Longing To Know You (Part One) to Be Continued...

Tell me, Tell me, of thine Splendor
Grant reward, that I Might Do
Tell me of: what I'd Remember
Had I your thought, of remembering You
Take my grief and held back Tears
And all the woes I've long Carried
Bury it deep with all of my Fears
Hide it well that it stays Buried
Tear from me the woes of Grieving
Give me cause to born a Smile
Rid me of this anger Seething
Make it worth a lasting While
Tear from me oh Timing's Tension
Grant the Sight to be Reborn
Castaway falls from mine Ascension
Heal me of resentment's Scorn
Break the chains that ever bind Me
To the past of unjust Woes
Take the Liberty and make me Free
Heal the wounds of rejection's Blows
Lift me up, unto thine Splendor
Give me the reason a breath to Take
Hold Steadfast that I'd Remember
Reasons greater for what's at Stake
Be unto me through all of mine Senses
The light of Promise in what will Come
Rid me of the walls and Fences
Assets none, not worth the Sum
At the end of any tunnel's Way
Show me a light or something More
Give me a Sound Mine Ears to Say
You are the Tide of my Spirit's Shore
Shake me gently from depression's Hiss
That I may walk with you Hand-in-Hand
Show me with thine gentle Kiss
That I for you am a worthy Man
Yet take me not to the cliffs of Empty
To Abandon me there to mine last Fall
Do no tease just to Tempt Me
Leaving me to a Soundless Call
For all thine Hours, Days, and Weeks
Be unto me What I'd desire
Give the reason to our blushing Cheeks
Sweating with me in Serenity's Fire
Yet make no haste for an end in Shame
Bearing us both more, the wasted Life
Manipulation, Tug-of-Wars, the Game
Furthering more of a burden's Strife
Be real with me in perfect Glory
In all you Do, unto me be True
Can you make with me the perfect Story
Are you the one to Say I Do
Matters not who fell the Most
Or who hath worn the greatest Frowns
Or who for pain would ever Boast
If in the end, we were both like Clowns
Hiding what we felt Inside
Whilst wearing masks to Entertain
Arguing in circles, The Griever's Stride
Looking for someone else to Blame
Let not this be what we Are
or what we ever could Become
From now eternal to Afar
Let things like this remain Undone
Demand of me what you Will
If I am within, in perfect Smile
If this Storm, you've made it Still
If for you I am worth the While
Can you accept how I Look
Can you stomach when I Snore
Can you look past this weathered Book
And take me as I am and More
Or a ruined Chapter for you, shall I Be
In a Collection of dusted Books Unread
A Poorly written Life to Plea
A cause unknown and left for Dead
Or will I be the Plight that Reckons
Within you a spark of hope Again
A Prayer questioned, An answer that Beckons
In me your Lover, your Eternal Friend
Tis up to you, mine efforts Spent
I've grown weary and Tired of Lust's Race
Twas never that path from whence I came or Went
That Song's not mine, nor is that Chase
Secrets plenty I've shared a Few
Yet not for pity or some arrogant Stance
The rest like colors of a portraits Hue
The Shaken hand of a Painter's Trance
On the canvass of all Pretenders
A painting unfinished in the Mind
Will you wonder what he Remembers
As you think of love in me to Find
Or will you be like so many Others
Lost for greed or selfish Pride
Detested by all Sisters and Brothers
For some Financial Security a Blanket to Hide
To find a cause to outrun your Own
Will you be fake to your own Reflection
As if colder than a frozen Stone
That you may hide your own Rejection
Or will you reject all that comes your Way
Scoffing at others deeply in Love
Turning from the night and Day
Yourself to hate, to push, and Shove
As long as intimacy remains in Sight
Yet not too close, unworthy you Feel
Expectations too many, to see the Light
Of what in me, for you, could be Real
Many others like a mindless Hive
Will you make reasons to Ignore
Whilst faking love-for-lust to Survive
Always knowing you deserve More
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 24

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