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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Hither and Titherjust some jumbled thoughts...

shadow195033117 hrs ago3 hrs ago

"Real" Men Love with Pure Passion!A "For Real" true pure soul lives there A "Real man!" Can I "Laso" The whole enchilada & make him mine? It Would be fine To stand in line to...

Rachael_06227694May 911 hrs ago

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_71096Jul 119 hrs ago

I'M INVISIBLEMore and more feeling this way. Things in my life lately...

godsprincess2,17874Jul 2017Jul 3

Sunday week at 2pmBit tongue in cheek, but there you have it...

trurorob26510Feb 2Jul 3

Making love in the rainMaking love in the rain...

Gritante653Jun 30Jul 3

we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_722011Apr 20Jul 2

Your LoveYou touch me with your love and care Shower me with loving attention and affection You tell me you don’t care If you have me by your side for one...

marina10006636Jun 27Jul 1

PEACESad reflection of our world...

Happychatty191311Mar 2019Jun 30

TOPLESSFirm full breasts, And the beat I skip As the woman Wades in for a dip. Under a hanky On his rock, Her lover perches, Deep in a book....

Velvetpaws33320Jun 30

the wreck of the catherine annefragments of stories half heard in the inn awoke in me fires stoked by the gin catherine anne moored in secret twilight buckled neath bullion...

yachtsman_76929Jun 23Jun 30
Rivers of Life Poem

Rivers of Life.On Face Book I saw a photo of a huge ship travelling along the Thames.....everything changes...or does it....

niah969210Jun 15Jun 29
Rikco11270Jun 29
MissIreland480Jun 29
That Old Home Time Feeling Is Gone Poem

That Old Home Time Feeling Is GoneI find myself sitting all alone And that old home time feeling is gone There's an echo of yesterday with no way to reply And time is quickly passin...

EyeLook4U321Jun 29Jun 29

SimplesI know my worth From birth Felt like I was cursed Different somehow Always thinking in this now They said I was clever, intelligent And now I...

Rikco11260Jun 29

dream in a dreamGoing into a spiral like curling portal Slow then fast I’m sure I’m not mortal At the other end it’s like The same thing again And every means h...

Rikco117085Apr 30Jun 29

Inner BeautyIt's time to jump out of the shell Wake up so others can see the real you Years pass by and prettiness fades Yet it is bound to sing out our inner...

southmiami4321705Jun 28Jun 29

Lost HopeAlways had problems with hydrangeas - just can't keep them alive!...

Sunbeam7401Jun 27Jun 29

In Honor of Love can be "Real!"Honor of Men: Men should be HOME Not overseas on foreign soil! *Updated: A Gentleman, Hero, Defender, Admirer That will give & Support Acknowl...

Rachael_06222626Apr 30Jun 28

Lovers learn watching the Dance!***updated: Mating Dance Pure Elegance Wind on her face mane tail Picture perfect poise elegance! Following his mate with pure joy Bliss! Whatever...

Rachael_062231710May 9Jun 28

HOW I SEE IT6/28/20 Just saying......

lookn2share640Jun 28
Spinning and Spooning Poem

Spinning and Spooning“We all spin in the same orbit” from one of Rachael_0622 poems* and her comment that one of candleinthewind’s poems** struck a note with its line “no...

gnj4u92413Apr 19Jun 28

girl on a trainI sit transfixed as thought it flies to see warmth twice inside her eyes some bound for town some bound for death a carraige full of movin...

yachtsman_71254Jun 4Jun 28
The Woods Poem

The WoodsWrote this the night after Tiger came back to win a shock fifth green jacket at the Masters Augusta National. They thought he would retire but he c...

DK1001540Jun 28

SpamYou never know!! or do you??...

trurorob1,72950Jul 2010Jun 28
Hope Poem

HopeHope is the birthplace of our dreams; it’s perched in our souls. Hope sings an eternal song avoiding all impossibilities with a returning option. Ho...

Marchmadness035313Aug 2014Jun 28

The Amorous StallionIt´s about a stallion I used to care for - and many others. Somehow, all the stallions were very affectionate towards me - even the geldings! LOL...

AI_19846602Jun 23Jun 28

SUICIDEI LOVE Robin Williams which inspired this write. Tweaked 1/23/18...

lookn2share1,3755Feb 2015Jun 27

A Quiet LifeI get fed up of noisy and materialistic people. They give so many reasons to be glad that you're alone!...

tealight_6585Jun 26Jun 27
Harsh regrets Poem

Harsh regretsThe greater regrets in life is not doing the things we should have than the things we have done...

Prometheus16403Jun 27Jun 27
Dog Days Are Over Poem

Dog Days Are OverFor Mitsy x...

MysteriousGirl806492Jun 25Jun 27

30 yearswe came from near we came from far to trust the truth to duel and spar to stand upon the hill of scarves to nurture all that darkness star...

yachtsman_76933Jun 27Jun 27

Poppies BrightLove the Poppy.... a hope for brighter times ahead...

Sunbeam76411Jun 21Jun 26

SomeoneWho is your Someone?...

BobbyC7776391Jun 24Jun 26
What the Poem

What the ............Not sure ha ha .........

Nuwahri616250Jun 26
See the rainbow Poem

See the rainbow-Appreciate the little things and see the brighter side, always!...

angel999991,1838Oct 2014Jun 25
Summer Skies Poem

Summer SkiesThoughts along a seashore sunny day...........

Yankee4you6661Jun 23Jun 25
Circle of Life Poem

Circle of LifeMy mum was right the giver recieves the best gift of all. :-)...

Happygolucky4u1,13311Jul 2010Jun 25
Book of Life Poem

Book of Life .....,,,,,People sometimes overlook the person because of what they see on the outside ...........

Nuwahri6177813Jun 8Jun 25

TrespassUsed to see the pylons every day on my daily travels....provoked these thoughts...

Sunbeam76331Jun 24Jun 24

Miner's SoulIn memory of miners and their families still struggling to make it. Love you....

BobbyC7776220Jun 24

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