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Religion / Spirituality Poems (1,352)

Here is a list of Religion / Spirituality Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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IN MEMORY OF MOM FOR MOTHER'S DAYBRINGING BACK FOR MOTHERS DAY MAY 14, 2017 - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY IN HEAVEN MOM! Not sure sensories is a word as it doesn't like the spelling but goo...

godsprincess1,18734Jul 2016Aug 5

I'M INVISIBLEMore and more feeling this way. Things in my life lately...

godsprincess2,27875Jul 2017Jul 30
Princess Shruthi Poem

Princess ShruthiPinocchio - Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) 720HD

PassionateArtist470Jul 26

GOD'S ETERNAL LIGHTUpdate: For some reason they removed the picture off of here so cannot show it. But this poem was based on my sister-in-law's Pandemic painting she...

godsprincess2438May 9Jul 6

WHEN THE WORLD STOOD STILLSuddenly the world stood still Silence spread across the land Not even the song of a bird trill Every peep and movement banned A feared darkness...

godsprincess9068Apr 24Jun 20
Your Last Day on Earth Poem

Your Last Day on EarthJust a few thoughts that were impressed upon my mind....

candykid83611Jun 6Jun 20

ANGEL RUBYJune 6, 2020 is the 1st Anniversary of the death of Baby Ruby. Still trying to find out what happened to her father - not sure if he is in jail or not...

godsprincess41513Jun 2019Jun 8

DAISIES AND POPPIES (THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY) - Acrostic Poem for Socrates challengeIn remembrance of 75th Anniversary of D-Day June 6, 2019 when thousands died to defend the world from tyranny. Lest we forget....

godsprincess47616Jun 2019Jun 7

CREATIONNature with its beauty and splendor is the obvious and glaring sign, the proof and signature of a Creator....

JoyCrest1053Jun 1Jun 2

Personal JesusHeavenly kingdom is inside of us. I embraced my distinctive personal Jesus. That wonderful extent of many complex elements that define my persona an...

AutumnChild1557May 19May 21

PROMISE OF SPRINGMy 2020 Spring Poem!! Trying to cheer all and sunder as the world seems a very dark place right now. However, we will make it through - be safe every...

godsprincess34115Apr 7May 19
Born to Save Poem

Born to SaveChristmas poem I wrote today...

LADYCOUNTESS4194Dec 2017May 16
If The Only One Who Knows About It Poem

If The Only One Who Knows About ItOnce in awhile I find a song that is gold I try to share it but it gets ignored It's ok if the only one who knows about it is the Lord One in awh...

EyeLook4U1093May 2May 9

SkateIt is an ontological analysis of forward rolling motion, botany and world class cuisine....

Duhaul780Apr 25
Prayer Poem

PrayerLight the lamp Let it shine in the dark That I could recognize the way. Show direction When the road is winding When I can't reach my destination...

makatka1157Apr 18Apr 21

A Culture of Silence “Silence is not Golden”I chose to speak out; maintaining silence is self-harassment an assault of my power Not speaking my truth marginalizes me and my self respect A stif...

Marchmadness031732Oct 2019Apr 20
Trust in the word Poem

Trust in the word!theses fountains of water that i spill over and through the lands ,come from my destruction of my beauty and only mine ,do not be afraid or question w...

honeybear30001,35510Aug 2016Apr 17
Sanctification Poem

SanctificationAllegedly born from the dust of this earth... We are... Assembled from the dust of the stars... So far... Cursed ever since the day of our birth.....

candykid9069May 2016Apr 17

Red Breasted RobinBased on a children's Easter Story of the Red Breasted Robin the day Jesus was crucified....

godsprincess43419Apr 2019Apr 16

NO LONGER LOSTSeeking the right door....

godsprincess76035Mar 2019Apr 11
War in Heaven Poem

War in HeavenWhen God looks down upon me, just what does He see?... A man that is righteous,...or at least tries to be?... Or does He see things that I can’t ima...

Candykid22149Mar 20Mar 25
When You Hear It Cling Poem

When You Hear It ClingThere's an echo through the valley A hammer is pounding on a nail A few stop to listen as the echo has a story to tell The echo has the sound of...

EyeLook4U2136Dec 2019Mar 22

THE THREE WISHESHope you like Leprechauns everyone!! GETTING READY FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!...

godsprincess53424Mar 2019Mar 6

NOT THE PERFECT WOMAN2/18/2020: Beware! There is a troll loose in the the CS poetry section. Reading all the guys profiles, it seems like that they all want a wonder w...

godsprincess2,26053Jun 2015Feb 24

GOD'S SPECIAL ANGELSWhat can I say - I really, really love lightning bugs and I have a fanciful imagination! :)...

godsprincess90512May 2015Feb 17

Ace of SwordsA descriptive poem using the Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck....

17th_Lancer1022Feb 16Feb 17

Pascal's Gambit Thrashed out (Kind of )So sorry I was to see your pain, Now things can’t be the same again, So sorry was I to hear the news, Fate is chosen, you do not choose. So sorry...

Jazcoleman2123Mar 2019Feb 12
Unjust Inquisition Poem

Unjust InquisitionMy Dearest Father in Heaven; I know it's not my right tonight to inquire of Your position... Curiosity, has obviously, gotten the best of me......

candykid1,95226Sep 2014Feb 1

ACCEPT ME AS I AMRecent experiences in my life with friends. They all think I'm too serious and take life too serious....

godsprincess66012Jun 2018Jan 21

THE CHRISTMAS PROMISEThe land covered in fresh white snow The Sun shining across it causing it to glow With tiny promising crystals the colors of a rainbow Sustaining...

godsprincess31612Dec 12Jan 16

A Personal LoricaThis Lorica is written based on the 24 runes of the Elder Germanic Futhark. It can also be used as a blessing by substituting “you” for “I”. Lorica...

17th_Lancer1070Jan 15

SUMMER FALLS INTO WINTERAnymore seems like our days change right from summer to winter and winter to summer with very little fall or spring days....

godsprincess41216Oct 2019Jan 14
Christmas Morn Poem

Christmas MornTo all my fellow poets and friends on CS " Merry Christmas 2019 "...

Yankee4you2155Dec 25Jan 6

CHRISTMAS NIGHTMerry Christmas everyone!...

godsprincess52311Dec 2017Dec 25
hey you a Christmas thought Poem

hey you ! a Christmas thought :)just a thought. love you all my cyber friends. xx virgosign...

virgosign1,11917Dec 2009Dec 25
godsprincess62912Dec 2016Dec 24
The Birth of Our Savior Poem

The Birth of Our SaviorI truly wish each and every one of you blessings this holiday season. Please forgive the modern spelling of 'Savior' over the probably much preferred...

candykid1,40629Dec 2014Dec 22
Twisted Dimensions Poem

()----Twisted Dimensions----()just of the top of my head and the search for truth in life wow so enjoy...

jimmydean691040Dec 20
godsprincess1,23212Dec 2016Dec 15
godsprincess98410Dec 2016Dec 2019

InfidelityWell I enjoyed writing it...

trurorob1,58029Jan 2019Dec 2019
HotrodLarrys45614Oct 2010Dec 2019

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