I Breathe - Oh Sacred Sky - I Breathe

I am Purple Paw of the Great majestic Mountain that overlooks the Sacred Circle of humanity. I am that which permeates through the resonance of the Northern magnetic Mountain. I am the voice remembered as the tides come and go as each Oceanic wave is filtered at the base of that Majestic Mountain. And as the Sea returns to its level so shall I in the hearts of those who learn to hear the callings of the wolf clans to the sacred Circles of the Great Bears whilst the healings of running rabbit and enchantments of the longsuffering Badger soothe their weary minds, as the Rhythm of Father Earth and Mother sky, carry them home. I walk with Grandfather, the trail of one set of a thousand prints, I carry the many. And as one great apostle once said, before being overtaken by greed and lust, "I am all things to all men". Yellow Claw from the North, white Claw from the West, And Red Claw from the South all came to bear witness to the falling and passing of Orange Bear my earth father, from the East. It has been 18 years since we have cast his ashes upon the great flowing backs of the Columbia River Gorge. It was a great day for celebrating as Grandfather in the sky welcomed an old Brother home. Yet for some their grief was too deep for the loss, they could not find their smile. My grief, my pain, my anger, it was all too deep to find mine own smile. I could not be there when he passed. Yet I was there for the casting of his ashes. I comforted all the ones without smile as much as I could for I knew their pain and anguish. They too had many unsaid things dwelling within their hearts. Yet they must learn to let that go and give it to the Four great winds. Or else they will drag it to their graves and wear the pain upon their faces. I have not become strong for what I have undergone or went through nor have I become the great Warrior of the Underworld for the Courage I wield. It comes from all that I drag and carry not leaving one experience to die unnoticed nor cherished for ill or health or life or death. As the Last fully adept wielder of the Flame I am the last living adult Male within the whole of all Native Indian Lineages trained and taught in the otherworldly ways of a distant species not of our kinds. And I am the last of our Tribe. I will never be an Orange Claw as my earth Father was. What I am though, there is none left to share with of my kind. I am alone as the last. And after my passing the depths of 99 lineages dies within the one, that I remain. I am the last breath, the last movement, the last sound that will ever be known upon the Four Winds of mine entire lineage. What will I leave to those that follow? Will it be anything of value? Or will it be the soft cries as I say: “ I am sorry earth father I did not have the courage nor the strength within my visions to shoot the demonic version of myself that sought to destroy me. So, I instead chose to embrace it within the same amounts of love you showed unto me. And though the soul bleedeth out of me I made a new friend as the boy within hath found his smile.” Or will it be the few possessions I have which Charity will take. I still heal from wounds upon my flesh as I do from wounds within my heart. Who will I sing for as I finish the race for a forgotten reason that only I still remember. Before sleeping I’d whisper I wanted to sing for love. Yet not just any love. I wanted to sing for a woman whom at my side would be the prize of my calling. The virtue of my pride and the calming of my rhythm. Yet to allow her entrance into my Sacred Circle I would first have to trust her. And off to sleep I’d drift, in and out for the remainder of a broken night’s rest. This is my every night when I sleep.
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Posted: Dec 3
About this poem:
No matter when or where I share this it remains the truth.

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