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TitleAuthorCreatedLast Comment
hello Meet me

hello. Meet meAm I handsome for you?...

carl80804767Oct 2014Apr 2015

yeahWhat do yu think of me??...

kakadav2494Mar 2015Apr 2015
just wanna know

just wanna know..hi there. I don't have a photo because I'm new and i dont wanna violate any rules without knowing it. But i would like to know but you guys think abou...

iluvfootball20151980Apr 2015
Is my profile okay or not

Is my profile okay or not?I'm not to good trying to fill out a profile I just like to keep it short and simple with only a few words....

jc58582060Apr 2015
Sweetman alive

Sweetman aliveWhat do you think of my pictures? Any Good woman out there? Please hit me up....

Kelvincares125636Jan 2015Apr 2015
Im getting tired What is wrong with my profile

I'm getting tired... What is wrong with my profile?Thanks for help me! Please let me know what is wrong with my profile; I only get contect from SCAMMERS!!! In very tired and boring, I been here for...

morganawolf88213Jan 2014Apr 2015
What do i need to change here

What do i need to change here????I have had hits on my profile even put up different pics with short hair&long hair Which look better??? It's like i'm just getting a lot of spam..All...

vetteme5021651Apr 2015Apr 2015
I might be ur Mr Right

I might be ur Mr Rightdon't scroll down without checking me, I might be ur ideal match, the 1 who kept you connecting,a guy u'v been waiting for ...let us take a ride toget...

VillainG1600Apr 2015

Why?Why am I not getting any profile looks from the 40-60 female age group?...

FunkyFerdman2040Apr 2015
text me 9374909041

text me 9374909041am single never been married, got no kids, I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted,warm, accommodating,sexy...

Angei253293Apr 2015Apr 2015
What do i do wrong

What do i do wrong?Seriously guys,what's wrong with me?I'm a good looking,funny,loving and caring guy yet no woman replies back at me!Is it because i'm 24 years old or b...

Harry19901811Apr 2015Apr 2015
tell me what to change

tell me what to changewhat do you think of my pics are they good or should i change them and is my profile ok ?[/color...

swc7772130Apr 2015
i am almost 6 months

i am almost 6 monthsOf this site but all mens I meet very rude..they're want live movies...guys not all ladies like wat u want to see... [...

nadinne19825526Mar 2015Apr 2015
Taken Today March 17 2015 No Glasses

Taken Today, March 17, 2015... No Glasses....Hi everyone. What do you think about my profile photo without the glasses? I would love to hear from you....

Gaille3946Mar 2015Apr 2015

Tell me my weaknessHi there, please tell me my weakness on my profile, thanks for your quote...

Lizzie28081,12521Jan 2015Apr 2015
this is fun

this is fun!!!!or let's just say..... Super!...

spaciegrace4379Feb 2015Apr 2015
i am divorced for 13 years kids are grown up time for a new adventure what do you think

i am divorced for 13 years, kids are grown up, time for a new adventure, what do you think?i have been divorced for 13 years, I have three kids that are grown up, I had a relationship but he passed away 10 years ago, time now to start a new...

kareyn3821Apr 2015Apr 2015
any genuine women in my area

any genuine women in my area ?perhaps im on the wrong site....

justmeuk013900Apr 2015
less then 5 say hi connections even doing things like know me quizzes no takers

less then 5 say hi connections. even doing things like know me takersVery knew to this. some kind advice would be helpful...

NRLEE2361Mar 2015Apr 2015
nobody sends me mail I have heen here for almost two months

nobody sends me mail. I have heen here for almost two monthsWhat s wrong with me or ma profile......

kakadav2804Apr 2015Apr 2015
Give it to me straight honest opinion

Give it to me straight, honest opinion! :)Am I doable, datable, both or neither? ;)...

ArneHansen3801Nov 2014Apr 2015
Please review my profile

Please review my profile.All comments are welcome, Appreciate your generous feedback....

ramsri4ever2981Dec 2014Apr 2015
have a Look

have a LookWhat would you change or compite to find a wounderful Woman...

Halfwaytoheaven1720Apr 2015
over a long time on this site and nothing achieved despite my good intentions and a clear concience

over a long time on this site and nothing achieved despite my good intentions and a clear concience.over a long time on this site and nothing achieved despite my good intentions and a clear conscience. Do i have to be a scammer or act like one by tel...

Dezokay2280Apr 2015
Let me know

Let me know :)Just want to know if the profile is ok or if any changes need to be made. Thanks :)...

Greeneyes18812272Apr 2015Apr 2015
she calls me a dog

she calls me a dog!!!hi folks!!! do I really looks like a vicious dog, is it all about my smile, profile details, what exact is wrong of me to deserve a dog's insult char...

VillainG4399Mar 2015Apr 2015
Write to me

Write to me :)Ladys where are you?...

DavidRose2272Apr 2015Apr 2015
Knock knock Hello World

Knock knock !!! Hello World...size=6]Take a look on me and hey can u guess anything about they say the world...

cloudroamer3271Nov 2014Apr 2015
There is alive ladys

There is alive ladys?Ladys where are you?...

DavidRose2160Apr 2015
Cant seem to go right

Can't seem to go right....??I don't know why I'm only getting NSA requests. Just want a nice civil online convo or a date. What am I doing wrong? Anyone help?!...

msmix922582Mar 2015Mar 2015
Want serious relationship but no one interested why

Want serious relationship, but no one interested why :/Hi, i want to know, why this happen ? why all girls are in search of prince? i always give every girl respect, never ask for sex or things like this,...

MohammedSami1930Mar 2015

IntrestedWhat's the best route after a long relationship to get together with someone again....

Choppie222171Mar 2015Mar 2015
what do you think of my picture

what do you think of my pictuream I asking for too much? I want a partner that is not abusive, verbably, mentally, or physically. I want to be showerd with hugs and kisses. love not...

i just what to be loved and someone to love me and treat me right x

i just what to be loved and someone to love me and treat me right xwell i just neeed someone who can treat me right and not treat me like a prick and if u dont like me then that cool whith me...

tattiex8268Aug 2013Mar 2015
Nobody Replied Me

Nobody Replied Me...!Hi, what changes should i made to my profile ? i think i am fair enough to write the truth, the voice of my heart, should i need to put lie in order t...

MohammedSami1970Mar 2015
this is what im looking for but im straight

this is what im looking for but im straightim looking for a serious relationship with sex included...

hardyboyz12180Mar 2015
I want to make friends

I want to make friendsi am from India and wanna make friends from all over the world and wanna know different people around the world. But I dont have access to some profil...

max_max1231750Mar 2015

anyoneI'm new to this. Just wanted to know if I've given enough info. Don't be shy, tell me what you think....

Clifton812401Mar 2015Mar 2015
GhostMadu1681Mar 2015Mar 2015
How do u like me now

How do u like me nowLets start here just what do you think am i too honest or stupid being on a dating site..I dont think im ugly but not a 10 for sure that would be nice...

honeyz463401Mar 2015Mar 2015

Maddy50I don't get that many massages...

Maddy504302Jul 2014Mar 2015
Nobody here

Nobody here?Seriously?...

Hotman9992171Mar 2015Mar 2015
joeluckyly: "Changing"(meet us in the poems)

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