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Harbal9618Apr 1823 mins ago
Easter Traditions Poem

Easter TraditionsI colored my Easter eggs this morning....

mcradloff243Apr 1936 mins ago

The Last CallBehind the black curtain She sits in a chair Waiting for her name to be called As she sits and waits night time falls the halls have been cle...

Abby196313716Apr 1147 mins ago

BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTHI was half awake and half asleep the other morning and I saw this with my eyes closed. Believe it or not - it's up to you....

godsprincess90633Sep 20174 hrs ago

ALONENESSAloneness is different from loneliness It is an occasion for personal growth It gives an insight into humanness And helps us realize our self worth...

socrates441,18931Nov 20144 hrs ago

DARKNESS TO LIGHTRecently saw the movie "Risen" and it inspired me to write this poem. I usually like to write something light and more about nature. However, Palm S...

godsprincess1,38331Mar 20169 hrs ago

''Lily''These verses are dedicated to Lily. Pure bud of my thoughts....

AutumnChild1372Mar 2311 hrs ago

notes on a womanyou know the summer's fading.. and the night is getting cold.. there's an east wind in the harbour.. and lord knows I'm getting old.. and my work it t...

walRU1798Mar 615 hrs ago

Paul HollywoodJust a bit of fun, a poem about my celeb crush lol...

Happychatty1908Apr 1321 hrs ago

Plutonic TempleShould anyone read it, bear in mind that it is art, an expression of it through writing. It was however inspired by my initial awakening & how unset...

Tacopro321Apr 18Apr 19

Red Breasted RobinBased on a children's Easter Story of the Easter Robin....

godsprincess533Apr 17Apr 19
No ideal answer Poem

No ideal answerThere is no ideal answer to life's dilemmas or its demise No ultimate thought or idea or eloquent word to enlighten our eyes All there are b...

Masquerader351Apr 15Apr 19
Heaven is near Poem

Heaven is nearTell the moon and tell the sun There's life and love when we are one Heaven is near Heaven is near Showers of light and love will shine like th...

Masquerader361Apr 15Apr 19
HELLS fire Poem

"HELL'S fire"nothing more be said:)...

Bentlee63113Aug 2009Apr 19

silent highwayI see missed steps along the silent highway.. forgotten by the sound of endless cars.. how can a soul of your enduring conscience.. compete with all t...

walRU723Apr 15Apr 18
Fire of Love Poem

Fire of LoveIf I could feel your body close to mine. I think it would take my breath away. To feel your lips upon mine. Is a dream where I wish to stay. We a...

Happygolucky4u37912Aug 2010Apr 18

Natural BalanceInspired by reality of a dream. She is a myth, a fable. Over the decades & many many an expedition, I have encountered Bigfoot twice now in my lifelon...

Tacopro301Apr 18Apr 18

A Beautiful MindI sometimes wonder where we would be without the caring people in this sad world....

trurorob6,81597Feb 2010Apr 18
Spring Mix Poem

Spring MixInspired by spring...

yaspark9811Apr 15Apr 17
walRU803Apr 10Apr 16

Don’t drop me in itMen, what are they like?...

Harbal848Apr 14Apr 16
What is Love Poem

~~~~~ ~~~~~ What is Love? ~~~~~ ~~~~~Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad t...

Buffybear614Apr 14Apr 16

the cowboy and the mermaidthere's a golden sun on a spinning wheel there's a yellow fleck in a pan full of steel there's the fire I spat and the breath I once drew...

walRU956Mar 22Apr 15

''Piano In The Dark''Nothing is more elegant than sounds of piano. Especially when you know how to listen. Not mechanical. But straight from the deepest part of the sou...

AutumnChild725Apr 14Apr 15

GOD'S SPECIAL ANGELSWhat can I say - I really, really love lightning bugs and I have a fanciful imagination! :)...

godsprincess6959May 2015Apr 14

''If Tomorrow Never Comes''I collect my thoughts like butterflies in a glass jar. When they are ready to go I let them to find the way out. Death is somehow subject which touc...

AutumnChild652Apr 13Apr 14
canderel Poem

canderelYour just like canderel, the artificial sweetener. full of shite I dont understand. not real and leave's a bitter after tasting pill. need double the...

vikingvixen501Apr 13Apr 14
Lyin eyes Poem

Lyin eyesFor the many lies we say to avoid hurting one another of the truth....

Masquerader752Apr 11Apr 13
The pain of love Poem

The pain of loveWhen the pain of love is just too much that eventually one needs a crutch to hold together the pieces of a fragmented heart When nothing seems...

Masquerader713Apr 10Apr 13

Sarah MontagueEvery week day at one p.m. the object of my heart’s desire hosts a news programme on the radio....

Harbal12915Apr 8Apr 13
Dinosaurs on a Plane Poem

Dinosaurs on a PlaneI love the movies that have animals attacking people. The best scene in Jurassic Park was when the Trex ate the lawyer sitting on the toilet....

mcradloff270Apr 13

SpringtimeAnticipation of Spring...

godsprincess68332Apr 2017Apr 12

roads and allwell heaven knows and heaven lies I'm driving down this road under stationary skies distances are vast I can see no end it's easy just to c...

walRU17912Mar 24Apr 12

THE DIVERworld of alice: walrus and the oysters...

OdaMae922Feb 5Apr 12

NuanceJune 8, 1982....

BB_snickers2623Mar 2011Apr 11

Love Hearted FriendsI was just standing, Outside your door, Wondering if this new love would end a war. My mind floats Long into yesterdays Like the man in a lov...

BB_snickers3248Mar 2011Apr 11

Baby ... MoveYou can hang 'round worrying in that closet of doom. Or you can stick your foot out get a feel for your room. See the sun through the window in c...

BB_snickers39511Apr 2011Apr 11
Aint no Bananas on Mars Poem

Ain't no Bananas on MarsThe uniqueness of Earth.....

cafetwo201053815Jun 2011Apr 11
She Whispers Poem

She Whispers..About the heart that cannot receive the gift of love.....

cafetwo201039013May 2011Apr 10

Odd Man OutTo see someone these days whose attention is not completely monopolised by their phone is quite a novelty....

Harbal12017Apr 7Apr 10
Out Live The Snakes Poem

Out Live The SnakesThere once was an old man who lived a long life I asked what his secret could be he answered polite He said this answer might not sound so great Bu...

EyeLook4U311Apr 9Apr 10

InfidelityWell I enjoyed writing it...

trurorob1,07927Jan 3Apr 10

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