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Love Poems (7,283)

Here is a list of Love Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The quotes garden - IX – The Whirl within the Worldfrom the book "The Quotes Garden" vol. I (2017 - 2019)...

themirror605 hrs ago

The quotes garden - VIII – Amid the roarfrom the book "The Quotes Garden" vol. I (2017 - 2019)...

themirror80May 7

The quotes garden - VII – Where’s my Homefrom the book "The Quotes Garden" vol. I (2017 - 2019)...

themirror281May 6May 6

The quotes garden - VI – O, Muse!..from the book "The Quotes Garden" (2017 - 2019)...

themirror371May 5May 5
This Is How I Pray Poem

This Is How I PrayI'll ask the moon to serenade you I'll ask the stars to hum along As moon beams walk you home And when you reach your doorstep turn around Look...

EyeLook4U301Apr 30May 4

The quotes garden - V – Behold! Arise!..from the book "The Quotes Garden" (2017 - 2019)...

themirror150May 4

The quotes garden - IV - Pale Moonfrom the book "The Quotes Garden" - vol. I (2017 - 2019)...

themirror210May 3

The quotes garden - III - The silence of the cricketsfrom the book "The Quotes Garden" vol. I (2017-2019)...

themirror260May 2

SHINING STARI wrote this several years ago. I think it's self explanatory....

BADDGUY19561665Jan 17May 1

The quotes garden - II - Starry skyfrom the book "The Quotes Garden", vol. I...

themirror190May 1
In Honor of Love can be Real Poem

In Honor of Love can be "Real!"Honor of Men: Men should be HOME Not overseas on foreign soil! *Updated: A Gentleman, Hero, Defender, Admirer That will give & Support Acknowl...

Rachael_062253811Apr 2020May 1
Lovers Poem

Loversshort one...

Oceanzest461Apr 29Apr 30

The Quotes Garden - I – Was upon a time..from the book "The Quotes Garden" vol. I...

themirror340Apr 30

The Quotes Garden Part I – Beginningfrom the book "The Quotes Garden"...

themirror481Apr 29Apr 29
Turning the ash Poem

Turning the ashre-spiriting love for those that need it.....

Oceanzest812Apr 25Apr 26
Inauguration Glide Poem

Inauguration/Glideit is what it is...

poetandwriter632Apr 23Apr 25
Cry Away My Love For You Poem

Cry Away My Love For YouThere was a boy and a girl who at times they didn't get along So he sat down and wrote a sad song it went this away And that away and now right away...

EyeLook4U400Apr 22
Saying Things Poem

Saying ThingsSaying things safely like you're the boss Saying things safely like I'll never make you cross Saying things truthfully like I love you Saying thin...

EyeLook4U701Apr 20Apr 22

The Colour of My LovePoem represents fondness in its full dimension embellished with the hues of colours and their symbolical meaning....

AutumnChild1548Apr 17Apr 19
When I met you first Poem

When I met you firstWhen I met you first To love you was my thirst I love in such a way That none has a word to say But see the greatest lover on his way...

J147621195Apr 3Apr 17

LOVING YOUoh sha na na na sha na na na na sha na na na na...

OdaMae2151Feb 2019Apr 15
heart Poem

heartmissing my late wife...

davidmun1003Apr 14Apr 14
evening on a beach Poem

evening on a beachThe cold wind blows on the cheek Ruffling the hair locks away Gazing at the distant horizon The sun glowing a scarlet flame. Into the hollow of t...

bollywood782Apr 14Apr 14
serpentine blue Poem

serpentine bluetoying with a rhyme...

Oceanzest973Apr 10Apr 10
Light Poem

LightYou know the Beginning: When the Heavens came into Being In that dark time, the eye begins to see, God met his shadow in the deepening shade; hea...

bollywood832Apr 4Apr 4
When I met you first Poem

When I met you firstWhen I met you first To love you was my thirst I love in such a way That none has a word to say But see the greatest lover on his way...

J14762330Apr 3
this time Poem

this timeThis time I'm gonna make you feel so right Gonna hold you more than tight I won't let you out ma sight This time I'll never make you feel blu...

Rikco11954Mar 28Mar 29

kissesYou left me in complete bliss Drunken from your kiss Your soft pink lips left kisses ever so soft Felt like butterfly Kisses upon my lips...

Abby196393713Jul 2015Mar 17
Ahyra1977Mar 15Mar 16
overproof Love Poem

overproof LoveI Love you Yes I do How can I prove it to you? But there is no need to prove anything Love is like a song that sings And brings Harmonious h...

Rikco111367Mar 6Mar 9
Awakening Poem

AwakeningI cannot wait to touch you Or melt into your grasp Rhythmic pulse of fervor Unearth the sultry wrath Breathe in my lovesick potion Intoxicate...

theleoqueen7835416Jan 21Mar 6
Love Is Poem

Love IsMy thoughts on love...

Happychatty11,80529Nov 2017Mar 1
Missing you Poem

Missing youA love so pure and simple A longing overdue Falling through my grasp All I crave is you A reckoning of will A strength that will never fail Yo...

theleoqueen781422Dec 22Feb 28
Real Men Love with Pure Passion Poem

"Real" Men Love with Pure Passion!A "For Real" true pure soul lives there A "Real man!" Can I "Laso" The whole enchilada & make him mine? It Would be fine To stand in line to...

Rachael_06221,24311May 2020Feb 23
To Mary Poem

To MaryI wrote this for Mary when we were courting and I had discovered that she liked poetry....

ReaderOfSouls65422Feb 2011Feb 17
How Long Will I Love You Poem

How Long Will I Love YouSharing the lyrics of this beautiful love song in dedication to my loved ones some of whom have passed away, some still present...

Happychatty11964Feb 14Feb 15

Dear Valentine....Years ago, before social media we would write Valentine cards covered with love rhymes .... then send them in the post to the ones that made our heart...

Mizzy416911Feb 12Feb 14
Loves Bask MacDuffs Challenge Poem

Love's Bask (MacDuff's Challenge)I just penned this in response to MacDuff's challenge. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls2,30422Apr 2012Feb 14
Valentines Day Poem

Valentines DayIt must be love, love, love...

Oceanzest1752Feb 14Feb 14

A LOVE POEMBest wishes on Valentine’s Day....

JoyCrest2026Feb 11Feb 14
Alexander Aaron Poem

Alexander AaronSuch Savage Imagination...

PassionateArtist922Jan 26Feb 11
On the small of her back Soulgoddess Challenge Poem

~On the small of her back~ (Soulgoddess Challenge)Tip toed in spin stopping in breath Hand hold's the mask, floor stands in still I promptly recall your scent from a time A market from years, a lon...

Bentlee82514Mar 2014Feb 3

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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