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Secret love

Secret loveIt is condemned by people Secret love, But from it it isn't less Blood excites Also the forbidden fruit concerns Passionate hearts, Because fe...

Ummka332Feb 232 hrs ago
Floral assassin

Floral assassinBlues lyrics for Saturday night lovers....

Oceanzest303 hrs ago
My brother

My brotherThe love I have for you Is more then words can say I love you as I love my own two children You bring me such happiness...

Abby196371810Feb 203 hrs ago
Spirited and Free

Spirited and FreeI wrote this for a wild but a lovely lady. I find it natural that being wild is a part of who we are....

lindsyjones7025Feb 203 hrs ago
Attainable Sun Contrivance and Plumb

Attainable Sun, Contrivance and Plumbthis is about the works of the minor arcana, and the adept of the Magus further committed unto the great work of alchemy....

Lucifer_Magus816 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Window glass heart

Window glass heartReckoning with my shallow jumpy attractions :)...

Oceanzest443Feb 2210 hrs ago
Only a surfer

Only a surfer.........Three absolutely magic days ....... We usually need a heap of wind to whip up the ocean but a passing cyclone far out to sea and a long way from us se...

Nuwahri6112010 hrs ago

Not A Good Place To Be*Would you shut up!!!! *Never mother, never!...

Crunia1015Feb 912 hrs ago

THIS DANCE"This Dance" If there were days enough... I would learn this Dance, to dance with you. The floodlight from the east... slowing rises from the...

GMS75200Feb 22

GOLDEN DROPS OF HOPEAdjusted poem a little - always trying to make words better! :) Daffodils - the symbol of rebirth and Hope as used by the Cancer Society. Wishing a...

godsprincess90525Jan 22Feb 22
ostend souls

ostend soulsone windy day on the flatland I'll take your hand in mine like old times... and we'll gaze across the grey waves the weathered-down dunes with...

sjena6222Oct 2015Feb 22
From A Flicker To A Flame

From A Flicker To A FlameMany people are searching, in pursuit of finding the gift of true love Maybe even waiting for it to knock on their door or arrive on the wings of...

Happychatty13135Jan 29Feb 22
Dry Wood

Dry Wood1. To the new Commander & Chief: The United States after you were Inaugurated, they let & allowed you to be you for a time. But now I must ask you...

israelismine190Feb 21
Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest1. There are good Caucasian Men, these kind of men get called by their own race of men I've heard shouted out to them, "You're A Trader To Your Ow...

israelismine220Feb 21
Kiss of hands

Kiss of handsDid you hear about kisses of hands? So there is a wish to whisper to You about it They kiss, through piercing with light, Squeeze a breast delight...

Ummka6590Feb 21
No Title

No Titlethe bones of my soul like scarecrow trees awaiting Spring blossoms...

elo696893Feb 19Feb 20
Without title

Without title*** You walk with a childish grin – mere girl, And wherever you go you pose proudly and stalk, And the apple - the one in right hand that you hold...

marikia1,0356Jun 2013Feb 20
darkest night

darkest nightAs I lay in this darkened room my breath so still memories of your face burn though me like crystallised fire your memory fades and I scream with...

bigface1236762Feb 19Feb 20

OrlandoA tribute to the latest mark of terror in our beautiful country. Thanks all for your reads and or comments if any. Anybody who is angry, who is...

lindsyjones1,24116Jun 2016Feb 20

WhatWhat path is taken Cannot be taken back And footprints mark And wash away Like memories we thought Would be remembered A journal always open...

Palmfrond7402Dec 23Feb 20

redemptionWhat a memory. Only I will know. thanks for all your read and comments...

lindsyjones1,26730Feb 2014Feb 19
Tropical storm

Tropical stormComing tropical storm...

Oceanzest7284Jan 3Feb 19
Hill of stones

Hill of stonesWritten as a woman who has lost her male lover - I wondered if I could write a sad poem, hmmm handkerchief please, never again!...

Oceanzest7227Feb 15Feb 19
On comes the night

On comes the nightOn comes the night The darkness moving in This keeper of all my secrets This creator of my sin. On comes the night Forever my silent mate The...

Artemis3336741Feb 18Feb 19

PrisonLiving with RA...

Artemis3336711Feb 18Feb 18
Outside my broken window

Outside my broken windowOutside my broken window, the light begins to fade ... at least that's how the evening tide makes it seem... I look into my closed mind , to see if...

GMS75511Feb 17Feb 18

DrowninWhats to tell...

Artemis3336691Feb 17Feb 17

KindlyKindly say it's over Kindly say we are through But really you don't have to say a word Just one cherished look will do Kindly now could we be fr...

EyeLook4U7125Feb 13Feb 17

SIR HOPELike every little girl I dreamed of my Knight in shining armor would come and sweep me off my feet....

godsprincess1,73828Aug 2015Feb 17
Breaking Stones

Breaking StonesThat unrelenting urge to acquire a goal, like the sea crashing again and again....

Artemis3336530Feb 17
raindance in the road

raindance in the roadLet me put on a little John Lee Hooker groove here, and write me some fine lyrics. Here you go Kathy this will cheer you :)...

Oceanzest6792Feb 16Feb 17
Glass House

Glass HouseMarried to a facade...

Artemis3336952Feb 16Feb 16

LOVE PART -11. Ladies, if you're the kind of woman that likes watching dvd-movies, if you haven't seen: "The Matrix Reloaded," it's a really good movie. 2....

israelismine7632Feb 10Feb 16
Barbed Wire Heart

Barbed Wire HeartNothing worse than a toxic relationship. Old wounds take so long to heal....

Artemis3336925Feb 15Feb 16

Checkmate ...........My go too meal when time and enthusiasm are both on the down the rums go down deliciously also he he...

Nuwahri616961Feb 16Feb 16

RandomRoses are red Violets are blue I wanna be with u...

burgess227102Feb 13Feb 16
Winter Olympics

Winter OlympicsI have been watching the Winter Olympics and remembering the news of Tonya Harding. Now we have the whole school shooting news from Florida eclipsing...

mcradloff6540Feb 16

StevenI wrote this for a friend of mine who at the time was trying to find a home for a horse who was rescued. He found one...

Taz02748015Feb 2017Feb 16

NOT THE PERFECT WOMANPosting again because of the downhill fall of CS poetry section with poems lately as noticed by this "Old Prude". Reading all the guys profiles, it...

godsprincess1,36240Jun 2015Feb 16

Politeness....,,,,Came across to two totally different sets of siblings a boy and a girl around the same age keeping themselves amused while waiting at the airport ......

Nuwahri617376Feb 4Feb 16
Generosity Greed

Generosity GreedThe ancients gods can sing and dance The modern ones can speak in tongues And none of them wants marbles When gold is what they are after...

morgen9021075510Feb 5Feb 15

THE WAY I TRULY FELTA magnificent start that turned into "La Diabla"...

lookn2share1,6217May 2016Feb 15

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