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~ The Golden Path ~My wish is that everyone finds their companion in life ~ Does this poem covers some of your wants?...

JimEee2028 mins ago

Remembrance of Our Dear Poet CafeAs I read through your thoughts dismay feelings abroad touching are dear hearts with your golden words step by step you cultivated a gift of life...

southmiami43214987Sep 164 hrs ago

According to the Book of ProverbsThere’s a storm in my teacup where there should be only tea In my works there is a spanner where a spanner shouldn’t be My ointment has a fly in it,...

Harbal865Sep 216 hrs ago

Broken PiecesLove's healing really only the power of touch....

Yankee4you5206Mar 20156 hrs ago

~ Desire of a Woman in Love ~What does a woman really want?...

JimEee464Sep 2313 hrs ago

Sonnet No1My work sometimes requires me to visit people's homes, where I often get an insight into their lifestyle. This is an attempt to describe one in parti...

Harbal28215 hrs ago13 hrs ago

The RamblersSince I became a poet, just the other day, I can't seem to stop slipping into verse. This was inspired by my observations while out walking with th...

Harbal445Sep 2413 hrs ago

~ The Question ~Does she or doesn't she?...

JimEee9013 hrs ago

Shadder o’these MaountainsSpeaking in a little hill farmer dialect still used in this little corner of Yankeeland....

Yankee4you453Sep 23Sep 24

A Voices CallI just made a few subtle changes as original post was first draft. Is about love or loss thereof comments welcome as always...

coffeeguy2u211Sep 24Sep 24


soptom99310Sep 23

Beacon of StarsAlways happy for comments to try and improve. for me this is about hope, inspiration ,each of us will take from it what we feel or need. Hope you like...

coffeeguy2u231Sep 23Sep 23

Cold ReserveI wrote this one when I was 15 years old...

Dakinderway270Sep 22
The Only One Poem

The Only OneThe only one who loves me is Jesus The only one who saved me is Jesus The only one who doesn't condemn The only one who is my friend The only on...

EyeLook4U241Sep 22Sep 22

Wife‘Wife!,' cried the impatient husband. ‘Fetch me my boots, I have friends I need to meet.’ Fetch them yourself, thought the wife, as she delivered t...

Harbal664Sep 22Sep 22

ANGEL CAFE9/17/2018 It will be a year since you went to be with our Heavenly Father. We still love and miss you dearly! Sept. 2017: Love to Cafe Jim - we will m...

godsprincess1,79366Oct 2017Sep 22
The Battle Poem

The BattleIt would seem that I have been away for a while...

steve1223463Sep 19Sep 22
An artificail beautiful lady every man wants Poem

An artificail beautiful lady every man wantsAncient Fairytale and belief...

Perman4711Sep 16Sep 22
Michael Moore Poem

Michael MooreYou finally came to our area No more going to Madison to see your films For once you picked a popular subject Donald Trump And why we got him as p...

mcradloff260Sep 22
When Shall my Sun Sets Poem

When Shall my Sun SetsLife's journey; fear does cripple us in many ways! Death is scary so is sickness and strife yet sometimes when we've done our very best...sometimes.....

orientalkoru836Sep 19Sep 21

There’s a naked woman on my bedThere’s a naked woman on my bed, she’s looking very keen There’s a naked woman on my bed, the first there’s ever been There’s a naked woman on my be...

Harbal241Sep 21Sep 21

The winds of change..I wrote this poem after my marriage fell out . I never saw it coming so i was very much devistated....

Dakinderway231Sep 21Sep 21

SHADOWS OF LIFE.A poem I wrote in Sept 2012.....that seems fitting today.......

niah9564Sep 19Sep 21

Naked spread out on her bed surrounded by hovering disjointed blue eyesThose are mine those nocturnal blue eyes swarming to the water hole to dine. Sweet luring thermals swelling below the navel. It's a gamble not t...

surprizeme430Sep 20

SPRINGTIME GOWN.just adjusting to the start of a kiwi spring........

niah95088Sep 11Sep 20
Sunset blues Poem

Sunset blues.......Looking west after locking up at work .................along the dirt road and further .........very much further ...........

Nuwahri6153111Sep 14Sep 20
Far Side Of The Moon Poem

Far Side Of The MoonHe hasn't had a relationship in nearly twenty years When it comes to romance he's been on the far side of the moon For a long time he hasn't shed an...

EyeLook4U4561Sep 18Sep 19
The Perfect Scientist Poem

The Perfect ScientistHistorians have long debated... Two topics that seem unrelated... Prophets have long clearly stated... Scientists have no faith... The evidence...

candykid95816Apr 2014Sep 19
When The Only Idea Is Blue Poem

When The Only Idea Is BlueIt's a long drive to the city I'm here all alone nowhere else to go what is there to do And this is the feeling when the only idea is blue The su...

EyeLook4U4290Sep 18
The most wonderful of all things in life Poem

The most wonderful of all things in life!The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as t...

PetraM4541Sep 14Sep 18

TIME (Eternity Together)Spend each moment together as if they were timeless....

BobbyC13484731Sep 11Sep 17
Rule No 1ne Poem

Rule No 1neIt is not fair to seek a fiancé unless you are already happy in yourself Many want to find somebody to make them happy but that won't work When yo...

Rikco114930Sep 16
Alphabetic Innerspiration Poem

Alphabetic InnerspirationA is for awesome, absolutely & amazing Come this far don't give up now or make the stress or mess be phasing B is for beautyfilled, brave n yes bo...

Rikco114583Sep 13Sep 16
Its A Little Late To Say Goodbye Poem

It's A Little Late To Say GoodbyeIt's a little late to talk of love A little late to even try And the saddest part of all It's a little late to say goodbye I should have kept all...

EyeLook4U4350Sep 16

THE PLACETapping into our inner mind to find ways to resolve troubling issues. ALL OF US HAVE POWER TO OVERCOME ANY PROBLEM. And, there's a way out of anything...

BobbyC13486253May 2Sep 16

LOVE AND LIKEI was asked what is the most or like? Surely they are usually linked?...

niah95138Sep 8Sep 16

WOMEN HATE FORCE SLAVING THEIR FREEDOMS! Part-11. Here's what prayer & discipline did when we did have it in usa 50-state public schools. Taught the Conscience of our offspring 2 love & respect...

israelismine5141Sep 7Sep 15
Sharks Poem

SharksGoing to The Meg tonight again. This is a parody of I'm Just A Bill from School House Rock I used to watch in the 70's and 80's. I love sharks, thou...

mcradloff4380Sep 15

Familiar strangeris written to a person, who possibly is not knowing me at all. Robert my friend thank you a lot for your corrections....

salamuna55310Sep 9Sep 15
True Happiness Poem

True Happiness!the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves... you don't love a wo...

PetraM4500Sep 14
Hello Darkness Poem

Hello DarknessThere is darkness everywhere, fear, ego, hate, malice, jealousy, anger, the list goes on When faced with it, it's always a choice how to react to it...

Rikco114560Sep 13
Eternal Breath Poem

Eternal Breath.This poem was written 38 years ago after my Love had died In the States. I would have taken her eternal breath Into me and she would have dwelt within...

weemick19601,29826Aug 2014Sep 13

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