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Political / Social Poems (850)

Here is a list of Political / Social Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Be aware of the vultures Poem

Be aware of the vulturesthis planet is moving backwards with rigged political views in those that go directly against the ten commandments law has become a twisted ac...

darkhorse555802Jul 22Aug 6

WHAT I SEE III7/13/20 Just saying......

lookn2share1920Jun 28

30 yearswe came from near we came from far to trust the truth to duel and spar to stand upon the hill of scarves to nurture all that darkness star...

yachtsman_77523Jun 27Jun 27

INJUSTICE IS COLOR BLIND!!Bring back "Truth" Reaction... 6/11/20 STC...

lookn2share2272Jun 10Jun 11
kem try ills Poem

kem try-illswhat is that noise i cannot see its just above the clouds it sure is loud and it lasted long oh ... its raining now so I stay inside...

bucksley750Mar 24
Parking Way Too Close Poem

Parking Way Too Close!I've had some bad neighbors The black couple from Nigeria tops the list They used to complain about my stomping on their roof And they slow cooked...

mcradloff1292Mar 14Mar 15

Town Meeting DayAmerican Grass Roots Democracy is possibly something better to talk about on the end of a long New England winter and it is called, Town Meeting Day,...

Yankee4you1851Mar 9Mar 9

21 Century ColossusIt is unbearable to watch anymore the plight of refugees across this planet without questioning everything we have been led to believe in and care abo...

Yankee4you21510Mar 5Mar 6


WILDANDREADY7429May 2016Mar 4
Interest Poem

InterestI was watching some old clips of Ross Perot and his main push was to reduce the national debt which was four trillion in 1992. I have heard nada on t...

mcradloff840Feb 8
Impeach Poem

ImpeachYou need look no farther than the mirror to see why we have had such a bad history of really bad leaders....

mcradloff1214Jan 25Jan 31

Meanwhile...Trying to describe in a few words the 2-tier nature of uk society at the present time.... those who service a corporate machine and those who live wi...

Ronnie7791031Jan 18Jan 19
Kobra Kai Poem

Kobra KaiI just started watching Kobra Kai which is a spinoff of the movie The Karate Kid. Johnny Lawrence gives many speeches during this show to his student...

mcradloff940Jan 18
To Be Snow Or Not To Be Snow Poem

To Be Snow Or Not To Be SnowThis is a parody of To be or not to be from Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I may go to a hockey game tonight....

mcradloff1372Jan 11Jan 12
2020 Resolutions Poem

2020 ResolutionsI was watching a docomentary called Plastic Planet....

mcradloff1335Jan 3Jan 6
WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in Northumberland Poem

WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in NorthumberlandThe gibbet is still there for all to see, the two ladies with him were hung in Newcastle...

EXRED2053Aug 2019Nov 2019
Keeping America Beutiful Poem

Keeping America BeutifulWatching an old informative commercial from the 70's with the Indian crying over the bag full of fast food containers thrown out of someone's car....

mcradloff2432Jul 2018Nov 2019
President Mike Poem

President MikeThe entertainment industry really got a windfall with this guy. It has come to this. We are more interested in being entertained than getting things...

mcradloff1170Sep 2019
Theyre Great Poem

They're Great!Some of the advertisements I see on TV are pretty aweful. One of the worst is for ASPCA, who gives 1/10 of one percent to the poor dogs they claim to...

mcradloff1280Sep 2019
Sound Bites Poem

Sound BitesWatched the democratic debate on September 12....

mcradloff1270Sep 2019
No PC For Me Poem

No PC For MePolicital Correctness is a Liberal Disease, ALWAYS tell and live within your truths...

AtYourSide1311Sep 2019Sep 2019
Car Repairs Poem

Car RepairsAnother car repair, I figure total cost of this car 5,500 plus abut another 5000 in repairs so far. It is a 2000 Cavalier. I do love to drive it!...

mcradloff1786Jul 2019Aug 2019

Not Fair And StareA poem that's not good enough A brain that's not smart enough A talent that's just not there A pen in hand anyway Helps to pass the time away Wh...

EyeLook4U1180Aug 2019
Another Debate Poem

Another DebateI should probably get another interest that is more peaceful, like bird watching!...

mcradloff1432Jun 2019Jun 2019

Time To TimeAbstractive thinking about the meaning of live, love, joy, and happiness....

Yankee4you2282Jun 2019Jun 2019
Sheeple Poem

SheepleSong I wrote...I can see the 1%er's in a board meeting somewhere discussing their fiendish plan......

madtat291812Jun 2019Jun 2019
The road travelled Poem

The road travelled.It is about the differing results of how we react to a warning....

Gligeen1432Jun 2019Jun 2019
The Postman Poem

The PostmanI have quite heavily borrowed from another poem for the style of this one, although not quite so much in content. I am not a postman but I have been...

Harbal27620Jun 2019Jun 2019
Wheres That Guy With The Dog Poem

Where's That Guy With The Dog?Respect is something that is so important, and so hard to find in other people I have come across. Those who truly have respect for women, especially...

mcradloff1682Jun 2019Jun 2019
Garage Sales Poem

Garage SalesGetting stuff is fun and you never know what you might find out there....

mcradloff2002May 2019Jun 2019
But to me Poem

But to meI suppose this is about going along with the crowd and not stopping to question it....

Harbal29126May 2019May 2019
i was floating on a cotton bud Poem

i was floating on a cotton budwe see what we want to see, though it is getting more and more difficult to see the good over the bad of this world. peace....

virgosign4999Aug 2018May 2019
Suggestions to make the world a better place Poem

Suggestions to make the world a better place.Stop teaching hatred through bad examples. Stop teaching fear through violent reaction. Stop all the killing. Stop all the war. Stop shouting "gun...

Gligeen1150May 2019
Quick Money Poem

Quick MoneyThe money that is stolen daily by many citizens of this country and others who are rewarded for stealing by coming here has this country and it's peop...

mcradloff1461May 2019May 2019
School Poem

SchoolThis story was one of the biggest of the last century. Unfortunately, it still is being repeated in different ways in different cities and small town...

mcradloff1520Apr 2019
Odd Man Out Poem

Odd Man OutTo see someone these days whose attention is not completely monopolised by their phone is quite a novelty....

Harbal22217Apr 2019Apr 2019
Canadian Geese Poem

Canadian GeeseThere a number of invasive species that have made things bad for everyone, Canadian geese are just one of many....

mcradloff2506Jan 2019Apr 2019
On the Issues Poem

On the IssuesI looked at Ron Paul and his stance on some of these issues as he is one of my favorites through the years who ran for president. Ross Perot, Jill St...

mcradloff1640Mar 2019
Population Statistics Poem

Population StatisticsI have been interested in population growth for some time. To figure the doubling time, you take the growth rate and divide it into the number 72. S...

mcradloff5438Mar 2013Mar 2019
R Kelly Poem

R KellyIt seems with all the cell phones we have rammed up the bullying behavior of people. I read that suicidal thoughts are on the uprise in America. I d...

mcradloff2247Mar 2019Mar 2019
Walls Poem

WallsTrump has become like a swear word in this country. There are many who hate him, and many who love him. I wonder if Kanye West loves all the extra m...

mcradloff1540Feb 2019
Madison Trip Poem

Madison TripI took off from work for four days off. I try to break up the year with some time off as I work six days most weeks. I also saw a coyote on the way...

mcradloff1703Feb 2019Feb 2019

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