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Messed up World Poem

Messed up WorldJust ignore those who are bad. Try to make a better World. We need to start from "me", "I", or "myself" Wish a possible mindset for peace to All...

angel999994788Dec 31Apr 12
Yankee4you1250Mar 11
Solutions to the Migrant Problem Poem

Solutions to the Migrant ProblemIt would be nice too if these companies south of the Rio Grande River would pay good wages too....

daradloff2614Oct 7Oct 8

DominationFreedom is our Divine RIght, not to be mandated or dictated by our fellow human beings, whether elected more like appointed however....

Jaded_Raven2720Sep 26

Humble PieThe absolute truth is just like a small slice of pie and always better than nothing....

Yankee4you2581Sep 2023Sep 2023

Living Well Is Our Best RevengePeople should learn from our planet’s past history of aggression....

Yankee4you3613Aug 2023Sep 2023

Space and GraceThis poem is about choices we all must make to feel whole or just needing to take a break....

Yankee4you3701Aug 2023Aug 2023
THE WALKof shame Poem

THE WALK(of shame)Solemn past few days even for those of us not living there. Many will attempt to whitewash, to deny, to forget this momentous day in history and we ca...

Joseph11123127Apr 2023Apr 2023

The Old Bait And SwitchWe all know what i’m talking about here friends……...

Yankee4you3373Jan 2023Feb 2023

A Planetary VisionOk. You asked and you shall receive....

Yankee4you4083Oct 2022Jan 2023

EvolutionSince the age of the dinosaur, When all of Nature ruled supreme, Then all was run by Gaia's Law, And this new Earth was one blue dream, Before t...

lovecanbereal313-Nov 2022

My Sunday BurdenI argue for the return of the "blue laws" and give Sunday back it's truly meaningful role as a day of rest once again for families....

Yankee4you2691Oct 2022Oct 2022

All Good ThingsToo much drama in modern politics....

Yankee4you3622Sep 2022Oct 2022
South Sudan Poem

South SudanWhat is real wealth? Money is nice, but peace and happiness go a long way too....

mcradloff3031Sep 2022Sep 2022
Adversity Poem

AdversityThis crazy world!...

Roashard2090Aug 2022
Customer Service Poem

Customer ServiceI have been complaining about this issue my whole life, from my nonexistent family members who don't want to be bothered, to the voters who vote for p...

mcradloff2613Jun 2022Jun 2022
4 79 Poem

4.79This economy has me concerned, but not enough to go for a walk, these cars are a lot of fun!...

mcradloff2824Jun 2022Jun 2022
Russia against Ukraine 2nd entry in Yankees challenge Poem

Russia against Ukraine, 2nd entry in Yankee's challengeHe's a professor at the University of Chicago on political science and International Relations. Very informative....

lindsyjones3627Apr 2022Jun 2022
The wounded ape Poem

The wounded ape...a fellow wounded-ape and a tired healer......

Earlgreytea97215Aug 2010Jun 2022
Truth v Lies Yankee Challenge Poem

Truth v Lies. (Yankee Challenge)Thanks for the challenge Yankee....

Mizzy435312Apr 2022May 2022
War For Yankees challenge Poem

War. For Yankee's challengeI have written so many poems about war. They are all in abstract forms. This is one of the only rhymed piece I have done. I hope it gives a cle...

lindsyjones3046Apr 2022Apr 2022
Deja vu Joining Yankees challenge Poem

Deja vu. (Joining Yankee"s challenge)It happened before in 30-s and it's happening again.....It's like some kind of the cyclical nature of historical events...

salamuna4998Apr 2022Apr 2022
angry voices Poem

angry voicesan old write...only poetic in the sense of the value of freedom of expression...something we all treasure......

hedistuff9256Jul 2010Apr 2022

Truth is the Greatest PrizeSometimes we must accept the outcome of truth or suffer the consequences....

Yankee4you2664Apr 2022Apr 2022
Bill Murray Poem

Bill MurrayI've seen and heard of this behavior at plenty of jobs I have been at, I'm still waiting for justice for these women, hopefully the work world I live...

mcradloff1961Apr 2022Apr 2022
Ice dancer Poem

Ice dancerReally enjoyed the ice dancing in Beijing, and those guys are strong holding up partners with one hand, even if they weigh only 50 kg its amazing to s...

Oceanzest2806Apr 2022Apr 2022
Yankee4you2491Apr 2022Apr 2022
W A R Poem


Didi72210Mar 2022Mar 2022
Vlad To The Bone Poem

Vlad To The BoneParody of George Thorogoood's Bad To The Bone. I saw protesters last weekend supporting Ukraine, and I stand with them....

mcradloff2846Mar 2022Mar 2022
Truth and Consequences Poem

Truth and ConsequencesJust Saying...LBF touchup030723...

lookn2share4090Mar 2022
Undeniable Truth LBF Poem

Undeniable Truth...LBFpeacefully protesting LBF copyright 3/2/22 rearranged 6/23...

lookn2share3475Mar 2022Mar 2022
Perpetual Propagandizing Poem

Perpetual Propagandizing!!Just Saying... Just Truth!...

lookn2share2800Feb 2022

GUNS...Just Saying! Just Truth!...

lookn2share3260Feb 2022

OPINING TRUTH...LBFPeacefully protesting copyright 2/17/22...

lookn2share5610Feb 2022Feb 2022
Ukraine Poem

UkraineThings are looking dire in Ukraine, military surrounds the country, even subs in the Black Sea. Talk of millions of refugees if the Russians invade,...

Oceanzest2451Feb 2022Feb 2022

SIDEWARDSI once kept a crab as a pet but had not yet chosen its name I wished to teach it how to speak or at least emit a small squeak So finally we...

utterlytruthfull2655Jan 2022Jan 2022
Evergrande Poem

Evergrandeall that excess Chinese real estate, coming home to roost now fellows...

Oceanzest3634Sep 2021Dec 2021

A Simpler TimeSearching for some inner 'meaning of life' and some simpler times while queuing in a line…… receive a Covid vaccine....

Yankee4you3624Oct 2021Oct 2021
The Clock upon the Wall Poem

The Clock upon the WallThinking about time ticking away for humanity...

BlissfulRaven3163Oct 2021Oct 2021
Pied Piper Rats Poem

Pied Piper RatsWriting on the culmination of the social experimentation that is going horribly wrong....

BlissfulRaven3043Oct 2021Oct 2021
War Poem

WarThe battle mankind is surely going to have in these last few days on earth....

BlissfulRaven3290Oct 2021
GOOGLE Why are you for art thou in our life Poem

GOOGLE, Why are you for art thou in our life?A little tongue and cheek rant on the pervasive presence of the controllers, and yes Google is in on it, don't ever think they are not!...

BlissfulRaven3112Oct 2021Oct 2021

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