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RE: It happened at the zoo

And how much does a ticket cost to this Zoo, it sounds really cool

RE: Why blogs should go on forever

I noticed one that's like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going and going.

talk to hand

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

My guess is that as the seller, the current owners are under no obligation to advertise a new site, or recruit new members unless the new owners pay them to post their information/advertisement.

The seller just want the sale.

And won't want to jeopardise that sale by posting their own stuff.

It's not like the current owners have an emotional attachment to it's members, either. It's we who develop emotional attachments to the site and it's community.

Informing members of changes has become the responsibility of the buyer, which they appear to have royally messed up.

If it was hush hush, none of us would have been informed.

Just create a new profile when it happens, Conrad.

I think we'll recognise you. hug

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

why hasn't CS posted it in the Forums,as they usually do when changes are in the offing?
Why all this Hush Hush?

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

Chat likes to have his own blogs for his own record of events. He's said as much plenty of times.

It's not personal, it's not offensive, nor deliberately exclusive.

He has more patience with, and warmth for, a wide range of personalities and posting styles than the rest of us put together.

I think the worst you can accuse him of is being a little nerdy, but talented, clever and skilled people often are.

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

I haven't read all the comments, so forgive me if I'm repeating something that has already been posted.

It's possible that profiles from countries that will not be automatically transferred may be able to reapply for membership. It might be worth a try. dunno

It may be that people who have been suspended from posting will find that their suspension doesn't follow them. dunno

It's no surprise that having introduced the premium feature that CS has been sold.

Only informing a few members and those mails ending up in our junk folders, however, doesn't bode well for how smoothly the changeover and new improved site will run.

Saying the changeover will 'probably' be next week doesn't inspire confidence, either.

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

For what it's worth a FB group was experimentally started a few years ago when the MD lot started dominating the blogs with topics which had precious little to do with connecting anyone, never mind singles. (Even now after all this time Chat has set up his own blog on this topic rather than join the discussion here, QED roll eyes)

Turned out setting up, maintaining, and keeping tabs on, a FB profile under an anonymous identity was a pain in the butt - FB does try to block fake identities - and few of the members wanted to share their everyday identities with our, ahem, slightly eccentric fellow bloggers, no matter how much we enjoyed interaction on CS. laugh

Useless trivia

The Iowa State Patrol has confirmed multiple deaths from a tornado and at least a dozen injuries in storms Tuesday, but it has not released specific numbers.

“We do have confirmed fatalities,” Iowa State Patrol Sergeant Alex Dinkla said at a news conference on Tuesday nighthelp

RE: Roses in my garden

If you got roses blooming on a bare stem after 5 days you must have some wonderful drugs my friend
rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Single and Not Ready to Mingle

thumbs up thumbs up

one life one wife:
I also believe that sex should be done only with wife, that is why I am still a virgin.

RE: Migration...

Let's hope our migration is as sweet as that tune you posted.thumbs up

Give me an organ in a rock group and I am there!!!

Useless trivia

British man Anthony Stocks, 54, is charged with attempted murder after the boy miraculously survived the 2020 plunge, as well as s*xual assault and rape against a girl under 13.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court heard that Stocks told the girl: “I’m going to push him off a cliff. I want to get rid of him so we can be together,” the Daily Mail reported.

RE: The hunt for a new forever tenant.

@ Windy

I acquired a property with the intent of renting.

Thank Heaven I attended a seminar on the subject before doing so ...
After that and talking with folks who'd Envy your son ...

Ta Hell With That!!!


RE: Migration...

In the end, DH went crazy...people posted all kinds of nasty stuff...including nudes if themselves...

It was not good, once it lost moderators...and, Dustin went for the money..

RE: Migration...

I did not receive the email..but, then I do stay invisible...

Hopefully, they get rid of the thumbs the forums...and, all the fake profiles.

RE: The hunt for a new forever tenant.

My son had tenants from rent in 6 months...lived like pigs...

It was worth it to pay to have them move out...Actually avoid them a grand to get OUT...

Sold his home as is...ruined carpet....and still sold for 30K more than his asking 2 days...

RE: The hunt for a new forever tenant.

Renting isn't what it used to be.

If one advertises one's property for rent, one is pretty much forced to accept anyone who comes along or get sued.

If one gets bad renters, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Check current regulations.

Looks like it's goodbye from us....

There was talk a few years back of the bloggers starting their own site, but looking at the attendance on the blogs last few years I can't see anyone fronting the cost of doing that dunno

Looks like it's goodbye from us....

laugh I had a feeling you'd put your own spin on it Grand, hope it works out for you thumbs up though you need to remove Ireland from your list, they're included on the chosen ones list angel2

RE: Roses in my garden

I have roses that are the old fashioned cabbage type that are over 150 year old stock. I know there are ways to post pics by taking them to another site and then posting the link here. But, avoid the pain. Why cant we just have a link to our documents like craigs list. Or do a copy paste. Be so much simpler.

RE: Single and Not Ready to Mingle

I think Hollywood has put the idea in men that every woman is hot to trot and ready to hop in bed with any man. I started to look for a companion as an older widow and figured sex was not such an issue when older. HA! A man can be on his death bed and still think he is a hot stud. Even if there is no way his lower half is capable of anything except toilet duties.
I grew up being taught sex is for marriage. And my ex and I were both virgins when we got married. I knew men who believed the same. Or at least thought it should be reserved for just that right person.
Now when I look and see all the venereal diseases coming back and the new ones that popped up, dang glad I avoided sex except for my husbands. Russian roulette! wow
The old saying is why buy the cow..still holds true. Don't be a conquest.thumbs up
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RE: Bad Day = 1. Get Drunk. 2. Kick A Wild Bison. 3. Get Attacked By The Bison. 4. Get Arrested.

Blame it on the lack of decent schooling and parenting. Ignorance now knows no bounds. I live near the water park capital of the world. Or at least THEY think that. Anyway, water parks up the ying yang. And through the towns runs a major river. With a dam. Now there is a cable across to keep the morons who run there boats to the spillways to fish and have to get rescued. Every year someone drowns. Guess what, you do not flee cops by jumping into the river. What else, four mile and hour current, drop offs and no life guards! It is NOT a swimming pool idiots!
I see videos where some dumb azz tries to set a kid on a wild bison for a photo op. Or grabs a bear cub. Lucky ma was not close. Lets pet the fawn. Or try to pick up a coon or possum..aren't they cute?
Lets climb over the fence to pet the lion through the fence.doh frustrated Or trow a baseball into a hornets nest.
I am amazed at the intelligence of wild animals and kindness that more dont annihilate the stupid two legger who annoys them.

RE: Migration...

Too many cooks spoil the pot and that is the issue with all media social sites. Get a bunch in who think they know best and there is goes, especially when it comes down to money. The old Date Hookup was good. And then match snapped it up and went after money and closed it down. I wonder how long CS will hold.

RE: Biden's malarkey all the time

Now there is talk about how AI is being used to mimic Obiden. It is real or is it Memorix? Is it him or his double? I think they should save time and just rent Walter from Dunham. At least he can be manipulated easier.

RE: Looks like it's goodbye from us....

Maybe we Europeans, should meet up on Facebook. No costs and are own group, we could call it
any suggestions?

Useless trivia

A Singapore Airlines flight hit severe turbulence over the Indian Ocean and descended around 1800 metres in about three minutes, the carrier said overnight. A British man died and authorities said dozens of passengers were injured, some severely.

So, I'm Old

I'm starting to adjust to seeing them when I look in a mirror. The bifocals are a little odd lol, was told it will take a few weeks to get used to. I let the lady pick them out at the store, I got no eye for fashion or what looks good and I figured she would have a better idea of what would suit.

In the meantime, I am really enjoying having good vision again applause laugh

RE: Migration...

Only wondering, if it's possible for citizens of other nationalitees to join later on,
maybe it IS open to the whole world- but will not be auto transported over?
Just a thought.

I think cs is completely underestimated as a dating site,
so if it grew somehow that would be good only. Good interface,
u can search easily and send message easily too.
But cutting out so many countries sounds counter productive.

Time will tell.

Cheers beer

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