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Die Your Way Industries

Die Your Way IndustriesJust having some fun with the subject of assisted suicide which I believe is legal in Oregon....

mcradloff20124 hrs ago4 hrs ago

FaithDo you believe in what you can't see? Your divine will tell you faith is knowing Trusting in something, feeling it's existence Some are religious,...

southmiami4321454Apr 2011 hrs ago
My raft

My raftIt was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

salamuna546Apr 2022 hrs ago
I heard the angels singing

I heard the angels singingI heard the angels singing above Calling out their message of love The mountains trembled and the skies rumbled the seas danced with fury as the...

Akeldama40342Apr 2024 hrs ago

EYES.getting to know you........

niah9564Apr 1924 hrs ago
The One for Us

The One for Us ....You and I search and hope for the same ... though the love of our life may still yet to have a name ... The one we'd want to love with all our h...

Islandgirl611612Jun 2017Apr 21
Porch Light Burning A Toast For 2012

Porch Light Burning- A Toast For 2012May the porch light toast always guide you home safely. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls8044Dec 2011Apr 21
Lonely Nights

Lonely NightsForbidden love, the ex of one of my best friends, we had something special, but my friend is special too, so I had to make a choice. Not so sure it wa...

dolphin162010Mar 2010Apr 20

AloneI apologize in advance for errors in the English grammar....

salamuna13312Apr 13Apr 20

CLOUDS....What we need over time can change, sometimes taking a step back, can give us a better view........

niah9240Apr 19

BETWEEN THE LINES.sometimes we control the outcome...because we are scared of facing the future....that fate decided........

niah9774Apr 7Apr 19
So Old Vampire

So Old VampireTags: acrostic, rhyme scheme, alliteration, taunt, horror, folklore...

JAllenS401Apr 17Apr 19
No Man Is An Island

No Man Is An IslandNo man is an island That's what they say Seems I've been stranded here forever and a day A place where friday never came And no story can be wr...

EyeLook4U361Apr 19Apr 19

SILENT BEAUTY...twilight.......

niah980814Sep 2015Apr 18

CORINNAA love song in the style of the late great Leonard Cohen..hope you enjoy it-had to write it down at once when the muse struck- song my copyright, etc...

Ronnie779220Apr 18
The angels love

The angels loveThinking on the spectrum of love. Where is Kathy? :)...

Oceanzest8388Feb 10Apr 18
raindance in the road

raindance in the roadLet me put on a little John Lee Hooker groove here, and write me some fine lyrics. Here you go Kathy this will cheer you :)...

Oceanzest7593Feb 16Apr 18
Dawn walks in blue and diamonds

Dawn walks in blue and diamondsBest poem I have found by Franz Wright...

Oceanzest751Mar 22Apr 18
arc of love

arc of lovetrue story...

Oceanzest1368Mar 18Apr 18
neon rain

neon rainwriting some blues lyrics.....

Oceanzest461Apr 18Apr 18
If only

If only ........So much ...........while others have so little...

Nuwahri61674Apr 14Apr 17

redemptionWhat a memory. Only I will know. thanks for all your read and comments...

lindsyjones1,35334Feb 2014Apr 17

The Rivers Of My TearsI originally posted this when I was told life was waving me goodbye only to be told 45 days later that I was going to live long after all. I can...

lindsyjones52826Mar 2017Apr 17
My Girlfriend tala eats flowers

My Girlfriend Ítala eats flowersI did read this poem in a newspaper on the street, it came to my feet ...I love this poem...

Crunia450Apr 17

YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND.Thoughts of my beautiful daughter that nothing but death can erase....

roseoscura859Apr 15Apr 17
Musical Lives

Musical LivesIn retrospect, wondering what it would be like to superimpose a recent hospital stay for me, and my best friend's last days alive onto our typical Sat...

gerryonbroadway260Apr 17

PlaytimeHaving been raised in foster care, I thought writing about it might bring a new perspective. As with most of my poetry, what it did was bring some pe...

gerryonbroadway390Apr 17

RainIt's simply really; I Love Rain and I have written about it frequently over the years....

ONELoveALL692Apr 8Apr 15

Timea little meditation on time and how to be with it...

Oceanzest532Apr 14Apr 15

HellThis poem was inspired by the last karaoke song I did, Chris DeBurgh's Don't Pay the Ferryman....

mcradloff401Apr 14Apr 14

SilenceTalk to me Silence So I will find out I'm not alone In the world Where life is a shadow Of survival syndrom Please talk to me Silence.........

salamuna502Apr 14Apr 14

CardsWhy I wrote this? I was still learning about life and love and heartache. The key question is when... 1982 +/-...

Darcin371Apr 13Apr 14
Teacher Rant

Teacher RantAfter the school shootings on Valentine's Day, I have been researching teaching and what led to this and many other shootings in our schools. I got o...

mcradloff804Apr 7Apr 14
Our daughters wedding day

Our daughters wedding dayI sit here as the tears stream down my face In two weeks our baby girl will take on a husband You won’t be here I know you will be watching with...

Abby196319814Mar 11Apr 13
blades of green

blades of greenblades of green rise from the brown spreading all around soon to be sprinkled with yellow all aglow in the sunshine wings of gossamer flit a...

socrates44462Apr 11Apr 12
Too Much

Too MuchThis poem is part of “Pethetic Little Thing,” curated by Tavi Gevinson...

Crunia612Apr 11Apr 11
Be Still

Be StillChill .........

Happychatty13661Jan 6Apr 11
Paths we take

Paths we takeComments I sit in silence Or walk my cell The darkness is a living hell The iron bars The rot and smell This place will never sell Footf...

Onthcrestofawave871Apr 10Apr 11

NatureWhat we see What we touch What we smell What we hear What we taste All belongs to nature Seeing a sunset Touching a soft flower Smelling the b...

southmiami4321795Apr 8Apr 10

LoveWhat is love? A touch on the butt while a pass by A quick coffee drink eating both the same donut What is to be loved? A sweet strawberry kiss...

southmiami4321664Apr 8Apr 10
It doesnt matter

It doesn't mattersomething I penned a long time ago .... a bit dramatic when I read back on it now, though, hey, at the time, I guess its just a reminder of how I was...

AdamAnts753Apr 9Apr 10

RenovationWhen we wake up Our image shows in the mirror Who are we really inside? It's not the lines on our faces The color of our eyes The shape of our bo...

southmiami4321440Apr 8

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