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Looking for fun and laughter campfires sunsets sunrises

Looking for fun, and laughter , campfires ,sunsets ,sunrisesWell ladies , let me know what u think , ok pi c pk ?? Is my gesture of fun to bold ,, am i giving to much info ?? I dont wA t to sound arrogont ,, o...

Piperlilly3000Feb 2018
Hello ladies How arer you doing

Hello ladies. How arer you doingWell hello I was wondering what you ladies liked about my profile on please give any suggestions That may help improve my chances on...

Allen19823951Jan 2018Feb 2018
Looking for constructive criticism on my profile

Looking for constructive criticism on my profile.Do you think My descriptions are too forward or may scare some women off? This is how I feel, I'm not just trying to say things that I think others wa...

murkoslovensko4413Jun 2017Feb 2018
I Am Looking For My Future Girlfriend

I Am Looking For My Future Girlfriendwhere Is my soulmate and my lover my friend and my best friend...

MrJohnTravas07733May 2016Feb 2018
Would u date me

Would u date me??Do I look/sound like a lost cause?...

AmericanGuy911,1289Feb 2016Feb 2018

???I have been on the site for a while now and I have not been successful at finding a partner.. Am I doing something wrong?...

koya946497Apr 2015Feb 2018
please give me your constructtive advice

please give me your constructtive adviceTell me folks where can there be improvement?...

itlonelyathetop5489Oct 2013Feb 2018
Merry with me

Merry with meDon't loose me ))...

khodamfacebook3390Jan 2018
what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profileHolistically in all aspects what is your opinion both good and constructive criticisms are welcome....

Sueana3824Nov 2017Jan 2018
Hi just interested to find out what people think of my profile Have I said to much or to little

Hi, just interested to find out what people think of my profile. Have I said to much or to little.I've tried to express in such a way that it gives people a idea, at least, of whether they want to know me better as well as stating what I am really...

GregKeegan3840Jan 2018
just be real

just be reali wish to know how i can have a perfect lover ?...

david_seg1960Jan 2018
This Opens Me To Criticism But Here I Go

This Opens Me To Criticism..But Here I Go!I asked for photos to be added via e mail and I don't know what happened there,they never showed up,so which one should be primary?I had a stroke due...

MustLuvFit2701Jan 2018Jan 2018
mz857086gmail com

[email protected]contact me with Facebook zubair cheema...

zc1233170Jan 2018

hihi iam looking gf...

microsoft1112000Jan 2018
old fashion female

old fashion femaleIs there a man out there???...

younggrandma56543Jul 2010Jan 2018
Any suggestions

Any suggestions?Always room and interest in improvement please feel free to express your thoughts. Thank You!...

Meltingtonothing1880Jan 2018
How do you thing of my profile

How do you thing of my profile?is what I said about myself ok and enough? What are profile weaknesses? what should I do to make it better?...

Kakaww2840Jan 2018
Love to get positive feedback to find the lady Im searching for

Love to get positive feedback to find the lady I'm searching forLike to know if my description or photos need to be improved. Anything that would be helpful.Thank you...

vinny17102900Jan 2018
hi check me out

hi... check me outwhat do you think of my pictures?...

Secondglance4523Dec 2017Jan 2018
what needs to be edited here

what needs to be edited here?my profile loaded with relevant information?...

Goldstained2470Dec 2017

orchid29please express an opinion on my profile?...

Orchid293593Dec 2017Dec 2017

HiWhat you want to know about me. I am not handsome I am not good...

salman3009872810Dec 2017
Would this attrack you to sending me a message

Would this attrack you to sending me a message?OBJECTIVE •Looking for a long term relationship with a caring, down to earth, and fun woman who enjoys spending lots of time together. RELATIONSHI...

GentlGeminiJason2900Dec 2017
I am new here need some tips

I am new here, need some tips.Is my profile complete? or should I add something more about me? any tips to get maximum attention...

danialsami032410Dec 2017
What do you think

What do you think?Do I need to add more to my likes dislikes etc?...

UncleAl19532220Dec 2017
if you are serious about future life

if you are serious about future lifeif you are serious about future life then do connect...

shinekhan2721Nov 2017Dec 2017
Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy

Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy ??Um working...lives in Colombo..Sri Lanka...I would like to make new friends...from all over the world......

danushzero8250Dec 2017
Divi Interesting Man

Divi - Interesting Man..Hey there I am Amit ... a Traveler,Reader , Techgeek and Public speaker. I am working with United Nation in Geneva headquarter. Please have a look...

salty_amit1930Dec 2017
Realsky2500Nov 2017
Slutluventhug2440Nov 2017
What girls think of my profile

What girls think of my profileI will wait for response of girls. And waiting for response...

Sweetandsexyboy1200Nov 2017
Hello everyone

Hello everyoneHi guys, I'm new here, can anybody help me to check my profile n see if I should add or do something more about it? I can't even send flower though, p...

fatmata1,0486Aug 2014Nov 2017
wanna check me out

wanna check me out ;)how does my profile seem to you???...

sharina8505Aug 2014Nov 2017
What do you think

What do you think?I am just looking for a few pointers to enhance my profile.......

Happygoluckguy221930Nov 2017
Review me Please Must be lacking somewhere

Review me Please? Must be lacking somewhere...Having some issues I guess, I don't seem to be getting many responses. Any ideas anyone?...

alaskankittin2,08938Nov 2009Nov 2017

HelloAm I attractive?...

Kevinlawson5792Feb 2016Nov 2017

Hey!Handsome guys,you are allowed to write me...

JoanaMitova2,13620Aug 2014Nov 2017
I hope you love my profile I love yours

I hope you love my profile, I love yours.....Looking for my soulmate. If that's you email me....

frogwizardofoz2660Nov 2017
be free to tell me or advice u

be free to tell me or advice uyou free to tell me wat u think of my profile I love to take advice not to just judge me I can give advice also if u need it...

Natalia792580Nov 2017

Please tell me about my profileWhat need to be change . How are my pictures...

Consulo5293Sep 2017Nov 2017
what do you like about me

what do you like about meage,if 6 foot is ok with you,where i live is ok....

vatterottstudent2110Nov 2017

LIFEI've wanted someone who cared about me and understood my feelings; someone who would listen to my worries and try to help ease my way through them. So...

whygivein2130Nov 2017

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