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A Life Well Lived Poem

A Life Well LivedA tribute to my grandmother who had a large hand in my upbringing....

ReaderOfSouls45011May 20114 hrs ago
marikia62113Jan 2012May 24

Hmmmm.I'm a Artist... Finally I have some speech in paint.... ??? Maybe/ could be/ most probably. If no one listens to your tongue... " PAINT IT ". !!!??...

Benboy61291May 24May 24
Thiago1974_nice1083Apr 29May 22

SUDARSHAN WORLDYOU ARE MY DESTINY My destiny is in your hands! I decided to stay with you I am always yours you are always in my heart I'm a little...

sudarshankumar240May 21
To The Author from Her Mister Right Poem

To The Author from Her Mister RightThis is about the list of required characteristics that we all make. Sometimes it exists in our heads, but many of us have scribbled it down somewhere...

MerryOars773May 13May 19
The Center of The Sun Poem

The Center of The SunA thermal eruption of internal emotion... Bask in this white hot fire and ocean... True love unrefined... Substance redesigned... A cosmic expres...

candykid45516Mar 2014May 18
My True Love Poem

My True LoveAbstract imagery of fleeting love…………….....

Yankee4you55615Mar 2014May 17
Sonet 22 Poem

Sonet #22Forever Young...

worldwide21881Apr 2017May 16
I cant Love you Poem

I can't Love you.My love for you is a sweet, yet bitter contradiction, I want to meet you but I don't want to see you, your beauty will blind me! I want to fall in l...

Lusade591May 15May 15

HEART FEELINGSHEART FEELINGS Can love be dangerous to your health Taking deeply to heart all that is felt Year after year absorbing these feelings Keeping the...

godsprincess41718Feb 2017May 14
There is no more to say Poem

There is no more to sayWhen the feelings are true, you just have to let it flow...

Amed322157Feb 1May 13
A Letter Today Poem

A Letter TodayShe might find a letter today She's expecting a letter today Standing at the mailbox She fumbles through the mail looking for a special letter S...

EyeLook4U1392Sep 26May 12

ON GEORGIA’S HILLSComposed during A. Pushkin's exile to Georgia, which immediately caught his fancy....

marikia4055Oct 2011May 10
Over The Kopu Hikuai Poem

Over The Kopu-HikuaiI know nothing of poetry....obviously.....but I wanted to pen a few words in memory of a beautiful person. He was very special to me, and still is....

BerrySmoothie2755Apr 29May 8
Dream Girl Poem

Dream GirlGlimpses of my a dream...

Yankee4you54412Nov 2011May 1
A Season For Love Poem

A Season For LoveJust sharing some free prose and ideas....

Yankee4you1251Apr 30May 1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MARTINAMay we all join to greet our beautiful long time member poet friend of ours..MS RAPTURE CAPTURE, OUR BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED AND LOVELY MARTINA Than...

lindsyjones1,15041Apr 2014Apr 26

peaceJust dropping by. Thanks all for your reads....

lindsyjones5127Jan 2015Apr 25

I will always love youLove is the only reason to live Thank you all for reading...

lindsyjones1,23133Mar 2014Apr 24
The One for Us Poem

The One for Us ....You and I search and hope for the same ... though the love of our life may still yet to have a name ... The one we'd want to love with all our h...

Islandgirl612022Jun 2017Apr 21

CORINNAA love song in the style of the late great Leonard Cohen..hope you enjoy it-had to write it down at once when the muse struck- song my copyright, etc...

Ronnie779570Apr 18
The angels love Poem

The angels loveThinking on the spectrum of love. Where is Kathy? :)...

Oceanzest8768Feb 10Apr 18
raindance in the road Poem

raindance in the roadLet me put on a little John Lee Hooker groove here, and write me some fine lyrics. Here you go Kathy this will cheer you :)...

Oceanzest7753Feb 16Apr 18
arc of love Poem

arc of lovetrue story...

Oceanzest1698Mar 18Apr 18
neon rain Poem

neon rainwriting some blues lyrics.....

Oceanzest791Apr 18Apr 18
Did we truly mean we would be accepting of things as they are Poem

Did we truly mean we would be accepting of things as they are?I like wordplay and how they are so powerful to help poke holes in silly issues that we tend to hold onto....

ONELoveALL750Apr 8
Scent of love Poem

Scent of loveScent of love...

Oceanzest1243Apr 2Apr 8
Love Is Poem

Love IsThis is a poem by the author Rocky Rochford. He has published a number of poems over the years, but this is my favourite one. It appears in his novel,...

JohnnyNoman1042Apr 6Apr 7
The prayer Poem

The prayerTrue story.. This man spoke in such a quiet voice that you would have to be standing right next to him to hear what he was saying. His humility was...

cafetwo20103397Dec 2016Mar 29

A Banquet of Pleasure (A Plate Of Pain 2)The table was laden, overflowing with desire Potted, with an abundance of relish And yet the eyes That misted over the table Were full of wanton s...

trurorob1,15539Dec 2012Mar 28
Not every day can be roses and wine Poem

Not every day can be roses and winea poem i wrote years ago...

chattcatt616960Mar 25

The Old man and the Boythough we know we may be hurt in love or life yet we walk on toward the very thing that may hurt us so...

socrates442026Oct 22Mar 24
Carpe Diem Poem

Carpe Diema poem I wrote years ago...

chattcatt616620Mar 22

Spirited and FreeI wrote this for a wild but a lovely lady. I find it natural that being wild is a part of who we are....

lindsyjones84710Feb 20Mar 20

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?With apologies to any woman legally blind/vision impaired, who may be just as beautiful inside....

lovecanbereal33922Sep 2017Mar 20

Love is BlindThey say Love is Blind Cupid's arrows hit Whoever they Find And put them In a Bind...

socrates444185Nov 2013Mar 18

virtueJust love and all the glory that comes with it. A gift and I'm grateful. Thanks for all your reads...

lindsyjones47124Jun 2014Mar 17
In A Blink Of An Eye Poem

In A Blink Of An EyeA thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness ~ John Keats ~ What we have here ladies and gentle...

fjamesj97011,96034Jul 2014Mar 17
The Music Man Poem

The Music ManJust a working title....

MerryOars1011Mar 13Mar 15
To My Mongol Love I want to make my Husband Poem

To My Mongol Love I want to make my HusbandI am protesting genocide against the Mongols and desperate to marry a Mongol man...

Bride_Damsel851Feb 25Mar 15
Lui Poem

LuiJust a little fantasy :-)...

MerryOars1205Mar 9Mar 13

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