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Carla Free Spins

Carla - "Free Spins"* The popular dating website. ** An outer South West Sydney suburb. *** An outer South West Sydney (semi rural) suburb. ****...

lovecanbereal2246 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Its all dark again

Its all dark againWas it so recent that life was all bright and full of promise? It’s all dark now, I can’t see, just shadows of what was, shadows of what could have...

Mapmaker1935 hrs ago2 hrs ago

WakingAnother waking, with smeared Eye liner and mussy hair The stretching of limbs Redistributing fluids while The machine's gears begin moving A...

freehand1214 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Advice from a Tree

Advice from a TreeDear Friend, Stand Tall and Proud Sink your roots deeply into the Earth Reflect the light of a greater source Think long term Go out on a limb...

muyubi2596Mar 20147 hrs ago

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTHThe pounding of the gavel can be heard Throughout the land, or so it is said Nothing but truth here shall be spoke By no word or action to be misle...

steve12231409 hrs ago

WHY?Day bows out, night comes in And the music slowly fades Falling mist, sight grows dim The windows close their shades All’s been said No more to...

steve1223634Aug 129 hrs ago

focusin a lousy mood...

eeejay572Aug 179 hrs ago

fearthe lying began in fear taught to do what all living things do survive it could be said that each lie was a step toward the end but so is just...

eeejay512Aug 149 hrs ago

woundto those of sad selfishness the great tragedy may be your fear of exposure of wounds that never heal allowing no possibility for another beating...

eeejay532Aug 149 hrs ago
a lesson

a lessongiven to me by elders who feel they must leave something just a little different to have lived for something a fragment of a leaf on which is wri...

eeejay509 hrs ago
No regrets

No regretsI just discovered how a man betrayed me and say hello to being free. Again. For Schaun....

lindsyjones76714Jul 59 hrs ago

MOVING ONThanks all for your reads and comments.....

lindsyjones48720Apr 201410 hrs ago
People in My Coffee

People in My CoffeeIn my favourite coffee shop....

Duromojon5010 hrs ago
Too Fat Patricks Story

Too Fat: Patrick's StoryThis is an ode to an old show I saw on Jerry Springer back in 1995 on a man so fat they had to cut a hole in his house to get him out....

mcradloff70015Mar 201224 hrs ago
He who greets with fire

He who greets with fireThe castle knights had been absent for three months engaged in battle with the Manglelegion tribe on the southern side of Celtic Pass.. The small C...

cafetwo201030910Feb 2014Aug 18
The Trumpet Angel

The Trumpet AngelRemake of an earlier poem......

cafetwo20102298Sep 2011Aug 18
cafetwo201037714Sep 2011Aug 18
Blame it on The Moon

Blame it on The Moon..Through a half open window a warm summer breeze breathed a honeysuckle fragrance throughout that ol' farmhouse.. A gentle breeze teased the c...

cafetwo201078214Oct 2010Aug 18
Gold Digger

Gold Digger!uh..I'm gonna go with gold digger? lol...

cafetwo20102736Jun 2011Aug 18
The Phoenix

The PhoenixA fanciful write..Happy new year.....

cafetwo201051024Jan 2012Aug 18
The Greatness In You

The Greatness In You..I've been watching you from a distance.. You didn't know~ Didn't know how much I amired you.. I see things in You.. Great things~ All those...

cafetwo20101,01927Oct 2010Aug 18
Charge to the Goddess

Charge to the GoddessI wrote this to give homage to the great Goddess for she does come in many different ways within our lives....

OnyxAuset140Aug 18
Regarding True Identity

Regarding True Identity.I wrote this because I wanted to express my inner self and my thoughts and emotions at the time. Who am I, why I am, and when I am comes to mind wit...

OnyxAuset90Aug 18
Pandoras box

Pandora's boxI wrote this as to express my inner feelings what was going on at that time. If you can understand what Pandora's box is or know about who she is in...

OnyxAuset120Aug 18
In separation there is a high value

In separation there is a high valueIn separation there is a high value: As love though day one though a century, Lyubov is a dream, and a dream - one moment, And early, late awakenin...

Ummka254Aug 18Aug 18
When time comes

When time comesIn hours when happens So heavy on a breast, And heart pines, And darkness only ahead; Flat-out and without movement, We are so depressed, That...

Ummka70Aug 18
Raging sea

Raging seaBoth revolts, and bubbles, Whips, whistles, and roars, And will reach stars wants, And up to the firm heights... Hell it, or infernal force? Unde...

Ummka110Aug 18
The World Just Closed

The World Just ClosedAs usual just my strange take on the World economic situation....

trurorob1,12837Aug 2011Aug 18

coldI took a walk outside the Indoors Mind rambling as steadily as A an idling engine Oblivious to what I was really feeling On my walk outside the...

freehand693Aug 13Aug 18
So there is a wish to survive

So there is a wish to surviveSo there is a wish to survive, To live among streams rain, Among shadows, and among solar spots, Among trees whose whisper is muffled. So ther...

Ummka120Aug 18

RottenI really donated me....

Duromojon180Aug 18

SUMMER NIGHTThe sun slowly drifted away and shadows crept in The air slightly cooler as the darkness deepened Creatures scurrying to their dens while still ligh...

godsprincess463Aug 15Aug 18
Grizzly Adams

Grizzly AdamsGrizzly Adams was one of my favorite shows from the 70's. I just got it on DVD last night....

mcradloff756Aug 5Aug 18
Good night

Good nightAh, the door wasn't locked by me, I didn't light candles, You don't know how, tired, I didn't decide to lay down. To watch how strips die away...

Ummka452Aug 17Aug 17
Crazy Joe

Crazy JoeFor Granddad...

K_Ann_70728Aug 16Aug 17
This is your end

This is your end.Who are the controllers? What do they control? EVERYTHING! you have eyes an yet you still can't see,...

Heartbeatfast007441Aug 16Aug 17
Burger King

Burger KingI am pretty happy about a Burger King coming to our town of about 11,000. The last part is from Family Guy....

mcradloff150Aug 17
Dont Call Me Names

Don't Call Me Names!I was watching the Breakfast Club and how the criminal was saying mean things to the other students in detention. At the end they were all buds....

mcradloff553Jul 28Aug 17
The New Girl

The New GirlWho is the new girl Where can she be Who is the new girl That will take away her memory I'll keep watching For her to come along As the stor...

EyeLook4U250Aug 17
12 danube 3135

12 - danube 3135just my own words and idea...

danube3135210Aug 17
11 danube 3135

11 - danube 3135words of emotions...

danube3135140Aug 17

frigateI so love a bewitching decline … Especially when a decline at the sea … As in the distance the flaring frigate … He burns with sails on a trick …...

Ummka528Aug 15Aug 17

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