A Vespidial Knight Speaking to Yah

"One by one dear father I shall reign thine wrath upon them and by thine own steed I shall forcefully alight within them the burning embers of your fury. I will storm every mental stronghold they hath risen and knock it down to the astral ruins of decaying ash and broken stone. I shall not allow one left, of any age, holding any emotional blade against you. Rest here now and get better,father. For I goeth not by the strength of your name alone. It is your Lineage that you, by-and-through me and through every weapon sharp-and-blunt forged by every mind, that I defend with mine every thought word deed and action. As the leading architect of this plight Your courage and will doth burn brightly within me and I shall wield a thousand blows with every strike that plunders its way into their animated corpses of corrupt mortality, as I speak unto them their disgressions whilst they fall by the linguistic swords they are not worthy of wielding. From their throats and chests I shall have every one of their voices: the perversions of their languages to be heard no more. And if my thoughts words deeds and action doth not bring upon us a faster return of Christ then at the very least the song of his name shall be heard upon the whispers of the dying as they, -at the last moment- repent for their wrongdoings as the Holy spirit receeds from their broken corpses of sin disease and death. Their corrupted soul shall be gone into the winds as the Prince of the airs taketh them into the ever burning frozen depths of perdition. Their souls dear father shall be buried within the coffins of mine own memory and therein they shall not escape. For upon them I shall place each Seal according to their merit. And if it pleaseth thee dear father I shall set their seals aflame that all shall know they are marked as the traitors of righteousness, thieves of passion, destroyers of things lovely, and eternal entrepreneurs of the iniquities of man."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 4

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