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Hymn Poems (62)

Here is a list of Hymn Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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How Tender Is Thy MercyObservations of life and faith.......create its own kind of poetry quite naturally...

Yankee4you2176May 26May 28
The Opposites Poem

The Opposites.this is my amateur poetry on opposites . It began as a describing of couples who are opposites but completely transformed into a discription of opposi...

Aceguy1112898Mar 1Mar 3
Gossip Poem

GossipThe dark clouds gathered before thunder Oh I wish (if only) the rain would deliberately rain down and touch carefully her palm The most importan...

Unknown970Dec 2020

PICKING THROUGH THE PIECESAll the little pieces, fragments and crumbs of life. The troubles, the love, the fears and the spice. Make us what we are today. Show us where...

Tamotie1321Sep 2020Sep 2020
Bengawan Solo Poem

Bengawan SoloI like the Indonasian song with the title "Bengawan Solo" very much.This song is translated into many foreign languages,,so I tried to translate the...

Unknown1720Jul 2020
Ten Cats Poem

Ten CatsTen cats went for deer hunting The mercedes cat fell into the abyss And then there were nine Nine cats were sleeping on the couch A heavy chande...

Unknown2392May 2020May 2020

My Special LadyIts a poem about a special lady whom I know She really makes my heart sing...

Baddabing664461Oct 2017Feb 2020
life and the after Poem

life and the afterits tme to live and not to die .its time its time to stop all the killing .its to starf giving ……...I have more but people out there can add … t...

Unknown1270Dec 2019
Love Poem

~ Love ~Love is what makes the world go around Makes life worth living Tis what dreams are made of ~...

JimEee3034Dec 2018Dec 2018
To have or to have not Poem

"To have or to have not"Yearning for the impossible dream...

JimEee2250Dec 2018
rosese Poem

roseseRoses are love any flower is more than grey or white. of any type lips and all sorts of greenery. moss lays any type is beauty to the bee. as long as...

DoSoLonging2120Nov 2018

ALONE INSIDE STAREthere is a song by british rockers, the police, called "king of pain." my life has been a series of very tragic experiences, for myself and those i ca...

BobbyC13483581May 2018Sep 2018

THE BATTLEFrom my youth I've tried to understand us Earthlings and our thought processes. But most times I feel I'm about the only one who gives a damn. Just c...

BobbyC13483032Jul 2018Jul 2018

NO MR RIGHTSeeking the one to hard....

AmandaHude3341May 2018Jun 2018

CUTE RED DRESSAt times we all need a miracle to pull us through, lift us up, and keep us going. And sometimes just the vision of a miracle can lift our hearts. W...

BobbyC13483380Apr 2018
Random Poem

RandomRoses are red Violets are blue I wanna be with u...

burgess229862Feb 2018Feb 2018
Maestros Masterpiece Poem

Maestro's MasterpieceSitting by the Lake in Nepal, motionless witnessing the setting Sun ......

Kamitin2860Nov 2017
A forgotten Girl Poem

A forgotten Girla step away, into the unknown....

sophiasummer4462Nov 2017Nov 2017
Farewell Cafe Poem

'Farewell Cafe'Thought I'd throw in one with a twist.....

cafetwo201099729Oct 2011Oct 2017
The Want of You Poem

~ The Want of You ~A dream deep within ~ wanting to be needed ~...

JimEee3964Aug 2017Aug 2017
even evensong reminds me of her Poem

even evensong ( reminds me of her)you never walked.. twas more the curve of the earth found a mooring in the shape of your foot you never painted.. twas more you found the...

grizzlyRu57810May 2017Jun 2017

~Haiku~ EclipseFulcrum sun cast moon shadow Earth in brief atmosphered, silver light haze Orbit of three into one...

Bentlee8116Nov 2010May 2017
The writers scene Poem

The writers sceneGood feel....

sophiasummer486-Apr 2017
As Darkness Falls Poem

As Darkness Falls.......all the signs have passed not a trace ,nothing but a empty space ,like a fighter with broken hands and only them left to give ,a burned out soul wait...

honeybear30004530Mar 2017
A Poem to E T Poem

A Poem to E.TMissing...

wendychan19834476Feb 2017Feb 2017
pledge Poem

pledgePledging your love to him or her...

Unknown3761Jan 2017Jan 2017
My Alatamaha Girl Poem

My Alatamaha Girl "Here beauty is like warm summers wind the feeling of here skin is like gentle rain that fulfills my weary soul with new life, With a passion that can...

honeybear30006840Jun 2015
Enter At Your Own Risk Poem

Enter At Your Own Risk ......the moral of the story here is hand off what is not yours ....

honeybear30001,1172Apr 2015Apr 2015
I Eat Peaches Poem

I Eat PeachesI eat peaches for breakfast one before brunch an 3 before dinner an 4 before lunch I eat peaches on my way to school on the dive and into the pool peo...

honeybear30009178Apr 2015Apr 2015
Take My Hand Poem

Take My Hand ......I here your voice like a decent wind echoing across the sky but there is doubt that breaks it down like a shattered dream with colors that change just...

honeybear30007782Apr 2015Apr 2015
The Final Hour Poem

The Final HourOn a notion of fear the end of the line is near opening of the gates of hell on a starless night for let it be written, when the clock strikes 12 the...

honeybear30007202Apr 2015Apr 2015
Thank you Lord Poem

Thank you, LordThis is a hymn I wrote in the last few weeks. The tune is Melita or "Eternal Father, strong to save..." You are free to sing it and use it but it i...

english576074Jul 2014Mar 2015
selfless love Poem

...selfless love...Life is uncertain so I wrote this poem for him.....

jomalyn5507Sep 2014Sep 2014
the 10 word challenge Poem

the 10 word challengeAll words have to be used only once any style poem my friends good writing...

wayne345336Mar 2014Apr 2014
the glass bubble Poem

the glass bubbleIsolated from danger In my own glass bubble No contact With body and sole My own mental cage Isolates me Silence surounds My own glass de...

wayne344582Feb 2014Feb 2014
facebook status Poem

facebook statusThis poem is about 'n African who is proud of being 'n African Yet also understands tha he is also what he is because of God, he sings praise for wha...

kingthepoet3842Feb 2014Feb 2014
A loving pain Poem

A loving pain ...This poem is giving an idea what it feels like to love someone so much and knowing they are in love with someone else......

SweetnNeat56210Nov 2013Nov 2013
smile Poem

smile:-) and the world smiles with you Frown and they will pass you by Say hallo and a hi and smile goes a long way Be miserable they don't want to kno...

wayne345736Nov 2013Nov 2013
Harvest Poem

HarvestA Truth Known...

StarMap4042Sep 2013Sep 2013
Not missing you Poem

Not missing youCape Town...

rizzyblack3735Jul 2013Jul 2013
The Failure of my Love Poem

The Failure of my LoveI have been crying from the whole NiGhT now the sun is shining in my street lane, I still have a feeling that u MiGhT call and pull me out of this...

decentprats4252Sep 2012Sep 2012
Fat Mans Prayer Poem

Fat Man's PrayerFound this one on Dr. Demento's Playlist from 1987. You can find it on youtube....

mcradloff1,8332Jun 2012Jun 2012

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