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A MAN THINKS WITH HIS HEADA real intelligent man knows that sex isn't everything....

JoyCrest53414Apr 28May 12

LoveMy deepest thoughts on Loving people. Love is the only currency in this world and we seem to be far, far from that today....

Jaded_Raven1121Apr 26Apr 27

A lonely lifeI just wrote this poem, it is the original version, no Romanian version this time :)...

yonik19882417Apr 24Apr 25
In the springtime Poem

In the springtimeIn the springtime maybe we will dance in the flowers sublime In the springtime maybe we can love one another just one last time In the springtim...

Ninurta1451Apr 21Apr 21

Returning to life...adviceEvery heart wants warmth at every time of the year and age has nothing to do with it. No matter how cold life is, where there is love, the weather is...

12qw34er56ty1840Apr 17
The book of love Poem

The book of loveWhen all that matters is no more and emotions lay bare on the floor when all that once was no longer is then life has surely lost its fizz but hop...

PeterN872794975Dec 15Apr 17

THE ONE YET TO BE WONThe poem is titled "The One yet to be won " is written in a romantic and reflective style. It expresses the speaker's longing for a soulmate, someone...

Ande2053056Mar 11Apr 12
Love Poem

LoveLove -Love...

Abby196349616Mar 12Apr 2

Look at the skyjust wrote this few min ago...

yonik19881592Mar 27Mar 30

i wishi wrote this poem few hours ago, hope you like it, thank you...

yonik19881752Mar 26Mar 30

The Girl in Me ...With everything going on around right now ... a little lightheartedness for a much needed relief ......

Islandgirl618647Aug 2021Mar 26
No Roses For Ray Poem

No Roses For RayOn Valentine's Day, it was as normal a day as all the rest of the other days. I enjoyed listening to '70s music, i read, i walked the dog and watched...

virgosign2323Mar 2Mar 26

ScorpionPersonal thoughts on the Scorpion sign....

Jaded_Raven1300Mar 25
On Valentines Day Poem

On Valentine's DayCandy words sweet Kisses on her cheek Listen as cupid tries his best to speak He draws back his bow and you already know What he's going to say...

EyeLook4U2843Feb 13Mar 12

Love poemit a beautiful word for a lady...

Cheyenne001821Mar 8Mar 10

The Lost Poet - Part 2the poem is the second part of a poem/story i originaly wrote in Romanian, tried to translate it in english, it might not be the best, but i hope you...

yonik19881060Mar 5

The Lost Poet part 1the poem is a story created by me, this is the first part there is a second one, i wrote some time after this one. it was originaly writen in Romanian...

yonik1988990Mar 5

Be My Last Love Story ...I grew up on Mills & Boon and Barbara Cartland's romance pocketbooks ... Then loved the romance films like GHOST and more recently, The Not...

Islandgirl614155Jan 31Feb 25
In Your Wild Embrace Poem

In Your Wild EmbraceUnaware I wandered through the dark Unknowing the void inside my heart But then you like, a rolling whirly wind blew the dark away, a new life to b...

ManicCC5576Aug 2023Feb 25

Enough As Can Be ....Going through the wringer as depicted in the poem... is a most harrowing experience , specially when one didn't see it coming ... Though a little wors...

Islandgirl612502Feb 23Feb 25
Infatuation Poem

Infatuation.It's about the early days at the start of a relationship....

Jocky584043Dec 7Feb 24
Why Are The Lonely Lonely Poem

Why Are The Lonely LonelyWhy are the lonely lonely How do you define sad and blue Why are the lonely lonely One day it rains on me the next day it rains on you Why are t...

EyeLook4U4225Jan 7Feb 17
Description my dear Poem

Description my dearI tried to describe my beloved but I couldn't My tongue was silent and unable to speak My pen began to write the sweetest words He wrote it in de...

Marra532541Feb 15Feb 15
Amour Poem

Amourthoughts running rampant inside my head Arghhhh :-)...

Unknown77413Aug 2011Feb 13

VALENTINE ROSEThe love of my life Yeshua hamashiach...


Valentine's 2024Based on a poem i found online...but figured I cld rewrite its train of thought entirely with my own words and rhyme... Sharing this early when Valent...

Islandgirl612951Feb 6Feb 10

The beauty in the shadowit was originaly writen in Romanian word, this is the translated version of it, hope you will like it, thank you...

yonik19883526Feb 4Feb 6
Sugar time sweet Poem

Sugar time sweetyour curls wrap down in the season of the sun oh I been waiting, waiting so long, so long baby angel dance for me slow movement in the dark feel...

Oceanzest4126Jan 11Jan 21

LoveA quick write on one of my favourite topics inspired by Mizzy4 challenge to get us writing again ....

Happychatty160514Oct 27Jan 14
Self help or And Love Poem

Self-help, or, And LoveWrote this 1/8/2024. This one I'd consider trippy! Hard, Heavy Metal intro beginning and then very soft 4-line verses to alter in-between. The conclus...

DiggableHippy492670Jan 8
Jubilation of the rose Poem

Jubilation of the rosea little classicalism...

Oceanzest9429Dec 7Jan 6
shall we have another year Poem

shall we have another year?Lyn and I met on this site two years ago...and the love grows stronger with every passing day...happy new year!...happy birthday dear wife!...

hedistuff1,79226Dec 2010Jan 4

Somebody Like You . . .Inspired by : (rendition by Violet Orlandi of Chris Isaak's song " Wicked Game ") And where my poem's title is an oft...

Islandgirl614363Jun 2022Jan 3
In One Hundred Years Poem

In One Hundred YearsI translated for you, dear poets, the lyrics of this song, sung by Pancho, our well-known performer. Enjoy it! Love everlasting! Who hasn't dreamed of...

marikia1,0838Nov 2016Dec 22
Making love in the rain Poem

Making love in the rainMaking love in the rain...

Gritante7634Jun 2020Dec 18

Wouldn't It Feel Like Christmas .....?A relatively old poem of mine but shared here now when it's practically Christmas time once again ......

Islandgirl612782Nov 30Dec 15

LingerMy first attempt so be kind. Thanx Open for the encouragement....

nanners28631,08521Aug 2010Dec 7
Autumns love Poem

Autumn"s loveMany thanks,Mick for your challenge...

salamuna4867Oct 28Dec 7
Its okay I will hold you up Poem

Its okay, I will hold you upI dont like vegetables I prefer things fruity To say to the lass the last was best I am not without thine little things I am not without the best...

Zoharstrius3040Dec 3
What Do You Want To See Poem

What Do You Want To SeeStare me not down to scorn me or strip of me my clothing or rip from me my pride/ Instead stare upon me gently That you may want to embrace me...

Zoharstrius2360Dec 3
I Breathe Oh Sacred Sky I Breathe Poem

I Breathe - Oh Sacred Sky - I BreatheNo matter when or where I share this it remains the truth....

Zoharstrius2490Dec 3
Petals of Contemplation A Dandelions Symphony Poem

Petals of Contemplation: A Dandelion's SymphonyWhen choosing what type of poem what I wrote is, ...from the list provided to me on here from the "poetry style" drop down list, nothing in what was p...

Zoharstrius2072Nov 24Nov 24

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