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Let me knowI really don't care if I come across the wrong way, I do inperson anyway, so let me know....

Mackenzie123631May 14May 15
Help there a right or a wrong style of profile im thick skinned so be honest with any criticism/advice....please :du...

1234pauline88416Feb 2013May 12
Cancel culture

Cancel cultureWe humans have dignity self respect which nowadays is reduced to just choosing partners making conclusions based on photo off the profile. First off a...

Marcusmanse120May 12
Honest opinion

Honest opinionHi just wondering what my profile comes across as to people.......

Michelle794093012Sep 2019May 12

Just wanna know.Just wanna know ,how do i look with my pictures?...

Lilious592May 4May 9
Eafoster008180May 7
Am I looking good and accepted

Am I looking good and accepted?Hello Girls, I have been on this site for a long time, but unfortunately no partner has written to me either for a chat or an email. I don't underst...

always_besides480Apr 30
true love

true loveIs there still such a thing as meeting the true love of your life? I wonder.....

springrose4561392Mar 2Apr 29

hello !!!do you think my profile's content is qualified ?...

woodenjc4382Apr 2014Apr 28
I still have a huge desire to travel in order to explore the world

I still have a huge desire to travel in order to explore the world.I am serious, aimful, confident, patient, honest, sociable and smart woman. I have artistic nature, as in the past I studied in the school of arts, so...

Smgally125160Apr 25
I want to find a man who would compliment me in my life who would accept me as I am

I want to find a man who would compliment me in my life, who would accept me as I am.My name is Annabelle from Texas, Baytown. I want to tell you some things about myself so that you could have some understanding of what kind of person...

Smgally125170Apr 25
What do you think

What do.... you think?I would love to know what people think about my photo's, and my profile?...

fancee11,74917Apr 2014Apr 19
What do you think

What do you thinkHey guys. What do you about my profile? Do I sound arrogant? Any advice ::::confused:...

Happinessdelajoi70418Aug 2020Apr 13
My personality is quiet stable introspective calm honest

My personality is quiet, stable, introspective, calm, honest.I hope to meet a good single man, children are OK, I hope he is kind, decent, attentive, tender, and caring. Music, travelling, sport, reading the bo...

Chaoo419330Apr 12
I love reading and watching films everything that touches and evokes emotions

I love reading and watching films - everything that touches and evokes emotions.I was born in the city of Baytown, and I live in the Far East. I work as a history teacher and bring up two children. I love nature and art. Lead a he...

Chaoos212260Apr 12
I always try to pursue my goals as possible

I always try to pursue my goals as possible.My man must be strong, smart and witty. I do not look at man's age. His inner world, his content, his inner core are more important for me. We must un...

Chaoos212190Apr 12

What you see is realI maybe ugly but im not fake...

mheme1984Mar 30Apr 11
Simple Review

Simple Reviewjust wondering how my stacks up when compared to others on the sight ????...

Pragmatic_2022700Apr 11
I am fond of psychology

I am fond of psychologyI am a smart, cheerful, kind, decent, versatile person. I always try to understand the actions of people and do not condemn anyone. And I am also a go...

Hasssan7767190Apr 9
Any advice is welcome

Any advice is welcomeAny advise is welcome, so lonely for to long,,,...

Philo496014Jul 2015Apr 9

Just a humble beingChances are, I’m to good for you, but I’ll let you have a look ??! Get the joke? In all honesty, I don’t know if I’m ready to move forward, I’m just b...

Nandelangelvega720Apr 5
delete and unsubscribe

delete and unsubscribedelete profile...

econajuly192250Apr 5
My profile critique

My profile critiqueI sometimes wonder if i give too much information? wonder how i come across? What are others perceptions of my profile? OK DO I SCARE MEN OFF,? Wh...

Wellness62752Mar 23Apr 3
Suggestions Welcome

Suggestions Welcome!I realize my photos could use some help, I’m working on it. But other than that… Your thoughts, critique? lay it on me, I can handle the truth. Thanks...

Sukibelle6086Aug 2021Mar 28

LoveHi there...

anthony229720Mar 25
true love

true loveis there still such a hing as meeting the love of your life?...

springrose4561303Mar 2Mar 23
Readiness for actions is the main trait of my man

Readiness for actions is the main trait of my man.For example, I like to relax, but I also like to work hard! I work as a doctor. I save people all the time, as intended, and now it is time to save my...

rubyr455530Mar 21
I feel like I am still 18 but with some extra years of experience

I feel like I am still 18, but with some extra years of experience!My dear Prince, thanks for reading my profile. I am not going to be capricious like most princesses here. I am not spoiled, but I would be glad if you...

rubyr455640Mar 21
what do u think about me

what do u think about me?do i need to upload more photos?...

PRASAD522710Mar 14
What do you think of my pictures and my profie

What do you think of my pictures and my profie?Please post your comments on my pictures.I hope to get feedback from you. Thank you very much...

nn_nn1,75533Nov 2013Mar 13

Anthonysmith1970I'm 51 years old, interested in a serious relationship that would lead to marriage if you not interested in a serious relationship you should not hit...

Luckysmith19701160Feb 22
heavenlystars1,2669Feb 2012Feb 17
why i am i single

why i am i single !Notable Life Achievements: -Can cook amazing instant noodles -Semi-professional bathroom singer -Has never been in jail before (except when pla...

FrishXD2771Dec 20Feb 17

Is 47 too old to get marry?I was with some of my friends and most of them are a lot younger at my age but look very matured. One of them was telling me that at my age ( 47 ), i...

pinay_survivor1,87336Dec 2012Feb 13
Whats wrong with this world and the dating scene

What's wrong with this world and the dating sceneWhy is it that dating has gotten so hard too connect with someone? Can someone explain why there is so many robots that's destroying the dating scene...

Meat2live42942Nov 9Feb 10
Any advice

Any advice?Like everyone else, I would like to find that special someone to share my life with. What can I do to my profile to better explain who I am and who I'...

william715744Dec 2013Dec 12
Just me

Just meHow is my profile, good/bad?...

CorfyGuy4041Aug 2021Dec 4
souliskey6734May 2011Nov 28
To smile or not to smile

To smile or not to smile?I've recently reviewed my photos to give a more balanced view of myself and hopefully inspire confidence in a potential partner to contact me. The pic...

TawnyLonsdale12010Nov 26
Im real but do you think Im real

I'm real, but do you think I'm real?Do my pictures make you want to read my profile? Or is it immediately delete? And why? I'm candid in my description of myself and what I want. Do y...

TawnyLonsdale13335Oct 27Nov 26

stilltime4usWhat is missing in my profile to attract men of my preferred age? Am I too forward, or arrogant or my requirements/search too demanding?...

Stilltime4us1,58312Aug 2012Nov 22
what do u think of my profile

what do u think of my profile?hello guys,hey just tell me..about my profile?...

viren19885551May 2014Nov 7

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