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Welcome to the Recipes section. Below is a list of Recipes posted by members. Singles Recipes: meals for one, for two, for company or just easy-everyday -Post a recipe for a dish that’s popular in your part of the world, used everyday or for special occasions or holidays. -Post a recipe for an easy dish for one, to fix in a hurry, with few basic ingredients, to make by singles who like to eat... but don’t like to cook. -Share a recipe you have created. Show your skill/creativity and help members get to know you better. -Post comments, ask questions,and talk about food and cooking. Click here to post a recipe.



Tells you how to make the cake.....

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Tuna Gringo Recipe

Tuna Gringo

This is an easy hot dish that my kids love. I got the recipe from a friend who worked at a daycare. It sounds repulsive, but it's not too bad in a p...

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Beef Pilau Recipe

Beef Pilau

This is one of my favorite fried rice recipe. Of course with beef in it. Very traditional kenyan Cuisine very common in the coastal part of kenya ??...

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Limoncello How To..For those that actually like Limoncello

For those that are interested on the History of Limoncello link below: Why i like...

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Beef Shaved Steak w Sweet Onion and Green Bell Pepper Recipe

Beef Shaved Steak w/Sweet Onion and Green Bell Pepper

I created it myself.I refuse to eat anything but homemade no processed food for this gal. I've never had to send out a search party to figure out...

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Pizza Rolls Recipe

Pizza Rolls

This makes very good snack you will love....

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US as in You and Me Recipe

US as in You and Me

ok, So I get bored, i get silly....

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Marco pierre white s chicken chasseur Recipe

Marco pierre white' s chicken chasseur

This is marco pierre white's recipe , it will indulge your appetite...

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Central American Native Spicy ancestral Hot Cocoa

A tasty way to carry on your ancestral traditions, if you're of that bloodline. If not, and you like chocolate and spicy . . .then feel free to war...

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Request for a Recipe

I need a sauce recipe for a hamburger. I also need a mouth watering 'Chip Dip' or French fry Dip recipe....

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Pita Recipe


Tzatziki: 4 cups (32 ounces) plain yogurt 1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded and grated 1/2 teaspoon salt  1/4 cup olive oil  1/4 cup white vinega...

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Simple stir fry Recipe

Simple stir fry

Simple ham sliced stirfry - Cook noodles in some salted water - Add oil to wok cook sliced mushrooms and chopped onion cook till lightly browned a...

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Noodles with Peanut Sauce Recipe

Noodles with Peanut Sauce

I made bigger portions for pot luck or staff shared lunch and went very well....

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Indian Food Recipe

Indian Food

Indian Food...

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Jamie oliver super smoothies Recipe

Jamie oliver super smoothies

Jamie oliver super smoothies will make your bodies so sexy Jamie oliver super smoothies this is a guarantee...

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Thanksgiving Christmas leftover pot pie Recipe

Thanksgiving/Christmas leftover pot pie.

Will be fixing this after every holiday. I make a lot of extra stuffing , to be sure I have enough to make this. Easy and keeps well over night in fri...

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Mamas Best Baked Beans Recipe

Mama's Best Baked Beans

I got this recipe from crock - pot best loved Slow cooker recipes . I love these beans are wonderfully good....

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Hot Dog Recipe

Hot Dog

How to make a hot dog...

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Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

Teriyaki Salmon

The recipe is from JUST ONE COOKBOOK...

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Bang Bang Chicken Recipe

Bang Bang Chicken

Is based on Australian master chef recipe....

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Avocado garlic butter

My sis just shared this on facebook. I can't wait to try it!...

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CHAMPORADO— is a homegrown Filipino breakfast and snacks food. NO filipino don’t know this food or has tried this food. So guys here’s the recipe Th...

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Guiness choco cake Recipe

Guiness choco cake

This one is nigella lawson recipe...

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Pumpkin and bacon soup Recipe

Pumpkin and bacon soup

I got this recipe from charlie trotter , he passed away , but he was a chef with michelin star...

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The fluffiest pancake in the world Recipe

The fluffiest pancake in the world

I got the recipe from gordon ramsay , the best chef in the world...

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Spanokapita Recipe


I got this recipe from the restaurant i used to work...

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Karaage Fried Chicken Recipe

Karaage Fried Chicken

My delicious recipe which is very common in my country , japan...

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Home Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

Home-Style Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a very popular dish in India and many Middle-Eastern countries, but its preparation is elaborate and involves precise timing, whether you f...

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True Love True Companionship Recipe

True Love/ True Companionship

I made up this recipe for fun....

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How To Make Cauliflower Palatable Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

How To Make Cauliflower Palatable (Roasted Cauliflower)

I discovered this recipe by complete accident. It is possible to prepare cauliflower and make it taste good. Just hear me out....

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Garlic Rosemary Potatoes Recipe

Garlic/Rosemary Potatoes

I made this as part of dinner tonight. It's a Jamie Oliver recipe and it's divine! Warning: VERY garlicky ....Yum!...

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The best beef rendang according to national geography Recipe

The best beef rendang according to national geography

I got this recipe from my great great grandma...

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Creamy Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy Mushrooms

This is an old recipe that I got off a friend when he was visiting, after he cooked it up one night....'s very yummy....great as a side dish f...

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Pt Chinois Recipe

Pâté Chinois

Pâté Chinois is not a Chinese recipe. It may simply be an adaption of "Shepherd's Pie", but one possible explanation for the Chinese reference is that...

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Grilled sardines Recipe

Grilled sardines

This is quite simply a fantastic recipe for sardines. Sardines are extremely healthy - an excellent source of omega-3, B12, and selenium - and just as...

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Three Bean Baked Beans Recipe

Three Bean Baked Beans

Ground beef and bacon mixed in, these satisfying beans are a big hit at backyard barbecues....

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Electric Avocado dressing

This is by far my favorite salad dressing. It's healthy, it's alkaline forming, and it's addictive. I binged on salad last week, because of this dress...

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World famous Sicilian White Pizza Recipe

World famous Sicilian White Pizza

Dis is how you make a frickin pizza....

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Pizza casserole Recipe

Pizza casserole

Learned in high school and good for friends and family...

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Recipe wanted Recipe

Recipe wanted.

I want to know how to make a light fluffy icing, i want to use a lot of butter in the icing but really want to know how to get it light and fluffy......

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Easy Sausage Gravy with Biscuits Recipe

Easy Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

I've made this recipe for years....

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Avocado Shake Recipe

Avocado Shake

Despite its origin in Central and North America (Mexico), there are some records that occurred an important penetration of cultivation and consumption...

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