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TitleAuthorCreatedLast Comment
im real are you

im real are youWhat makes a man special to you....

timcrackerbimson1821Oct 2016Oct 2016
Hey ladies think I should change anything

Hey ladies think I should change anythingJust any general advice out there...

Faithfuljer932785Oct 2016Oct 2016
rea l gent seekers a lovin partner

rea l gent seekers a lovin partnerI cant change what I look like but I can always better myself as a person with the right lady to guide me xx...

timcrackerbimson1870Oct 2016
are like you

are like youyou are so nice to be with...

ibk011800Oct 2016
Hi World

Hi, World!Hi, World! I'm new here!...

TelloTelli3414Oct 2016Oct 2016
Hello everyone Im new here

Hello everyone! Im new here :)Hello people. What do you think about my profile? Im new in this and would like some advice. I would like to find a serious relationship :) Hope you a...

Palomaa1,93316Mar 2016Sep 2016
Dream girl

Dream girlI am waiting for someone special...

Crazycuteguy1950Sep 2016
Helloo love and rspect

Helloo love and rspectI am Serious man in my wirk gentle with All people nervous with stupid mind great with my mother and father yez i live alone in luxembourg but mother...

Mancy12100Sep 2016

HonestyC'mon now when you see my profile''what's your thought like?...

Heartlezz58611Sep 2016Sep 2016
Looking for that Real One from Real World

Looking for that Real One from Real World..With my profile will I ever get that Real One from Real World..? I am clueless.....

Indian721940Sep 2016
hello and good luck

hello and good lucki'd actually would like to see people's sicerety. that's all....

georgeturk2731Sep 2016Sep 2016
hello and good luck cool

hello and good luck :cool:i'd actually would like to see people's sicerety. that's all....

georgeturk2160Sep 2016
what do you think about mu profile

what do you think about mu profile....Thanks for reviewing my profile and commenting. Please comment if I express enough about myself or do i need to write. I thank you in advance for your...

PLAYADUDE592000Sep 2016
what do you think about mu profile

what do you think about mu profile..Would like to ask you which of my pics would be nice for my primary pic.and do u think I wrote enough about myself. Well thank u for stopping by hope...

Latingirlbj487225Jan 2015Jul 2016
What am I missing

What am I missing?Hello there guys and gals. I am new to this whole online dating thing and am not certain how my profile comes off to others. I am a bold...

Papillon827285Aug 2016Sep 2016
hi everyone of my kind come to sri lanka

hi everyone of my kind, come to sri lanka.i just got back from france to sri lanka my origin country.this time i am going to travell a bit close to beaches. also fond of going in wild safari t...

indikaruwan2270Sep 2016
Ehh What do you think about me

Ehh, What do you think about me?Anyone else on here around my age??? Hopefully there's somebody on here that is. Either way tell me your opinion on me if you want to....

adorame9528May 2015Jul 2016
Feel free to compliment

Feel free to complimentLike it? Hate it? Curious? Intrigued? Appalled? Please, tell me! :)...

Tulefell8902Jul 2015Jul 2015
Am I being too picky about what Im looking for

Am I being too picky about what I'm looking for.I am really wanting to no if I'm being to picky, or am I giving out to much personal back round,or intimate details. Please be honest my feelings...

LetsTalkitout79310May 2016Sep 2016
Add me

Add meHow do i look ?...

nabeelmalik2000Sep 2016
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?Do I should add something to the heart of some beautiful princess? What do you want to know of more? What do you think of my picture?...

Sunnyheart19832010Sep 2016
I want to know this women only please

I want to know this....women only please.......Described me in one word?????????????...............

Ujadike1770Sep 2016
How would you like me

How would you like me?I'm new to the whole concept of online dating and I'd like some advice from the girls here What, if anything, should I add to my profi...

Jochon2395Sep 2016Sep 2016
Secret Revealed

Secret Revealed!I get many questions about my User ID Name. VenusWasHerName was taken from the YouTube video 'Venus' song as I have been told numerous times over tha...

VenusWasHerName2010Sep 2016
We are made of star stuff

We are made of star stuff.....All comments welcome....I am new to this site...

VenusWasHerName2453Sep 2016Sep 2016
I am looking for a feminist to buy me a dinner

I am looking for a feminist to buy me a dinner ;)Nah I am just kidding ... saying whats up is all!...

jowake782541Sep 2016Sep 2016

where ?where's my night in shining armor? I love kids don't want to raise anymore tho,I want a man to sweep me off my feet,to make me feel special.Someone ar...

5732164822Sep 2016Sep 2016
S O S I really do need your help guys

S.O.S, I really do need your help guys.So, can you guys just post some honest reviews on my profile. I would really like to know, what kind of person I come across, if I need to polish up m...

indisk4eva2320Sep 2016
Hi interested is there anything else needed

Hi interested , is there anything else needed .Looking to see if there are real ppl here or im not even in a real site . Because i have recibed messanges but they always say the same thing like are...

Cmed46712691Aug 2016Aug 2016
About real love

About real loveI think that: If we believe in love, we should accept love is profoundly tender, passionate affection for the person, we are looking for. We should...

omonoountes2344Sep 2016Sep 2016
how to make someone speaking back to you

how to make someone speaking back to youI am frustrated of getting no response to my mails,why all these women even go to this site?To satisfy their narcissism?...

Vojin4115Sep 2016Sep 2016
Review my profile please

Review my profile please...Review my profile and comment please......

joyduck19872450Sep 2016

here4funandmeetuAny advice on improving my profile? Would like to hear from female reviewers, thank you....

here4funandmeetu2050Sep 2016
sexynods5655Aug 2016Sep 2016
why is people so judgemental

why is people so judgementalwhy is no decent people anymore...

emmzymarie19923174Sep 2016Sep 2016
i want a realy relationship with 30 older woman

i want a realy relationship with 30+ older woman,i want a realy relationship with 30+ older woman,any contrary any town, I most interest a relation with 30+ any older woman,but of course she will be...

SOHELSOHEL2080Sep 2016
My profile

My profileWhat do u think of my profile pic?...

Elasantos3572Aug 2016Sep 2016
New and looking for Euro frindship

New and looking for Euro frindshipHi I'm not this site is there anyone would like to chat or interested email or contact me on my profile...

mole12470Sep 2016
Want to be friend

Want to be friendI wana to be ur friend. If you single then let me know send me request facebook : Amzad.CSE skype: hm khan Email : [email protected] M...

Sagor19952480Sep 2016
Review Comment

Review/Comment?Hello, I have no idea how to do a profile aside from google and so forth. I just write honest about me. Another site few years back....a woman in...

Leefranklin2530Sep 2016
Need your advice

Need your adviceWhich picture do you prefer ?...

barms692952Aug 2016Aug 2016
Review my profile

Review my profileDo you think this is possible with a kid...

Chynadolliez2263Aug 2016Aug 2016

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