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She turned the cornertonight on the way home....

FargoFan842Jan 20Jan 28
Still we reign Poem

Still we reignjust fantasy...

Oceanzest471Jan 27Jan 28


SUMMIT09721Jan 15Jan 17
realdeal8901151Jan 9Jan 10
To this we belong Poem

To this we belonglight one for Xmas...

Oceanzest1174Dec 27Jan 2
shall we have another year Poem

shall we have another year?Lyn and I met on this site two years ago...and the love grows stronger with every passing day...happy new year!...happy birthday dear wife!...

hedistuff1,48325Jan 2011Jan 1

A Gentleman with pure intentionsPowell was the inspiration He knows his name Have never met him Don't know him well But he appears to have much heart...

Rachael_06227537Oct 2019Dec 23
Loves choreography Poem

Love's choreographyturmoil of love...

Oceanzest670Dec 6
Wrapped from the cold Poem

Wrapped from the coldthinking about a couple walking a dark street...

Oceanzest1545Nov 19Dec 5

MY IMPERFECTIONSSometimes... our flaws could keep us away from being our best selves and living to the fullest....

Didi71664Nov 29Dec 3

Love"Many waters cannot quench love, and neither can the floods drown it". Song of Solomon 8:7ab...

southmiami43211973Nov 8Nov 30

SHINING STARI wrote this several years ago. I think it's self explanatory....

BADDGUY19564297Jan 2021Nov 28

HolidaysHoliday cheer...

Hischam840Nov 23
Feast or famine Poem

Feast or famineIn times of feast or famine love needs to be examined In days when love fills us beyond measure we account of its treasure In moments of emptiness a...

Knightmare611040Nov 22
Who do you love Poem

Who do you lovehumming along to Who do you love and changing the lyrics...

Oceanzest1684Nov 14Nov 18
Life and love Poem

Life and loveHaven't written anything for a while bear with me...

localpoet2013Nov 4Nov 16
Whisper Poem

WhisperCalling from within, whispers of your name, A smile casts a light that opens my eyes, No expectations, only a simple chance, Left are questions of...

Unknown3351Feb 2014Oct 28
Lady Please Dont Shake My Hand Poem

Lady Please Don't Shake My HandLady don't shake my hand if that's how you plan to say goodbye You could have told me straight out then there would'nt have been any doubt You never...

EyeLook4U980Oct 27
Concrete Heart Poem

Concrete HeartI use to write of love but I won't anymore I won't mention the feelings I had at the start And if she were to look for me she might find a familiar...

EyeLook4U1602Oct 26Oct 27
Loneliness Poem

LonelinessMaybe there are a lot of us feeling this way on occasion. Doesn’t mean I want a man to rescue me, but a real life person who wants a partner too....

SoulfulLynn2375Oct 9Oct 22

My Own Leap of FaithTo finally just let Life move on & flower ... For to peg my happiness with finding someone right is really not wholly within my power ....

Islandgirl611220Oct 21

DON'T chase after loveThis is the opposite perspective to my previous poem, "Chasing after LOVE"....

Didi71722Oct 10Oct 12

Love in Old AgeCan youth believe we can still love? Wrinkles, scared skin, uneven body The external appearance has faded Still, we have the glow in our eyes Our...

southmiami43212246Sep 23Oct 11

Chasing after LOVELove is worth chasing after......

Didi71832Sep 27Oct 1

...Princess Rides … Princess Baths … Princess Dinners … Hallway Aftermaths …...

RedHeadedTaurus1,653-Aug 30Sep 27

To be her love her loverAh, no other words are necessary....

FargoFan1441Sep 24Sep 24
The Hurt Poem

The HurtFelt right...

RubenValongo2473Aug 31Sep 23

My LoveInflame eyes wander in the window pane Indeed each teardrop touched my face tonight Unclear yearn feels like an unreached starlight Upon the firepl...

southmiami43211700Sep 22

It Does Matter ....Inspired by the ff. lines I heard while watching a youtube video, that I've now forgotten what it was so can't provide the reference here anymore.......

Islandgirl611747Aug 27Sep 8
The thrill of the chase Poem

The thrill of the chaseIt's all about determination and surrendering and timing of course....

CelticWitch6441912Aug 13Sep 8

Considered Lines You CausedFor a very very dear, precious and wonderful lady x...

Enigma18882082Sep 1Sep 6

Love Hates To Tell YouI wrote this one 9-1-2022. A song that needs some changing, perhaps? When writing this, I could've gone in many ways, but this is only a rough draft....

DiggableHippy491620Sep 1
Fadedbluejeans2021Aug 30Aug 30
If All You Have To Say Poem

If All You Have To SayJust in case you don't want to be the one to say goodbye Just in case there's a little red in your eyes Just in case you wanted to keep your ring ou...

EyeLook4U850Aug 30
Here I Am And There You Are Poem

Here I Am And There You AreI've never made much money I've never had a fancy car I've never had the right moment to call a girl honey It's always been here I am and there you...

EyeLook4U1441Aug 21Aug 29
2 You Are My Paradise Poem

2. You Are My Paradise.Poem two in my collection, "The Celtic Rose."...

weemick19601371Aug 27Aug 28
3 Your Heart Beats Love Poem

3. Your Heart Beats Love.This is the third piece in my poetic collection, "The Celtic Rose." A group of love poems....

weemick19601350Aug 28
1 Dance With Me My Celtic Queen Poem

1. Dance With Me, My Celtic Queen.This is the first poem in my Collection, My Celtic Rose, a group of love poems....

weemick19601180Aug 27
The Soft Beauty Of Love Poem

The Soft Beauty Of LoveLove can be such a gentle beauty....

weemick196083113Jul 2016Aug 27

Behind Love’s Closed DoorsAbstract in the fortresses of love….is poetry that is neither metered or rhyming, but all the same conveying with words deep feelings....

Yankee4you1360Aug 25
Time and Space Poem

Time and SpaceThis poem is about making time count,,, do not waste what’s in the present. Make it happen....

sundragon732004Aug 13Aug 25

PEACE AND LOVE TO ALLJust hoping that after our dark storms are waded away does come, serenity and peace to all. For love when it binds us all, so does peace and harmon...

lindsyjones1,20238Apr 2014Aug 15

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