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What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

The Philadelphia Church brought God's people back to the word and fundamentals of the faith. The world system, which is run by Satan, didn't like that. Wow, what a shock. Satan's not a fan of the church that loves Jesus most predictable response ever.

That part shouldn't surprise any Christian. I don't believe the church needs to be concerned by a world increasingly hostile toward the church. We know from our earlier studies of churches like Smyrna that persecution only purifies the church and makes her more effective. We also learned how effective Satan was at undermining the power of the church when he joined the church and married her to the state, to the culture, and to society at large. In a similar way, I believe Satan is attacking the Philadelphia church with the latest in church, he is attacking the church that faithfully holds to the word of God with the church that elevates society and the culture above the word of God.

I believe that prophetically, the synagogue of Satan that biblically faithful churches today are battling is the latest in church, the church that is more concerned with being approved by the culture than they are of being approved by Jesus, the church that is all too happy to publicly condemn the biblically faithful churches. If it means scoring a few more points with the culture. And I believe Jesus is saying stay faithful to Me in my word because in the end you will be vindicated by Me.

And those in the latest in the church will see that you were on My side and they were not. Verse 8- 10, because you have kept My command to persevere back in Verse 8, Jesus commanded this church for keeping His word, and then here in verse 10, He commends them for keeping His command to persevere. Remember back in Revelation three where John mentions the special blessing on the Book of Revelation? That's what this church is doing. They're living in obedience to God's word.

They're reading it and they're reading it. And that's why we want to be like them. Write this down. They've stayed faithful to Jesus. They've stayed faithful to Jesus. They've accepted the invitation of Jesus to be blessed by reading and heeding His word. The Philadelphia church is all about God's word. And God says that's what I like to see. I love this church because you've kept My command to persevere. Here's what I'm going to do for you.

I also underline this whole section here. I also will keep you from the hour of trial, which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth. The original Greek is emphatic that the hour refers to a specific appointed time, like the hour of his trial. Jesus is speaking here of the tribulation. The Bible refers to it as a time of testing and trouble. And according to Jesus, it's about to come upon the whole world.

In Greek, the word we can refer to an hour, a day, or even a season. In this case, it's referring to the hour of the tribulation. A future time period will learn, will last seven years. Now, some will say, oh, Jesus is saying that he will sustain believers and give them the strength to endure the tribulation. And they will often offer as evidence a line from Jesus's great high priestly prayer in John 17-15, where he prays to his heavenly father regarding his disciples.

I do not pray that you should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one. And they will say, See, Jesus wants His followers on Earth to endure suffering. The problem is that the original Greek makes it absolutely clear that is not what Jesus is saying. In Revelation three ten, the Greek phrase used to describe being kept from something consists of the verb te ratio and the preposition each each means out of, away from.

And when it's used with Taddeo it refers to a continuous existence outside of something.

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

According to Jesus, the external characteristics that Marcus is his disciples are keeping his word and loving one another.

The church in Philadelphia is actually doing what? Jesus said to do, which is why he wants everyone to know that he loves this church, he loves this church, this is the church we should all want to be part of, and this is the church gospel city is striving to be, then Jesus says and has not denied My name, the church at Philadelphia and every church since. And you and I today all needed and need to hear this.

The third of the Ten Commandments is you shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain. And I agree with those who suggest this has nothing to do with cussing or bad language. The word is vain in the original Hebrew means emptiness, vanity, falsehood, nothingness, the emptiness of speech, lying and get this worthlessness of conduct. I believe that taking the name of the Lord in vain means identifying yourself as a Christian a little Christ, literally, while living in a way that grossly misrepresents Jesus, living as though it means nothing.

You've been adopted into the family of God are now a child of the Father and are a temple of the Holy Spirit. You can come to your own conclusions, but I believe Jesus is commending this church for living lives that prove they don't take His name lightly. They don't take His honor lightly. They understand that they are ambassadors for Christ. They are His representatives on the earth. We live in a day and age when the word God is not offensive.

Neither are words like Allah or Buddha. But what name is offensive? Jesus. Jesus. Despite societal pressure, this church is not confused or ashamed about who God is. His name is Jesus. His name means Jehovah is salvation because He is the only name under heaven that has the power to save. This church loves the name of Jesus. Make a note of that. They love the name of Jesus. Peter told us that in the last days, there would be those who call themselves Christians but deny the name of Jesus in their teachings.

We saw that happen during this period of church history when there was an explosion of new cults and religions that profess to be Christian but were in reality denying the Lord Jesus. The good news for the Philadelphia church is that they've stayed focused on God's word and haven't been deceived or caught up by any false gospels, false teachers, or false religions. And Jesus commends them for that, for holding to the truth of scripture. And He continues into verse nine saying, indeed, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews and are not but lie.
Indeed, I will make them come and worship before your feet and know that I have loved you since we encountered this synagogue of Satan. Back in the letter to Smyrna, where we learned it was likely a reference to Jews who were betraying their ethnic Christian brethren to the Romans that they might be imprisoned, tortured, or even murdered. We can safely assume that around 96 A.D. a similar situation was playing out in Philadelphia. But what about the prophetic application of this warning?

How does that fit? To be honest, it's not as clear as the other letters, but I'll share my personal belief with you for your consideration. The phrase the synagogue of Satan refers to those who claim to be doing God's bidding. But we're really doing Satan's bidding. When a church is loving and serving God faithfully, Satan will always stir up opposition. Always, generally, we know and expect this, but it still takes many Christians by surprise when that opposition comes from those who claim to be serving God.

I believe that the past few decades have shown that the most challenging resistance to the Philadelphia church is coming from another church. The church at Laodicea, the last day's church, which we will study next week.

RE: Child-proof caps...

I put a flathead screwdriver between the outer & inner cap then pull the outer cap away with a pair of pliers & throw the outer cap away. When I get a new bottle, I just reuse the same cap. I also do this with bleach bottles, etc. Works like a charm.

Hope this helps! wave
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RE: A day without Trump is like...

Ran for public office once. That was enough. Bottom line is any individual should get precisely what they want. If if deprives another..OK. So when I said I had the perfect answer of equal deprivation for all...that was not the right answer. So politicians lie and tell the voters what they want to hear. The ones who disagree and question get over ridden by the sheeples who believe hook line and sinker. The worst is they elect them til they die in office.roll eyes

RE: Questions to be answered...

Rik, the way it works here is you post a topic and people will view it.

Its a good idea to include an image and a short description, not too long or you'd lose my attention.

Some people might join in with comments and questions. You will see how many views you get and decide yourself whether to continue.

I'd be interested in seeing your volcanic clay sculpture and Bamboo art.

RE: A day without Trump is like...

Pardon the text editing errors. Not every phone is good in understanding text

RE: A day without Trump is like...

Last understood either in constitution or declaration of independence it's stated a government by the people for the people. Hence, it's the voter who decides who is best fit to run a country. For almost 240 America has seen its ups and downs and still here free to b*tch and complain about politicians and the way things are going. One thing we "so far" is no ICBMs or major war conflict here in the US. No one man in either party can ultimately fix the ills of 300+ million idiots and make them happy. Every individual is responsible for their own actions and happiness.

Notice the constitution states the pursuit of happiness not a given right from Uncle Sam to provide our happiness.

So, from both sides of the aisle none can provide everything to everyone what people want.

For the sake of arguing just to post pros and cons of political figures and figures who are not career politicians who may or may have not studied political science in college especially the armchair politicians sitting behind connecting singles until any or all ConnectingSingles armchair politicians can offer a better song of how to run America maybe they should tone down their perceptions of how things should be run in America and the world.

We are open fie better solutions. Hence, the phrase if you are not part of the solution you may be part of the problem. professor

The happy holiday fights.

But, now all resources must go to illegal migrants and immigrants. None to spare for homeless vets, or anyone with issues that put them at jeopardy, like mental or health or economics. None for minorities unless they speak Spanish only. Or the idiot idea to pay worthless blacks because some of them might be descendants of slaves sold by their own Africans. Even that is a joke. Prove it. Oh, can't find records. Well not our problem..dont let the door hit you.
Why do I always remember 40 acres and a mule. Or a chicken in every pot. Promises made to lull the masses and never followed up on.
Old idea is pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. And the world is filled with blacks who did just that. Guess they must have been exceptional. Or just not whiners?dunno

Woke to death.

Has anyone seen that list of companies that are supposed to be boycotted? What is bad now is monopolies are alive and well. Bud is Anheuser-Busch which also owns other brands. Loreal I think owns Mabelline. So if one wants to hurt a company, one has to boycott many

RE: A day without Trump is like...

insightful comments and he is certainly a dangerous character and almost like a mini dictator :)
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But, it's pretty.

That is what is wrong with this country. Everything is geared to produce, sell and buy. Planned obsolescence was thought to be the answer. But, how many people can afford a new frig until the old one dies? Then it became fast fashion. Toss your closet out and buy new every season. But, that too is changing and resale and swapping is gaining traction by the day.
I just passed on a pair of Guess cutoff shorts. I was going to toss and then is now high fashion.rolling on the floor laughing
Once people produced what they needed and some over to sell to those who made other things. So they could buy what they couldn't make. Then automation came on the scene and Mr. Ford said everyone should be able to afford a car. Automation accelerated. Machines started to produce more of an item per month then all the people in the country. Now AI is replacing the workers who have no jobs to buy what AI produces. The whole system is a joke.
Yet all the news touts is how the economy is doing. If you want to make the powers that be happy, you better buy 20 toasters a year. And toss them out next year and buy 40!frustrated

RE: A Plain New Tesla

News is filled with info on the dead zones in many states for chargers. For years we have been told about our failing power grid. Blackouts, brownouts, peak hours, off peak and more. Fewer power plants and more demand. It is getting worse...IE if everyone turns on their AC this!
The US is now where ready to have transportation dominated by EVs. For one thing, how many people can afford a new Tesla. Or for that matter..any new vehicle. The average age of cars on the road have now jumped to 12 1/2 years old. Last year was 11.
There are people who can barely afford the electricity for their apartments. And where when areas are on street parking, are they supposed to charge? Do you think that slum lord is going to install chargers for renters? To charge at home, one needs a $3000-5000 special hookup installed by a professional at their house. To tap into their service which may be high to start with. Hmmm..overload? How many old homes still run 60amp services? I do. With old wiring. I avoid running high drain items on the same beaker at the same time. Better safe than sorry.
Then there is the other problem. I suggest parking outside, not in a garage. And aways form the house because those batteries can self ignite. Either from over charging or just because.
Another factor. When those batteries fail, price new ones. And where are those batteries ending up. We just lost most of our county recycling center. First the garbage building went. Discarded battery? Then the cardboard one went. One way to get rid of the waste.doh laugh
They are working on different batteries. Hopefully utilizing minerals and elements that are from enemy countries using child labor.roll eyes
I wont worry. I will be dead long before EVs become standard. George Jettison's world remains fiction.

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

It's because of the righteous works that he has opened this door for them. When the Lord finds believers who are faithful to what they have, he loves to give them more. We see this principle at work when takes over from Shobna and in James 5/16 when we're told that the effect of fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Even in the age of grace that we're living in, there is still a connection between living righteously and having access to the King's resources.

I would encourage you to meditate on and study that principle further. Jesus says. I have set before you, the Philadelphia church, specifically an open door in First Corinthians nine 16. The Apostle Paul writes for a great and effective door has opened to me. And when you read the context around that verse, it's obvious that Paul is referring to an opportunity that had opened for him to take the gospel to a new region because of how the phrase an open door is used in the Bible in relation to Christians on the Earth.

Most scholars agree that it refers to an opportunity to do what you and I would call missionary work, taking the gospel to places and people that have not yet heard it. Now take a quick look ahead to the very last line of verse nine. Jesus says, To know that I have loved you, to know that I have loved you. Whatever this church is doing, Jesus loves it. He loves it. And he declares that nobody is going to be able to shut the door, that he is open for them.

And yet what we're seeing take place across the world right now seems to be the closing of that missionary door. It's increasingly difficult to send missionaries around the world as religious governments refuse to allow Christian missionaries to cross their borders and communist or secular countries put up open door closed doors. I'm sorry as well. We're seeing incredible indigenous moves of God in places like Iran, Ethiopia, and China. But the missionary door for the Philadelphia church seems to be in our time rapidly closing.

Jesus said, I've set before you an open door and no one can shut it. That means only Jesus can open or close this door. So what's going on? Well, before Jesus closes that door, he's going to open another door in Revelation for one. He's going to come back for his church and he's going to come soon. Jesus told them, for you have a little strength instead of strength. Some Bible translations more accurately use the word power.

It's the Greek word dunamis. And I know you've heard it. It's where we get our word dynamite from. What a wonderful compliment, though, to get from Jesus. He says you got a little bit of dynamite in you. Their church may have been small, but it was full of the Holy Spirit's power and Christians who loved each other held to the word of God and faithfully proclaimed the gospel prophetically. This seems to imply that at the time of the Rapture, a small minority of churches will hold to biblical standards of holiness and truth.

And then Jesus says, You've kept my word. This church places an emphasis on keeping God's word by obeying, honoring, and loving the scriptures. They keep the Bible central and they honor it as authoritative over their lives. So write that down. This is a commendation for them. They kept God's word. They kept his word. The New Testament lists the two identifying marks of a disciple of Christ. In other words, if you love God internally, these are the two external characteristics that will be evident in your life.

When Jesus was praying to his Father for his disciples, he said, I have manifested your name to the men whom you have given me out of the world. They were yours. You gave them to me, and they have kept your word. And then in John thirteen thirty-five, Jesus famously said, By this, all will know that you are my disciples if you have a love for one another.

RE: A day without Trump is like...

People love Trump because he is flawed. Like most. At least he can walk and chew gum at the same time. Doesnt have world leaders guiding him so he doesnt walk into a closet. Biden is a joke. Now has the son who died of cancer killed in Iraq. So how many fantasies has he told? huuuhh?roll eyes

RE: Questions to be answered...

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RE: Questions to be answered...

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* Via uni korn & bow of rain.

McCritic. ) In "Jabberwocky the child reader vanquishes terrors not with a vorpal sword -
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All made possible by Lewis Carroll et al.

RE: A day without Trump is like...

The Trump years were better than all the other years for a long time. Which isn't saying much. And it could be a coincidence to a massive extent.

People like to feel part of something greater than themselves, and doubly so when things are going down the shitpan. A rabble rouser is what people want when you're being very politely mugged anyway.

A day without Trump is like...

"When he was in charge he got things done..."

Yes, he did. Like pardon Charles Kushner who was convicted of tax crimes, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions.
(kinda like the very same things he's accused to be guilty of)

Made his son-in-law (Jared Kushner) a millionaire.

Built a wall that Mexico paid for.

Gave a full pardon to (his friend) Roger Stone who was convicted of making false statements, witness tampering, obstruction in the connection of Mueller's Russia investigation.

Pardoned his campaign manager Paul Manafort who was sentenced to 47 months for fraud and tax charges.

Knowing the seriousness of COVID, lied to the American people that is will just go away by summer.

Got himself impeached... twice.

changed the tax code that made the 1% richest ever richer.

Got banned from Twitter. Oh, wait... that was AFTER he lost to Biden.


What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

Rather, he's seeing it as an encouragement. One of the things revelation does, and I hope you've started to pick up on this it is drop little breadcrumbs that are designed to take your mind somewhere else in the scriptures for an explanation or for greater detail. And when I was thinking about Jesus encouraging this church by reminding them that he is wholly my mind, went to First Peter Chapter One where the apostle Peter quotes the Old Testament and reminds his readers that God has commanded us to be holy, for I am holy.

You see, Jesus is Holy in the sense that he is other, but he calls us to be holy in the sense that we are to be set apart, consecrated, and reserved exclusively for Him and His purposes. Our lives are to belong completely to Jesus. That's how we are to be holy. And that's how Jesus is encouraging this church. He's saying keep on living lives that are set apart for me. Keep on holding on to that which is true.

And then Jesus calls himself mysteriously he who has the key of David who opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens. The key of David is an Old Testament reference that we're not typically familiar with. It's from an obscure part of the Book of Isaiah, where a man named Aliah Kim is replacing a corrupt man named Shobna as governor, or we would say national treasurer of the Palace of King Ezekiel. If you read Isaiah 22 starting around verse 15, you'll find that even though it's talking about Likeme, it has a second layer, a Remez, a mysterious layer of application that is a messianic prophecy, meaning the text when it's speaking about a lie.

Kim is also speaking prophetically of Jesus as the king, Hezekiah sat and ruled from the literal throne of David. David was the second king in Israel's history and all the kings who came after him sat on his throne. It's a real object that is always referred to in scripture as the throne of David. The governor of the King's palace would be given an object called the key of David. It was a real physical object that symbolized incredible power. Some scholars describe it as a type of ring, while others describe it as a large object worn over the shoulder.

Either way, this key granted its bearer access to all the resources of the kingdom and the Treasury. Additionally, it gave one the authority to grant others access to the king. If you wanted to get to King Hezekiah, you had to go through Shobna and then later through like him. While that whole story is worth studying, because there's a lot there that we don't have time to touch on. All you really need to know for now is that the key of David represents access to the king and the king's resources.

Here's the bottom line. Make a note of this. The titles Jesus gives himself in this letter are intended to encourage believers to remain holy and focused on the truth of his word, knowing they will be rewarded by him, knowing they will be rewarded by him. Now, here's the commendation. Jesus writes for Philadelphia's report card. Verse 8 says, I know your works if you're living for Jesus. His knowing your works is a good thing because he turns our earthly works for him into eternal rewards that will be waiting for us in heaven.

Now, Jesus, the one who holds the keys to the kingdom when He. When something nobody can shut it, when He closes something, nobody can open it. That Jesus tells this church what He has done for them with those keys, He says, see, I have set before you an open door and no one can shut it for you, have a little strength and have kept my word and have not denied my name. Compared to most of the other seven churches, Philadelphia is receiving an exceptional commendation here from Jesus, don't miss the connection that Jesus is making here between their works and this open door.

It's because of the righteous works that he has opened this door for them.

RE: A day without Trump is like...

Everyday he says something stupid or self-incriminating.

Agreed! BUTgrin When he was in charge he got things done that had the man in the street worship him.

That sez something .uh oh

Its all about: Actions speak louder than words, and when he sez he is going to change 'whatever', by God he sure will try.

So be forewarned.rolling on the floor laughing
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Trying to impress with life skills

Hi Ozzie
But tell me, SA is better init?

To be honest SA is and always will be the best country on this planet regardless of how the politicians screw things up. Many problems yes, but WTF, just don't let it get you down.

Hi Blue,
But if someone is hungry enough then they will eat me

They should bring in a new law that permits you to eat when you're hungry... laugh

Hi Rob,
Not sure if I'm on the same page here.
c*ck-hook and look

Don't get me wrong, I don't care who hooks up with who as long as they don't force that on me.
I believe every country has the right to agree or disagree with international laws.
Like Uganda for example.
Uganda is not alone in criminalizing homosexuality. According to Human Dignity Trust, 11 countries have same-sex relations punishable by death: Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. At least six of the 11 countries mandate the death penalty, while the other five have death as a potential punishment.
If I choose to be a 'happy chappie' I'd steer clear of visiting those countries

Hi CC,
As long as Telesales is putting a stew in the pot I'm happy for them. This political correctness beats the shit out of me and why have a whole nation frustrated just because the globalists decide what right and wrong? frustrated

Hi ToC,
With long elegant fingers like that I do believe 'you're in' for less than 50s indeed. laugh

Hi Orz,
Aint it fun?
Not for all those that have paid with their lives and others mutilated for life.
I believe that the USA should lead the world by example not by :Don't do as I do, Do as I tell you to.
Its the greed of the already wealthy that has this mess going.

Hi Red,
laugh You will never stop impressing me, cos you have your own mind I guess. Yip I know all about that looooonnng time. laugh Thanks Red.

RE: Trying to impress with life skills

It went from tolerance to acceptance to celebration.cheering

RE: Joke of the day.

Hahahha, its brilliant

RE: A day without Trump is like...

Well, the more the politocians lie the more their chance of winning...What can we do, not all Amreicans are wise or smart voters.

A Plain New Tesla

My girl friend, the Alcohol Terrorist, has driven a couple of tesla's across the US three times now and the one good thing I know is that there were no problems finding and charging their battery. Once in awhile there would be a line to wait in. No other problems.
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RE: Trying to impress with life skills

Ah Luke i wonder if you would be impressed by my staying (power) laugh laugh been on cs a loooonnnng time peace


Respected Izrrr angel
You're very right hip hap @ jazz are good for exercise
peace bouquet

RE: But, it's pretty.

My mom was a true shopaholic. She shopped on QVC and other shopping channels. One day I told her to go ahead and shop but return everything but one item you buy per week.

This saved thousands of $ for her and my dad.

RE: For all my Irish friends,.........................

Malgosia you have a lovely accent
Amazing lady

What Makes Jesus Unique? No one else made the claims that He did, He is alive...............

As Jesus said, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away. Their second point was aimed largely at liberal pastors and liberal seminary professors. The fundamentalists felt the need to clarify that belief in the inerrancy of Scripture meant believing the Bible was actually true. When it says Jesus performed a miracle, that means it actually happened when it says God made the world from nothing and Adam and Eve were the first humans, it means those things actually happened.

Thirdly, they raised the necessity of belief that Jesus is God. Cults generally teach that Jesus is not God. It's one of the dividing lines between that which is Christian in that which is not building on the first and second points. They specifically included the virgin birth. In this third point forth, Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead in a physical, glorified body that he currently inhabits. And in the future, he will return to the earth in this same body to reign with his church.

Jesus's resurrection and future return are not intended to be understood as mystical or allegorical events, but as literal events that have and will take place. And then finally, they said, a Christian must believe that Jesus atoned. That means Jesus paid for our sins by dying in our place on the cross. And Christians must believe this was the only way for us to receive salvation. This was a needed and helpful document at the time. And sadly, such clarity seems to be needed by much of the church again today.

As we learned earlier, Philadelphia means the city of him, who loves his brother and brotherly love, is what gripped this church around 96 A.D. and in church history beginning around 1793. This letter will reveal a church that genuinely loved Jesus and cared about being faithful to Him above all else. And when you genuinely love Jesus, you can't help but catch his heart and love for your brother and for the lost in both. 96 A.D. and prophetically in church history, Philadelphia loved Jesus and his word, which drove them to love people foreign with the gospel.

Let's get into the text where in Revelation, chapter three, verse seven, and to the angel of the church in Philadelphia. Right. We would say to the pastor these things say he who is holy, he who is true, he who has the key of David, he who opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens. The first part of Jesus's title is he who is Holy means set apart. When we talk about God, when we talk about Jesus being Holy, we're talking about the fact that He is on his own, a whole nother level.

He's the almighty. He's always existed. And he predates everything because He is the source of everything. He's different from us in the most profound ways. To forget that he is Holy is to forget who He is, God's holiness should inspire all reverence and, yes, even fear. There's a reason God's word tells us more than once that a fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A right view of God's holiness enables us to understand the seriousness of sin, the greatness of Jesus's work on the cross, and just how blessed we are to be able to approach his throne with confidence.

Then Jesus refers to himself as He was true. The word true literally means absolute, real, or genuine. In contrast to falsehood, Jesus is absolute truth incarnate. And we're going to talk more about that in our next study. I think G. Campbell Morgan got it right when he succinctly explained that the holiness of Jesus's nature refers to his perfect character. While the truth of Jesus's nature refers to his perfect conduct. As we read through this letter to Philadelphia, we're going to realize that Jesus isn't reminding this church of his holiness as a criticism he doesn't think they've forgotten.

RE: Questions to be answered...

Very kind of you Rik to offer some knowledge passed down and to pass down, I tend to agree with Grand, you'll soon understand who the attention needed one's are.

You are a good man to offer up what you have, offering your time and knowledge GRATIS.


RE: Antique

Rap and hip hop drive me up the wall. Only dance way is to bounce up and down like a parrot having a fit!doh

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