Raddly! Daddly! Doo! WooHooo!!!

So who will give their pixel up
Not one or two or three or five
or six or seven or eight or nine
Maybe ten will split the litttle squeak
can never have too many hens

If ya like to stare
then take the dare
and split a tire or two
cause he's about to lay her out
and there aint nothin you can do
He's gonna start real slow
gettin her wet and all squirelly
get ready cause shes sure about surely
gonna give dat Bing da Bot Bam Boom
To bang for a measily buck ride or two
And if that aint enough to make you choke
then listen up close ya all hear me now folk
We havent even gotten to the part thats rottten where
little lady slides over where we hit first gear
And we're just coastin to the startin line

Now methinks her grumble and that Hemi's rumble
Might exsplain why they be talkin bout that Ol' Fenders Flap
cause bout this time that youngin girl just made a move
Whilst twilights tinker is eyeballin the stinker
That ol chap is thinkin about taken a lap
He revs his gas knowin that shes a real drinker
Hot Lottery Damn! Shes a hook line and sinker
Dat Boy revved so hard fire came out of dem pipes
As he approaches the startin line
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 5
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