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Looking for real friendship

Looking for real friendshipHello every one what do you think of my profile tell me please you comment is welcome...

TroyHarry100840Jun 29
My life

My lifeThis is my life, so watch me live it right.. Did I sound too arrogant?...

scout247820Jun 23
Just want to know

Just want to knowJust say what ever comes through your head. Both, possitive & negative are welcome...

Zarathos960Jun 10
Please review my profile

Please review my profileDoes my profile interest you?...

bman2k20970Jun 7
Is it OK

Is it OK?Do I come across as boring, depressed, mammys boy.?...

key741280Jun 7
Useful input

Useful inputMaybe there's something I could change or not ? Obviously nobody has any comments to make So is this world now days so self centered :co...

daears510Jun 1
What about my page

What about my page?Hello to all, im here to get reviewed and see what going on, what about my picture?...

Goodtalker831290Apr 26
Want to earn extra income ask me how inbox me serious people no fraud I have everything you should h

Want to earn extra income ask me how inbox me serious people no fraud I have everything you should hI am a nurse trying safe life ???????????????????????????and showing people how they can join my team to make an income ????????????I am also seeking...

Chevoa1990Apr 19
Tell me what you think about my profile my Friends dont be too harsh on me

Tell me what you think about my profile my Friends don't be too harsh on meTell me what you think but don't be too harsh on me my friends....

Smooth131880Apr 16
Looking for my Beautuful Princess

Looking for my Beautuful PrincessHello Ladies i joined this wonderful Dating site .i tell you the truth they are thousands of Beautiful Women Here .me still searching for my Beauty H...

micheal991210Apr 7
Hi friends i am new here

Hi friends i am new hereI would like to be friends and meet people around the world.Feel free to comment about my profile.I would also like to meet few people.If interested c...

aiyo_19871680Apr 6
First impressions

First impressions?I have never been great at profiling myself or creating profiles in general so by all means let me know your first impressions critical or otherwise o...

Russellrw1620Apr 5
if you really looking sincere for your search let me know

if you really looking & sincere for your search,let me can know more can drop a message i will reply back for sure! looking a true soulmate,age is just a number for me! contact me i am waiting for your...

blove_6681890Apr 4
new here

new hereLooking for new friends...

otrebla_nauj1570Apr 3
What about my pictures

What about my pictures?Hello to all, right now the world is changing, it counts a lot of deads and family destroyed, im praying for them but here is the only way to get view...

Goodtalker831630Mar 22

Thanx fior view ny profileDosent matter what you think...becasue of profile you cant judge the person...

Dk_19792020Mar 14
Need honest opinion

Need honest opinion.Nothing in particular, just what to improve my profile....

Roxana381620Mar 2
Just me

Just meAnything...

SmallPaul1610Feb 21

silasi01I want to make changes on my profile...

silasi011580Feb 21

silasi01Date of birth incorrect...

silasi011470Feb 21
Hit me with your best shot

Hit me with your best shot.Compliment it, yell at it, tell me Imma psycho; whatever you want! lol...

SchylerSilvey1670Feb 14
missChelseablue1870Feb 3

SexWho Will f*ck...

Brixh361800Feb 1

well ??opinions good, bad or indifferent welcome , just let me know...

Stephen24101500Jan 20

nobodynobodyAll the above thank you...

nobodynobody1360Jan 11
I want to be your partner Dance with me

I want to be your partner. Dance with me.I welcome any suggestions you may want to offer about anything that catches your eye. Spasseeba!...

bardometer1730Dec 20
Check me out

Check me outI am here in search of my Queen and if I stand the chance let your comment flow...

Sirlordrf1600Dec 12
Show my profile some love

Show my profile some love.I hope you like me and my profile. This is the true me. So here i am....

Hell4leather1370Dec 8
First time posting to a personals site be gentle

First time posting to a personals site, be gentle!I've never posted to a personals site before, and had WAY too much on here on my first edit (lucky I had a friend who helped coach me into a complete...

mrwolfie1990Dec 7
Looking for real friends and maybe more than a friend

Looking for real friends, and maybe more than a friendWhy is it hard to find love nowadays, is it because of my ethnicity not all blacks are scammers there are good people out there who needed to be heard...

Nyati19801970Dec 2019
intimate desire

intimate desireare my expectations unrealistic?...

Xavipr1580Nov 2019
Any advice

Any advice?Any advice whatsoever...

Tornado60001500Nov 2019
Kiwikowa1800Oct 2019Oct 2019
Finding love

Finding loveI m finding love for whole life...

rohithunk1690Sep 2019
I Hope This Profile Is Okay

I Hope This Profile Is OkayIn general; is it okay? I was being honest all the way when I made it....

cam9551670Sep 2019
70030444511760Aug 2019
what should i say on my profile

what should i say on my profilewhat i should say and not say...

Artmanjohn1180Jul 2019

StraightforwardWell... Would just like a general opinion about what's good, what's lacking and anything else. One thing I should probably mention is,as is visible, I...

Mjollnir691590Jul 2019
Genuine lady

Genuine ladyWhat do you think of my profile. Dont say picture. At last i have a picture then blank profiles...

Mawatameri152110Jul 2019

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