly I watched several you tube videos on how to make cheese. It looked so simple. I ran to the store and got som...

UnFayzed23016Jul 22Jul 23

Men and women....Crudeness....Always hearing friom women about the incredibly inappropriate stuff they get from men. Rarely hear such from men on women. Is this real?...

Vierkaesehoch1023Jul 23Jul 23
simplified blogging

simplified blogging........... simplified blogging..........

jarred1106-Jul 23

English only interface...Most of the meeting websites I'm a member of have an English only interfaces. If you type in any other language, the outcome is a garbled bunch of qu...

chatillion1518Jul 22Jul 23

Freedom Of SpeechI see some people don't like blogs about certain topics. I suggest just scroll on by. I know this is a world wide forum but in our country we value ou...

Willy341187257Jul 20Jul 23

Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense"We're no longer the world's piggy bank" Trump's speech in Europe tour. I would say it's about time! Anyone's opinion on this? Thank you a...

lindsyjones68557Jul 12Jul 23

todaytoday, my very cool older male co-worker asked me if a man ever asked to lick the inside of my thigh. i wasn't sure if i heard him right so i had him...

Palmfrond27812Jul 22Jul 23

Women and men.....crude contacts......Wish I had a Euro for each time I heard of a lady getting crudely interacted with by some wanker men. Writings, talk, behaviors---even displays. But r...

Vierkaesehoch1090Jul 23

Highest Impeachment rating in history ? (satire)Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Boasts That His Impeachment Will Get Higher TV Ratings Than All Other Impeachments By Andy Borowitz WA...

JimNastics1486Jul 22Jul 23
stringman38912Jun 27Jul 23
It struck me that many people talk to have a little talk

It struck me that many people talk to have a little talk.It struck me that many people talk to have a little tallk................

jarred178-Jul 23

Kill all Indonesian muslimsWhat an idiot you are. I'm the one who's laughing. Why would I make the suggestion of killing you all, when your muslim story says you're alre...

lindsyjones459-Jul 19Jul 23

Fighting at 55I almost got in a fight , yes fight I said , lol but very serious . I was invited by a friend to have a beer at a bar in my neighbourhood , walking d...

Annleerose21814Jul 22Jul 22
stringman1756Jul 21Jul 22

What color....Do you like painting your fingernails?...

M4_Mischief1516Jul 21Jul 22

Do you.....Paint designs on your fingernails or toenails?...

M4_Mischief1485Jul 21Jul 22

Since it's raining outside here;Add your own favorite rain/reign songs, if you like Love, Reign o'er Me The Who Only love Can make it rain The way the beach is kiss...

JimNastics22427Jul 21Jul 22
Keepers Creepers

Keepers Creepers!Speaking of vibes and creeps.... Are you able to sniff out the goofs? Do you get first impressions of people that you later learn were spot on?...

Gypsytramp1,03063Mar 10Jul 22

Bootyology...I went to the salon today for a haircut and my stylist didn't have anyone in front of me so the wait was only a few minutes. I've been a customer of t...

chatillion910Jul 22Jul 22

Age difference....Why women dont like younger men for a relationship??...

engr4u25514Jul 22Jul 22

Man Boobs?Yeah, I've got em... and they're bigger than my wife's boobs. Maybe I should join a gym and do some weights to make them smaller. Or... I could chea...

chatillion1575Jul 22Jul 22

"ON JULY TWENTY SECOND"Something Happens Every Day........................Somewhere On This World.................................Why People Say In This World?.................

namaron151-Jul 22Jul 22

More Irish most needed on the blogsBecause despite we shoite talk a lot ... we don't talk shit... Unlike some bores We're funny .... In a nice mad way of course...

itchywitch46835Jul 21Jul 22
When we talk about the world

When we talk about the world,When we talk about the world, we talk about ourselves to a large extent....

jarred181-Jul 22

The turning pointIt will be a tough call. Was it the jailing of refugee children, or the acceptance of a murdering dictator's word, over the US Intelligence agencie...

JimNastics75565Jul 18Jul 22

Here is some funnies and yes wisdom too.................1. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness 2. Do not argue with an idiot. He will...

britishcolumbian881Jul 22Jul 22
fulofluv22: "You Think You Know Me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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