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Love at a distance

Love at a distanceIt seems a little stupid, but I decided to open this topic As a 24-year-old boy, I want to meet someone who loves me, and, of course, I and her I ho...

Djole31614Nov 30Dec 2

What Is Your Passion In Life?Or PassionS – as there can be more than one? I´ve got inspired from a friend who has come to realize that she has no passion in her life...? A...

daniela77781689May 2017Dec 2
The Missing Watch

The Missing WatchMary had a little watch. She swallowed it one day. Now she's taking Exlax To pass the time away....

HuggerMan4U4675Oct 2012Dec 2

"WAR CRIMES"Maybe Some People Think....That Other People Dont Have A Clue Of Whats Going On..................................... But They Are Sadly Mistaken...Fo...

namaron153-Dec 1Dec 2

What A NightMe and my sis drank 6 bottles of red wine I'm still up on the go, no sleep yet lol. Great night, I needed it....

Track161152Dec 2Dec 2

Australia wins the world cupRugby league world champions 2017. So that's the end of it....

pat8lanips1186Dec 2Dec 2

Christmas, Meaning and the People!!!The celebration and the meaning of Christmas varies from person to person and from one group of people to an another group of people and so on ..........

Kabeeer1423Dec 1Dec 2
A Tribute To The Original Dumb Blond

A Tribute To The Original Dumb BlondAfter seeing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ as a child, I have always assumed that Monroe, who arrived in Hollywood as a brunette, was t...

Catfoot54250Nov 20Dec 2
Animated map shows how religion spread around the world

Animated map shows how religion spread around the worldAnimated map shows how religion spread around the world...

jarred178-Dec 2

"THE WAY IT WAS"It Doesnt Matter.... What Anybody Says...(Unless They Lived Back Then....In Those Days).....Because I Saw It.........And Lived It For Myself.............

namaron178-Dec 1Dec 1
Pain In The Bum

Pain In The BumLately I got irritated by people who are suffering from pain in their bum. One is a close friend who has scheduled an operation next week, had to go...

Crazyheart3840736Nov 20Dec 1
When you go on holiday

When you go on holidaywish you'd tell me what things are important to you about the place where you stay Do you insist everything be five star, including your own priva...

Elegsabiff54375Nov 30Dec 1
On Work Kahlil Gibran

On Work (Kahlil Gibran)You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out...

Swami16514Nov 30Dec 1
Old Age Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant Thing

Old Age,Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant ThingOld Age,Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant Thing [/u...

jarred167-Dec 1
Crazyheart3822513Nov 30Dec 1
Youll Never walk alone

You'll Never walk aloneYou'll Never walk alone...

jarred159-Dec 1
To an even happier Thanksgiving

To an even happier ThanksgivingTo an even happier Thanksgiving;.................. . . [/im...

JimNastics1855Nov 23Nov 30

"HOSPITAL 601"Its Been Going On Since March 15th..2011.....When A Young 14 Year Old Boy.....And His 3 Friends.............................Sprayed Anti Assad Grafitt...

namaron1612Nov 30Nov 30
Americans are friendly and not hateful

Americans are friendly and not hateful.Your perception is a reflection of who you are. We're all capable of love as well as hate. I hate terrorism and I wish peace reigns....

lindsyjones63657Nov 28Nov 30
Transgender raped jailed with men instead of women

Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of womenPITTSBURGH — A transgender woman was physically and sexually assaulted during stays at a Pennsylvania jail, because staff refused to place her with fe...

lindsyjones47643Nov 7Nov 30
A most opinionated and judgmental moments

A most opinionated and judgmental momentsThe dysfunction of one's behaviour can pollute even the most lucid and formidable mind. Why is that? Is it because sensationalized and most in...

lindsyjones37516Sep 7Nov 30
Im a woman very thankful and very grateful

I'm a woman, very thankful and very gratefulSince I was young and able to see and understand the roles opposite sex can do, I was so thankful that I was born or God made me a woman. My lovi...

lindsyjones63941Aug 8Nov 30

ConSpeakI posted an early version of this several years ago and since then we have a lot of new members so I updated it to reflect certain major developments....

ooby_dooby1121Nov 30Nov 30
stringman1858Nov 27Nov 30
NBC fires Matt Lauer after complaint about inappropriate s*xual behavior

NBC fires Matt Lauer after complaint about 'inappropriate s*xual behavior'Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about "inappropriate s*xual behavior in the workplace," the networ...

stringman21612Nov 29Nov 30

Love Vs Dependency....Is it Love from the Heart, or from the Wounded Self? How to distinguish the difference between "being in love" and being "emotionally dependent"...

daniela77776273Oct 27Nov 30
The Crimes of U S Presidents

The Crimes of U.S. PresidentsThe Crimes of U.S. Presidents...

jarred194-Nov 30

hihow are you?...

only1life1344Nov 30Nov 30
Track16780Nov 30
Is the Devil a Son of God

Is the Devil a Son of God?I read that Satan is one of God’s Sons on a religion’s web site that shall remain anonymous. Any opinions or biblical references on this?...

galrads37421Nov 17Nov 30
Trump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On Crutches

Trump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On CrutchesTrump Tweets Lie About Muslim Migrant Attacking Man On Crutches...

jarred184-Nov 30
We Are Inside A Videogame Simulation Theory

We Are Inside A Videogame (Simulation Theory)We Are Inside A Videogame (Simulation Theory)...

jarred179-Nov 30

ParodiesI've seen so many serious blogs lately (mine included) and decided it's time for a bit of fun. I'm a big fan of parodies, in particular music paro...

Annanda23313Nov 29Nov 30
Track161121Nov 30Nov 30
A Special Gift Or Is It A Curse

A Special Gift… Or Is It A Curse?Ever since I was a child I had the unfailing ability to annoy and irritate the hell out of some people; and the worst of it is that I enjoy it. As wit...

Catfoot18315Nov 29Nov 30

lolWhen you don't sleep for two days, your mind can get weird Fortunately I slept all day and back to normal again

Track16870Nov 29
Short lived

Short livedThank God...

itchywitch36510Nov 27Nov 29
Miss universe

Miss universeI see Miss Africa took the crown , but is there really one woman who could claim such title ? Women from all over the world ? I do not turn the TV cha...

Annleerose41440Nov 28Nov 29
Follow The Leader

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred182-Nov 29
Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sittingSocial justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA...

Mapmaker79275Nov 18Nov 29
Thirteen Years And Five Months

Thirteen Years And Five MonthsThe Supreme Court of Appeals found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder and he was sentenced to thirteen years and five months in prison. The judge said t...

Catfoot35829Nov 27Nov 29
I have taken poison

'I have taken poison''I have taken poison'...

jarred1143-Nov 29

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