To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior (Part Three) ...Continued. The End

Yes the times are changing - yet that's a given - The centuries hath always told
People age with the Seasons that change - Yet luck doth favor the bold
So will you be the hero to save another's life - or will you do more & more & more
Or will you stay the good puppet - bound to attachments, possessions, and greed
Like a hedonist searching for pleasure - or the addict - from the vice to plead
Or actionless, will you remain of the unwanted strain - bound to the system - its whore

Doesn't really matter does it - after all, there's internet and cable t.v
Not to mention Wifi, Apps, Consoles, and games - and maybe, a needed check that's due
Or the lawn needs mowing, or the dishes washed, or tend to pets in your care
Not to mention the clothes you've got - colognes and perfume - let's not forget your hair
Ohh yes! We must look good - our part the act - a pretty puppet playing our part
And now and then we might help One - when from our minds we fall to our heart

Yet that would take courage and strength unknown - to rise beyond the masses around
And help more than ourselves - a better seed sown - to save more than one from the ground
In fact - we'd have to band together and do it as a whole - as IF - it could be done
Yet that would mean giving up what we have to give unto those who don't
Yet this is just a poem - from a writer used for the play - love I've never won
Yet banning together to tear down those political curtains - You and I know you won't
I will forever be - somewhere between - the dark of night and the shadow of the light
And from there - so that your comforts remain - I shall...

Ohh look your show is about to start.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25

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