If Hate Comes Without Chains, Will Someone Please Hate Me

A chain around his hand and a carefully placed collar tight around my neck
would suffice to pass inspection during the times that they would check
I would say more Behind the closed door of what Officials did to me
Had I the Knowing of being protected as if life could be a guarantee
I was not grown and not sure of what I could possibly do
I was knocked to the ground, the governor told me to kiss his shoe
anymore to say would sicken the many for words of these grow dim
As the light would fade from any who underwent the touch of them
and now I'm grown and looking back too many things I'd want to forget
I was told I was special, and didnt matter, whether I was below or above
For during the moments, to the end after their touches, they told me I was loved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25
About this poem:
A tragic tale of experiences and injustices. May his voice be allowed to be my voice as I help to gain freedom through poetic expression. It is never too late to let go and surrender to a brighter and better day of healing and forgiveness through the perpetual now.

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Sad story..but everyone has a second chance..wish you luck!wave
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