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Some thing wrong with my profile

Some thing wrong with my profile??girls, guys, please help me improve my profile and my chances,,...

vdjbmcool4212Oct 2013Oct 2015

Help!Ok have added a more appropriate pic but I don't think I have the confidence to talk myself up in a profile. The proof is in the pudding. I tend to do...

Jxta816436Sep 2015Oct 2015
I make this look good

I make this look good.Give me your best and I'll give you my world....

IntrovertedJoe3650Oct 2015
No opinions on how it should be written to your perception only what you sense

No opinions on how it should be written to your perception, only what you sense!I m really not seeking any opinions on how my profile should be written, all I am asking is that what do you feel read[...

Filmnoir6772111Sep 2015Oct 2015
looking for fun

looking for funHi just ask me anything ad if you like then we can talk women only...

latntck4020Oct 2015

WHAT IS DEFINITION OF BEAUTYBeauty depends on observer's look (in which way he is looking), is it true? Can anybody explain it better. Same person seams to somebody good looking,...

Mr_Virgin5169Jun 2015Oct 2015

HiWhat do you think of me?...

rado923792Oct 2015Oct 2015

helloanybody home ;)...

HotChillyPeppers4473Sep 2015Oct 2015

TsDanielle86I let the reviews speak for themselves....

MsDanielle861,0970Oct 2015
macnab checkout

macnab checkoutEspecially need the ladies' opinions, of course. Do you think the funny route is a good idea, or do most ladies really want the soppy, sentimental...

macnab4272Sep 2015Oct 2015
stay strong

stay strong!"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'l...

sconnetin4362Sep 2015Oct 2015
Long distance seems the way to go

Long distance seems the way to goI have given this subject a long and hard thought Seeing that the supposedly REAL MEN of South Africa are so busy looking for young teeny...

candykisses466094Jul 2015Oct 2015
Where is my Mr rightam tired to wait for him

Where is my Mr right?am tired to wait for himLovely and caring lady but only for serious people no time wasters...

Shezi885531Sep 2015Oct 2015
I am so so tired of scammers

I am so so tired of scammersi dont know how i will be choosen by them . I am lucky in this matter....

Gilbert87871,01815Dec 2012Sep 2015
Live Laugh Love

Live, Laugh, LoveWhat do you think of what I say in my profile and of my pictures?...

Sparkles5005012Sep 2015Sep 2015

.Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit :)...

sconnetin3980Sep 2015

SEEKING LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPHi sweetie ,how are you doing and hope you are cool ..well I'm 28yrs of age from Travis County,Texas,and im just seeking for a long term relationship...

Jasminelauren093454Sep 2015Sep 2015
Could use some hints on how to make my profile look more welcoming

Could use some hints on how to make my profile look more welcoming.Hi! I'm looking for help making my profile more attractive to people that would like to be penpals or suchs. Trouble is I probably don't have the imag...

Iprok4941Jun 2015Sep 2015
Give it to me straight

Give it to me straightI am not so sure, what do you think about my profile. It is difficult to judge one self....

Arno383132Sep 2015Sep 2015
Needs improvement

Needs improvementI am getting very few hits (it isn't zero but it feels like it.) How can I improve my profile to be more attractive to the ladies who are browsing?...

balcarce3633Sep 2015Sep 2015
Very new to the site Hope to find a true friend

Very new to the site. Hope to find a true friendJUst joined. Looking for a good friend. Hope this is a chat site coz I wish to make that JUST ONE FRIEND...

mayfairy4121Sep 2015Sep 2015
hellow connecticutts

hellow connecticutts"""""what do you think of my pro pic?...

lesebwoy6511Sep 2015Sep 2015
What do you say ladies

What do you say ladiesWanna break you off some of this kit kat bar?...

mykindofman4481Sep 2015Sep 2015

hallolets be good freinds...

aqarscope3790Sep 2015
Update profile

Update profile.I need some feed back on my Updated profile. What stands out or one feels when reading it....

Filmnoir673570Sep 2015

SimpleBeauty is what inside of you and not what's outside of you....

nadinanalla3141Sep 2015Sep 2015
Is something amiss

Is something amiss?Don't see a lot of traffic and wonder it it's my profile?!?...

beautyseeker3951Sep 2015Sep 2015
Your true opinion is valued

Your true opinion is valuedAny comment, positive or negative, is appreciated in advance...

Nabile73321Sep 2015Sep 2015
why that happened

why that happenedL am very nice girl.good looking and well education.l did not married until now .so l am looking for a husband .with good education.but because l am f...

sahar12348871Sep 2015Sep 2015

HelloShould I use this picture or find another one?...

HotChillyPeppers4322Sep 2015Sep 2015

TryingJust try...any opinion? Thanks in advance......

Xian0002911Sep 2015Sep 2015
Rate me

Rate me :)I'm looking for your opinion on my personality. So rate me :)...

sijin73930Sep 2015
Constructive Criticism

Constructive CriticismHi yall, hope everyone is doing well. Please let me know what you think works well on my profile & let me know what you think needs some i...

smile4meplz4871Sep 2015Sep 2015
Can I ask for your thoughts please

Can I ask for your thoughts please ?i would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on my profile. Personally I think it needs to be improved on and I was wondering what other people thin...

Jim_404212Aug 2015Sep 2015


abidrozik4800Sep 2015


abidrozik4210Sep 2015
Add me mail me than we will have a good conversation

Add me, mail me & than we will have a good conversationCheck out me on insta @yashdeep_sharma...

yahofficial4260Sep 2015
Love it

Love itIf these really are your views and not they are not plagiarised you should start a class for women...

luna12345040Sep 2015
damgoodwoman4280Sep 2015
Looking for nice people to increase my friend circle

Looking for nice people to increase my friend circle.Hello everyone, please check out my profile and if you like about me and if you can become my nice friend to share thoughts, ideas, skills.. you are w...

rajkolekar4280Sep 2015
new to the site

new to the sitecheck my profile out people and tell me what you think ofd my website also im looking for someone who is cool and lives near by in the dmv area [/b...

exotic8demetri4080Sep 2015
Yourattitude reflects your past describes your present and predicts your future

Your attitude reflects your past, describes your present and predicts your future.provide a look into the deeper aspects of ourselves and the limitless possibilities and potential that is available to all who will only take the time...

chula725170Sep 2015

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