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Orange Julius like Protein Drink

Orange Julius-like Protein Drink

This kind of evolved over many years. It started with a raw egg in orange juice, which I didn't approve of. I replaced the egg with a scoop of soy pro...

CMerlyn1,8445Jan 2017Aug 10
Beef Shaved Steak w Sweet Onion and Green Bell Pepper

Beef Shaved Steak w/Sweet Onion and Green Bell Pepper

I created it myself.I refuse to eat anything but homemade no processed food for this gal. I've never had to send out a search party to figure out...

Ccincy1,8365Nov 2016Aug 9
Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

It's easy to make and can be frozen....

Ccincy3862Dec 2017Aug 4

Italian Garlic rolls...

Marcella's Italian restaurant in the 1970's was a favorite place to eat. Located near North Miami High School, it was the place to congregate after f...

chatillion340Aug 4

Pink Stuff

This can be a salad or a dessert It's one of my favorites....

texasgirl8585490Jul 30

Chicken Slaw with Sesame sauce

Healthy diet protein and veggies...

kgheng1061160Jul 15
Hot Cocoa for Two

Hot Cocoa for Two

What could be better than sitting by the fire with someone special and enjoying a good cup of hot cocoa? This is the best hot cocoa I have ever had....

CMerlyn8251Nov 2016Jul 15
Apple Cider Vinaigrette a dressing for any occasion or salad

Apple Cider Vinaigrette, a dressing for any occasion or salad

nothing to difficult, the key is to make sure the dressing emulsify....

cooking4u1140Jun 19

Chicken Breasts,Broccoli Cheese Stuffed

I found this on the internet and haven't tried it as yet but I do intend on trying it....

Bearwoman1420Jun 12
Happychatty14012Oct 2017Jun 11

Pomegranate salad (slightly acid/salty flavor)

I got this from my mom who was a chef....

Simirina1180May 27

Eggs under mayo

Easy to cook Quick-hand dish Testy...

Simirina850May 26
Perogy Casserole

Perogy Casserole

Found this in the local newspaper. There's a new one every week, and they are simple to make, even for one person. Enjoy!...

Lilith102982Jan 23May 25
Homemade Chicken Soup In A Slow Cooker

Homemade Chicken Soup In A Slow Cooker

I found this recipe years ago and have made it more than once.After taking the photo I did put the lid back on to let it continue cooking....

Ccincy4581Nov 2017May 18
Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja

A traditional Cuban recipe of shredded meat in a rich sauce....

Amed321480May 13
Pt Chinois

Pâté Chinois

Pâté Chinois is not a Chinese recipe. It may simply be an adaption of "Shepherd's Pie", but one possible explanation for the Chinese reference is that...

Sejmet1,7541Dec 2016Apr 16
Spiced Biscuit Brownies

Spiced Biscuit Brownies

I am kind of a chocolate addict…I just love the stuff, and one of the recipes I had been trying to perfect, was chocolate brownies. So after several...

Cap242462Mar 22Apr 13


Satsivi (Georgian: ??????) is a thick paste made from walnuts and served cold (‘Tsivi’ means ‘cold’ in Georgian). It is used in a variety of meat (usu...

linalina563082Jan 28Mar 17

Marboulius Golden Crust; self rising multigrain gluten free, yeast free, dairy free bread

every couple of days I bake a fresh loaf, after an operation course of drip antibiotics i found digestive system no longer worked. Weeks and months of...

robplum1,5912Dec 2016Feb 26

Fish mornay

A delicious creamy, buttery fish mornay is a tasty comfort dish, and these individually sized portions are great for families....

Happychatty13552Dec 2017Feb 26
Solid Honey Tarag

Solid Honey Tarag

Please take clean tarag and cut open middle leaving base place in solid honey and close on top add chives on top if you have cut thin as reasonable...

Bride_Damsel1330Feb 25
Apple Bread Pudding

Apple Bread Pudding

When you first hear the name, Bread Pudding, may not sound too interesting. However, its a really tasty, rich dessert that's hard to turn down once y...

Staff1,1091Jun 2010Feb 14


This is one of the most consumed drinks by tourism in Cuba, and obvious by the Cubans, a rich cocktail prepared with rum, and a lot of Cuban flavor I...

Amed323161Feb 1Feb 9
Fall off the bone beef ribs with apple wood bacon mashed potatoes

Fall off the bone beef ribs with apple wood bacon mashed potatoes

I made this for my Boss Pat Mac he loved them i think you will also its my own respie....

ChefRichie4731Nov 2017Feb 6
Cuban chicken rice

Cuban chicken rice

It is a simple recipe that my aunt made on Christmas days, it is very simple but it takes a lot of love, This recipe is created for 6 people...

Amed324474Dec 29Jan 31
Tuna Gringo

Tuna Gringo

This is an easy hot dish that my kids love. I got the recipe from a friend who worked at a daycare. It sounds repulsive, but it's not too bad in a p...

freehand6242Aug 2017Jan 24
BBQ Meatloaf Minis

BBQ Meatloaf Mini's

Another good recipe I found in local newspaper!...

Lilith102670Jan 23
Stuffed chicken brest

Stuffed chicken brest

If your looking for a quick meal this is the one for you. You will need a large chicken breast... one jar of turkey gravy and one box of stove top...

lostinthedust2740Jan 18


Tells you how to make the cake.....

Charliesangels228953Jul 2017Jan 18
Quick and Easy Paella

Quick and Easy Paella

Paella is one of those recipes that can be easily cooked at home but always brings back memories of sunny holidays in Spain or Italy.......

OgGoDeo6141Jun 2017Jan 14
Broccoli soup

Broccoli soup

I got this online from the Pioneer woman. No one eats it really, just me. And I happened to take a picture of it this time....

TsunadeSama1,7804Nov 2016Jan 5
Unbelievable Bundt Cake

Unbelievable Bundt Cake

Bundt cake is a classic Christmas dessert, but it seems that no one's really sure how to make it correctly. The ideal Bundt cake is moist and rich, b...

Staff2,5204Jun 2010Jan 2
Creamy Broccoli Chicken and Bacon Pasta Recipe

Creamy Broccoli, Chicken, and Bacon Pasta Recipe

Found it on the internet but I have made something similar....

Ccincy6351Aug 2017Dec 23
Festive Cranberry Punch

Festive Cranberry Punch

You can also take some of the juice and make it into an ice ring and place it in the punch....

Ccincy2420Dec 2017
Easy Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

Easy Sausage Gravy with Biscuits

I've made this recipe for years....

Ccincy1,8933Dec 2016Dec 2017
Homemade Cranberry Relish Had to redo recipe cause I couldnt post my recent photo of the original

Homemade Cranberry Relish Had to redo recipe cause I couldn't post my recent photo of the original

I make this relish every Holiday season NOTE: May also be prepared in a food grinder.can be frozen up to two months....

Ccincy2810Nov 2017
Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

I make this relish homemade during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season....

Ccincy3010Nov 2017
BelladonnaMaria2560Nov 2017
Busias pierogi

Busia's pierogi

Procedure: Noodle, Cream egg with water and salt. Add flour slowly while mixing, via strainer if you want, until incorporated. Kneed or with a do...

Odysseus_own1,4382Feb 2017Nov 2017
Pork green chili

Pork green chili

If you like burritos smothered in green chili,you'll love this....

Romancenotdead3370Oct 2017

Beef & Ale Pie

Traditional Recipe Beef & Ale Pie...

Happychatty13210Oct 2017
Two Layer Celebration Cake

Two Layer Celebration Cake

Baking is one of my favourite pastimes......especially celebration cakes where I can let my imagination run wild on the decorating........

OgGoDeo6040Jun 2017Oct 2017
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