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The Cross and The Tree of Life

The Cross and The Tree of LifeI was half awake and half asleep the other morning and I saw this with my eyes closed. Believe it or not - it's up to you....

godsprincess302 hrs ago

PoetryA bit of a whim really. I just thought I'd provide my historical perspective....

Macduff51295May 275 hrs ago
A Lucid Dream

A Lucid DreamI can't wake up! These succubi They haunt me- Another broken love - Or a forgotten dream? Trapped in this Kaleidoscopic maze Old movie visi...

lovecanbereal6464Jan 20167 hrs ago
Truth seeker life seeker

Truth seeker life seekerSeeking truth behind illusions we oft end up in utter confusion Perhaps the reason is we are seeking in the wrong places behind masks that hi...

Akeldama4019118 hrs ago9 hrs ago
the guardians of our lost souls

the guardians of our lost soulsI was touched by the sad plights of our young souls caught in the abyss of prostitution. I was reading Jeffrey Epstein and the many victims of his...

lindsyjones52818Nov 201614 hrs ago
The Gift

The GiftI wrote this to express in a small way how I view what marriage should be....

Maguskrynns393Sep 2214 hrs ago

MEMORIESMy Mom loved tiny yellow flowers and butterflies. The anniversary of her death will be Aug. 5th - 7 years ago....

godsprincess1,04032Jul 201515 hrs ago
Searching for Love

Searching for LoveThe poem depicts a person walking down a beach filled with uncertainty searching for any clues about the direction and discovery of love....

Yankee4you71016Apr 201519 hrs ago
The Plain Truth

The Plain TruthPersonifying truth...

Yankee4you3414May 201124 hrs ago

secretsA secret is only as good as The paper it's written on After being burned Flakes of gray float into the sky Memories...

freehand220Sep 22
I Will Wait For You

I Will Wait For YouYou are the most beautiful woman to ever grace the face of this earth... Only God himself will ever know just how much I love you... For there are n...

candykid1,40739May 2014Sep 22
The wisdom of the Owl

The wisdom of the OwlGreat owl of the highlands what makes you so wise? You sit perched upon your tree looking down to the ground so intently Oh here comes lone...

Akeldama40464Sep 22Sep 22
no lie in her fire

no lie in her fireshe's mad,but she's magic.There's no lie in her fire....

syalda411Sep 22Sep 22

PinheadI was watching Hellraiser III today. In this one Pinhead is given the ability to torture the innocent as well as those who unwisely open the box....

mcradloff140Sep 22
Oh no Its my birthday 66 years old Pleassee

Oh, no! It's my birthday?! 66 years old. Pleassee!This is nuts! I'll be sixty six tomorrow? What's up with that? I mean, seriously.. OMG! This means I was here When God made the first Proton's,...

cafetwo201042825Dec 2016Sep 22
chaos and beauty

chaos and beautyshe was chaos and beauty intertwined.A tornando of roses from divine....

syalda230Sep 22
Untamed Wisdom

Untamed WisdomSpring arrivals of waves and waves of returning songbirds across the northern New England countryside....

Yankee4you4717Apr 2015Sep 22
A Smile Brought To Mind

A Smile Brought To MindA little poem about remembrance for all we are and say….I am often inspired by simple country life here in the New England countryside and sharing a l...

Yankee4you67314Apr 2015Sep 22
The Welcomed Migrant

The Welcomed MigrantNature's only border is survival....

Yankee4you6384Mar 2016Sep 22
Waiting For You

Waiting For YouMissing the feeling of love...

Yankee4you6382Aug 2016Sep 22

EmbersMetaphors for love...

Yankee4you1895Jul 23Sep 22
I dreamed of an angel

I dreamed of an angelI had a dream one night awaking out of fright I saw myself walking in darkness under a pale moon light Dark clouds creeping along a black sky...

Akeldama40271Sep 22Sep 22


Maguskrynns250Sep 21


Maguskrynns240Sep 21

SunsetsOoooh! Pretty!...

Maguskrynns220Sep 21

StarsYep!... I like stars!...

Maguskrynns200Sep 21

FAITH AS A SHIELDHaving received God protection, in the face of death......

angel999995038Oct 2014Sep 21
I Wear Your Smile

I Wear Your Smile..I wear your smile when my face is a frown I wear your smile when my spirits are down I wear your smile when my heart is in pain I wear...

cafetwo20101,36926Oct 2010Sep 21
Still Waiting For You Revised

Still Waiting For You (Revised)All the promises never keep me from searching....

Yankee4you1383Sep 8Sep 21
Farewell Cafe

'Farewell Cafe'Thought I'd throw in one with a twist.....

cafetwo201058326Oct 2011Sep 21
A Harvest Moonrise

A Harvest MoonriseThe sights and sounds of late summer........

Yankee4you2389Sep 2011Sep 21
Peace of thought

Peace of thoughtFor my Beloved Daniela who always sees the good in me...

Akeldama40803Sep 16Sep 21
I will survive

I will surviveThanks a lot to sir Rob . He inspires me to share my poems...

salamuna342Sep 21Sep 21
eeejay500Sep 20
What Makes a Woman Beautiful

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?With apologies to any woman legally blind/vision impaired, who may be just as beautiful inside....

lovecanbereal7812Sep 19Sep 20

LITTLE BLUE BUTTERFLYI was in the yard a couple a days ago and this little blue butterfly flew all around me. It is usually a white one or a yellow one. I had never seen...

godsprincess66215Jul 30Sep 20

dreadoh you of shiftless dysmorphic eyes gazing as though through the wise I wonder how your body flies when she is to you unseen there is no use to he...

eeejay270Sep 20
Soul cripple

Soul crippleWhat has stopped loving - not a miracle. That became the enemy - that wildly. I have smiled crookedly. Soul has couldn't stop shout. Pitchfork h...

Ummka8512Sep 16Sep 20

WHAT IS IN A NAMEJust some fun name places in Australia...

steve1223645Sep 8Sep 20
Angel Of The Sea

Angel Of The Sea.Song version of Gracie Darling....

Bernician6503Jan 2016Sep 20
Advice from a Tree

Advice from a TreeDear Friend, Stand Tall and Proud Sink your roots deeply into the Earth Reflect the light of a greater source Think long term Go out on a limb...

muyubi33010Mar 2014Sep 20
Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights.Sleepless nights are your worst enemy. Healing is a process. Everything takes time....

Dadiog654Sep 16Sep 20

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