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Hello Do I stand any chance

Hello Do I stand any chance ?Hi everyone. After almost three years of being separated i think i am healed enough to probably be hurt again so i signed up on this web site. I am no...

Wildride4301Jul 2015Jul 2015
Who knows I may be yours

Who knows I may be yoursAbout me: I am Tim, I am at my early 4O's, what much to talk about myself, hard working, honest, caring and romantic and respect, and talk they say i...

Timm7773211Jul 2015Jul 2015
Any genuine ladies in the u k

Any genuine ladies in the u.k?Didnt think it would be this tricky to find someone genuine.Everything is genuine yet still getting messages from overseas,which are a waste of time.S...

dazza433523Jul 2015Jul 2015

newI've been out of the girl game for awhile and can not understand what the deal is...

jjohndeere3333151Jul 2015Jul 2015
Is There something Missing In My Profile Comment Please

Is There something Missing In My Profile? Comment Please..Its been Longtime i am the part of this community but still didnt get any response, May be there is lots of scammers or may be something is missing in...

Arzar3981Jul 2015Jul 2015
i am new here

i am new herewhat do you thin of my apearance?...

cassyokafor2984Jul 2015Jul 2015
the fakes how to recognize them you be careful

the fakes, how to recognize them? you be careful!There are many fakes into this care friends....

Ross19712732Jul 2015Jul 2015
Is My Profile Okay

Is My Profile Okay?Is My Profile Okay? Thanks in Advance...

Homing3172Jul 2015Jul 2015

First impressions?I deliberately didn't want a chocolate-box-pretty photo or a conventional pushing-the-dating-buttons description. I just wonder how the profile co...

Elegsabiff4071Jul 2015Jul 2015
Any advice is welcome

Any advice is welcomeAny advise is welcome, so lonely for to long,,,...

Philo493052Jul 2015Jul 2015
Am I a stud or what

Am I a stud or what?So... just wandering what you ladies thought of my pic, should i get a haircut? show my abs? smile more? add a shot...

Foxworth1840Jul 2015
I need your advice

I need your advice .Tell me your opinion about my profile , my pictures . I'm honest but why were most of the men writing to me scammers , fakers . Should I stop all my h...

JoannaNgo1,03815Jun 2015Jul 2015
Rate and message me

Rate and message meWhat do you think of my profile? Is it too straight forward? Should I tone it down, and what do you think of my pictures?...

chris63642991Jul 2015Jul 2015
Am I Too Old Or Is The Distance Too Far You May Fly Me To The Moon

Am I Too Old Or Is The Distance Too Far You May Fly Me To The MoonNot Desperate But Wondering What Is so Wrong With My Profile That I Only Get h*rny Not my Type Or Choice Of Ethnic Group Or Age...

candykisses466866Jul 2015Jul 2015
come first get first

come first get first :)looking for cool review , cool suggestion ,...

AxeeKhan1680Jul 2015
LeviLenjoh1801Jul 2015Jul 2015
I am a pleasant person to be around

I am a pleasant person to be around.Does my title agree with my photos and do you enjoy this website?...

uniax3542Jul 2015Jul 2015
Primary photo

Primary photo...Is my primary photo is better?...

Ahishbiswas2521Jul 2015Jul 2015

hiany here for friend...

pradeep508332301Jul 2015Jul 2015
Happy life can be only acquired it can never be offered by anyone Incredible

Happy life can be only acquired; it can never be offered by anyone. IncredibleAlthough I was married twice, I did not have a happy marriage and it is too late now. But I do not feel much pain about that, as it was because of my...

omonoountes2642Jul 2015Jul 2015
im a nice guy

im a nice guyIm a nice guy who likes to have fun and in joy life...

tallen1232790Jul 2015
Honest impression of my profile please

Honest impression of my profile please.?Hi guys. I am new to this site, and I was wondering if any of you have the time to review my profile and tell me the honest first impressions you...

NurFatima282215Jul 2015Jul 2015

what's wrong with my profile?can you guys please take the time out to view my page and tell me what's wrong with it. am I ugly? I've been on here just over a year now and I'm abou...

sherikapaisley911,30321Apr 2015Jul 2015
Grow old with ME

Grow old with ME!!!Hi everyone, I am not getting much activity on my profile. I am looking for intelligent, kind, loving forever partner. I will GO anywhere for it...

SpottedPonies4435Jul 2015Jul 2015

adviceLike a tired...

ariket11710Jul 2015
Why am I attracting only scammers

Why am I attracting only scammers?Why am I not getting responses from real members, only scammers have contacted me and wasted my time. What is wrong with the description of myself or...

twa747jj3373Jul 2015Jul 2015
Anyone looking for a young intelligent guy to love

Anyone looking for a young intelligent guy to love?I think a lot has been said in my profile. If anyone here need a man to love and cherish her for who she is, then I am here...

Wht0157583160092611Jul 2015Jul 2015

MY FLOWER GIRL ALWAYS.I am a fun loving person. I am a very caring and sensitive person, I am a level headed, down to earth person who is totally devoted to the one I love....

sunflowerlinh3121Jul 2015Jul 2015
hello why i am here can u tell me

hello why i am here,can u tell mei am searching good women friends around the world,can u help me,...

prince_vijay2740Jul 2015

Someone tell me if my pics looks okayWas just wondering if i look okay to ppl? just wanted to know someone's first impression of my profile, maybe it needs a bit of tweaking? all feedback...

kandacyhope4280Jul 2015Jul 2015
Need your opinion about my profile

Need your opinion about my profileWhat do you think of my pictures and my profile ?...

Saba292120Jul 2015
im in malta contact me only if you live nearby

im in me only if you live can find everything about me on my profile. If you aren't free mentally, let me alone....

Ross19712080Jul 2015
Tell me your first impression

Tell me your first impressionHi ladies, If you are looking for someone to Date, and you read my profile, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?...

jayjaybam2501Jul 2015Jul 2015
come on ladies

come on ladies!!i gottta be doing something hit me up ladies. i check on here every day.. really i'm a sweetheart, a little shy but a great what am...

sativaguy4202480Jul 2015
Its been a while

Its been a while!Its been a while I kind of a hard person to get to know... A introvert... doing my best to reach out... do you think I communicate myself well? Tha...

lonnieray2711Jul 2015Jul 2015
Hello new guy here please review

Hello, new guy here, please reviewHi I am new here. Please review my profile and let me know your comments. Im worried, had no comments, or no one I like seems to like me. :)...

fernandos2740Jul 2015
i need a girl in my life

i need a girl in my lifeso I can get women to see me...

mbaby2900Jul 2015
is she here

is she hereWhat do you think about me, Pls 50 and above pls...

iwant2meetu013903Jun 2015Jul 2015
hey everyone newbie here haha

hey everyone newbie here hahaIs my profile picck to much??...

diontye2410Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender712320Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender712510Jul 2015
What do you think

What do you thinkIs there anything I should change about my profile?...

lovemetender712280Jul 2015
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